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WSBK: Did Ducati rig the 2008 season? Max Biaggi says yes!

It is a case that is currently shaking the Landerneau of motorcycling in Italy and which opposes a legendary rider, Max Biaggi, with one of his ex-bosses, Marco Borciani. The latter spoke about a 2008 season of WSBK where he had the Roman emperor in his box, pointing out the bad memory left by this experience to bend, so to speak, to the four wills of a diva. A version of the story that angered the Corsair who opens the files and unpacks everything about this year when Ducati would have rigged the championship…

The fire started from Corsedimoto and, in the midst of the news drought during a heat wave paralyzing the summer break in Grand Prix, it could only spread at the speed of a qualifying lap. In Italy, it consumes the motorcycle world because Ducati and its ethics are clearly called into question by a Max Biaggifurious at having been blacklisted by his former boss Marco Borcianithen owner of the Ducati satellite team in World Superbike.

We are in 2008 and after a reminder of the facts, Max Biaggi strong attack on the management of this season by the management of Borgo Panigale … ​​We read as follows: “ I had signed a contract directly with Ducati, a contract which provided for the transition to the official team for the following year. The bike I first tested in 2008 was an absolutely winning machine. Compared to the previous year, the bike gained 200 cc in displacement. The motorcycle on this occasion had the maximum revs at 11,500 rpm. After a few days we moved to Qatar, for a new test and on this occasion the bike lost 500 rpm, due to an alleged structural problem on the camshafts. We couldn’t do nothing but adapt “.

And this is where it all begins…” In Valencia, during free practice, I realized that there was something wrong with the bike. I stopped in the pits and spoke to my team manager. However, the problem remained undefined. I was overtaken by drivers I had never seen before! Absurd. My chief technician, after several round trips, finally admitted that Ducati Corse general manager Filippo Preziosi had ordered him to insert specific mapping “.

Max Biaggi: ” only one driver had to win, otherwise the regulations would have penalized the 2 cylinders, it was necessary to penalize customer motorcycles

Max Biaggi then sells the wick: only one driver had to win, otherwise the regulations would have penalized the 2-cylinder. In effect, if only one pilot had won, the victory would have been attributable to his skill and not to a technical advantage of the 2 cylinders over the 4 cylinders. My motorcycle had suddenly gone bad. At the time, the regulations mainly provided that the leveling of performance between 4 and 2 cylinders, following a displacement advantage in favor of the 200 cc 2 cylinders, was carried out thanks to a different minimum weight and with the use of an air restrictor, with which the air entering the airbox was limited “.

Penalties were triggered easily if a greater number of pilots were present in the first places, equipped with one of the two engines. The bike I tested in Australia was absolutely a winner, as it honestly had excessive engine advantage. For this reason, in order to win the world championship, it was necessary to penalize customer motorcycles. If the podium had been monopolized by the 2 cylinders, the application of the regulations would have reduced the performance advantage of the Ducati 1098 » ensures biaggi.

Which means, ultimately, that the title of Troy Bayliss of the time is cardboard. Max Biaggi moreover confirms it: when Bayliss’ overall advantage solidified, the limiter on my bike was moved to 12,250 rpm. All without any structural change! That same engine could now handle 1,250 rpm more. In short, the engine speed was increased and decreased according to the general classification. Here’s the truth I never told. But it helped me, it helped me win two more world championships on my Aprilia RSV4 “. Close the ban…

Max Biaggi


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