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Women’s Euro: the end of the Bleues dream

Ended :

Thank you for following this meeting with us. Goodbye !

Ended :

End of the adventure of the French women who lost against Germany for their first semi-final in their history. The Germans have better mastered this meeting and the Blues fell on a Popp in a state of grace, height of a double to qualify his team. France showed a better face in the second half but not enough to win. Germany will face England on Sunday in the final.

90+6 mins. :

End of the game! Germany is in the final beating France 2-1.

90+5 mins. :

The free kick does nothing but the Blues still have the ball. Everyone is ahead.

90+4 mins. – Yellow card for Oberdorf:

Big mistake from Oberdorf who tackles Diani late. Very important free kick for the Blue.

90+2 mins. :

Five minutes of extra play.

90+1min. – Change:

Last replacement for Germany. Waßmuth replaces Huth.

90 mins. – Opportunity:

German counterattack with Dallmann who receives a super center alone in the box. The shot from the German misses.

87 mins. – Used for France:

Wendy Renard is playing as a striker now. On the left side, Périsset sends a long cross for his captain who touches the ball with his head but it is not strong enough to worry Frohms.

84 mins. :

The French are on the attack in these last minutes. Les Bleues are trying to combine but are currently defeated by the well-grouped German block.

82 mins. – Change:

German change as well. Hegering is replaced by Doorsoun.

80 mins. – Change:

Corinne Deacon makes changes to try to react. Sarr replaces Toletti.

76 mins. – Goal for Germany:

Popp’s goal for Germany! It’s the double for the German captain! After a mess in the French defense, Huth recovers the ball on the right and crosses into the box. Popp arrives launched and surprises everyone with the head. Germany come back in front fifteen minutes from the end of the match.

75 mins. :

The free kick that follows finds Mbock’s head this time but it misses.

74 mins. – Yellow card for Gwinn:

The German irregularly tackles Bacha who was leaving on the left wing.

69 mins. – Change:

And Lohmann replaces Dabritz.

68 mins. – Change:

Double change for Germany. Magull is replaced by Dallmann.

67 mins. – Opportunity:

The French are better in this second half. Hegering loses a dangerous ball then Diani enters the box and chooses the shot instead of the pass for Geyoro alone in the box. The corner that follows does nothing

64 mins. – Used for France:

Renard’s header on the following corner is beautifully placed but Frohms pushes back on his line. Second chance in a row for Les Bleues

63 mins. – Used for France:

French counter-attack which ends with a shot on target from Bacha. Diani hits the left side then crosses for his partner who fakes a pass for Matéo and hits hard. Corner to follow.

60 mins. – Change:

Second change for Les Bleues. Cascarino is replaced by Matéo.

57 mins. – Yellow card for Bacha:

Yellow card for Bacha, guilty of kicking a German in the face while defending her ball.

54 mins. :

Too many inaccuracies for the Blues at the start of the period. The French quickly return the ball to the Germans who combine well. The French defense is hanging on a thread at the moment.

50 mins. :

The Germans resume as in the first period and control the ball. The French defense is well in place and vigilant for the moment.

46 mins. – Change:

First change for France, Bacha replaces Malard in attack.

46 mins. :

Here we go again between Germany and France!

Half time:

Held in check for 44 minutes by the Germans who carried out intense all-terrain pressing, the French responded to Popp’s opener by Diani only a few minutes later. An unexpected goal as the Blues were without solution against a well-grouped German defense. Everything remains to be done in this match to qualify for the final.

45+1min. :

Cheryl Foster whistles for halftime. 1-1 between Germany and France.

45 mins. – Goal for France:

Frohms goal against his camp for France! What a reaction from the French women who equalized on their first dangerous shot. Diani recovers the ball from 20 meters after a French header, resists three Germans on his back and unleashes a heavy strike from the right which first hits the post before bouncing off Frohms’ back and entering the cage.

44 mins. :

Attempt to react by the French with Cascarino on the right side. She hits and enters the surface but her center finds no one.

40 mins. – Goal for Germany:

Popp’s goal for Germany! Another goal for the German captain who opened the scoring for her team. The Germans combine on the left side until a cross from Huth in the area. Popp surprises Périsset and passes his left foot in front of the Frenchwoman to shake the nets of Peyraud-Magnin.

35 mins. :

What a defense of the Germans! The Blues are without solution when they have the ball and lose it very quickly. Frohms is having a quiet evening for now in his cages.

31 mins. :

Finally an offensive sequence for the Blues in the German camp after 30 minutes. The French are under pressure and are struggling to find space in the opposing defense. The French recover a free kick which gives nothing.

27 mins. :

The set pieces are linked for Germany but still without success. Rauch’s turn to try on the right of the surface on a new free kick but the ball goes well above the cage.

22 mins. – Used for Germany:

What a strike from Popp which pierces the wall but Peyraud-Magnin is vigilant and pushes back for a corner which does nothing for Germany.

21 mins. – Yellow card for Toletti:

Toletti hits Brand at the entrance to the surface. Very good free kick to follow for Germany.

19 mins. :

New free kick for Germany at the entrance to the surface, off-center on the left. Magull hits directly but it’s safe for Peyraud-Magnin who easily catches the ball.

17 mins. :

Very good free kick taken by Magull in the French area but the French goalkeeper Peyraud-Magnin, out to clear the ball, is hit by Popp. Les Bleues can get out of their camp.

14 mins. :

The defensive block of the French is well in place and holds in check the German offensives. The two teams do not want to make any mistakes and this is evident in this very tactical start to the match.

11 mins. :

Big battle in midfield between Cascarino and Magull. The German recovers the ball in touch.

08 mins. :

Two very different styles at the start of the match, the Germans rotate the ball while waiting for an opening while the Blues are projecting quickly forward but they lose the ball more quickly.

05 mins. :

First corner for Les Bleues cleared by a German header but the ball returned to the area and after a header from Renard, goalkeeper Frohms picked up the ball.

02 min. :

The Germans settle in the French camp in these first minutes and circulate the ball without solution for the moment.

01 min. :

Let’s go for this semi-final! Les Bleues kicked off.

00 mins. :

The players are entering the lawn! Make way for hymns before kick-off.

00 mins. :

Cheryl Foster will be the referee of the evening on a perfect pitch at Stadium MK. The playing conditions are optimal for this match with the rain which stopped a few hours before the start of the match.

00 mins. :

The French bench: Chavas, Bacha, Lerond, Tounkara, Torrent, Cissoko, Baltimore, Palis, Matéo, Sarr, Dali.

00 mins. :

The 11 of France: Peyraud-Magnin – Périsset, Mbock, Renard, Karchaoui – Bilbault, Toletti, Geyoro – Diani, Malard, Cascarino.

00 mins. :

No change also for France and Corinne Deacon who starts the same players as in the quarter-final against the Netherlands in 4-3-3.

00 mins. :

The German bench: Schult, Doorsoun, Lattwein, Kleinherne, Dallmann, Berger, Lohmann, Schüller, Freigang, Waßmuth, Anyomi.

00 mins. :

Germany’s 11: Frohms – Gwinn, Hendrich, Hegering, Rauch – Magull, Oberdorf, Dabritz – Huth, Popp, Brand.

00 mins. :

For Germany, technician Martina Voss-Tecklenburg has chosen a 4-3-3 against France tonight.

00 mins. :

In the history of confrontations, the Germans lead with eleven victories in 20 confrontations, for five successes of the Blue and four draws. Their last confrontation dates back to a year ago when the French won in a friendly.

00 mins. :

Important player in defense, Wendy Renard is just as important in attack with 33 goals scored in selection. The captain has never lost a game in which she scored and she will play a major role tonight for her team.

00 mins. :

This is the first time that France will play a semi-final of the Women’s Euro, after three consecutive failures in the previous round, and they are aiming for a first final tonight by joining England. If the Bleues have been ineffective in front of the opposing goal for a few games, only one goal scored against the Netherlands for 33 strikes including eleven on target, the players of Corinne Deacon are in good shape with 31 victories in their last 35 outings, all competitions combined (3N and 1D).

00 mins. :

After a great start in this European championship, a 5-1 victory against Italy, the French showed a less attractive face during the victory against Belgium (2-1) and the draw against Iceland ( 1-1) during the group stage. In the quarter-finals, Les Bleues fought against the reigning European champions, the Netherlands, to finally win in extra time (1-0).

00 mins. :

Very fit striker Alexandra Popp has scored a goal in every game so far and she remains in contention for the Golden Boot title if the German continues her form against France tonight.

00 mins. :

Proof that the Germans are making a perfect euro for the moment, they have not conceded a single goal in their four meetings and have each time won their match with at least two goals difference. Eliminated in the quarter-finals five years ago, Germany want to redeem themselves by going all the way this time.

00 mins. :

The Germans are in impressive form with four wins in as many games in this women’s euro. After beating Denmark, Spain and Finland in the group stage, the Germans easily beat Austria in the quarter-finals 2-0 to advance to their tenth semi-final, having already won the competition at eight occasions.

00 mins. :

Last night, the English calmly beat the Swedes 4-0 in the first semi-final and qualified for the final of their European championship. They will face either Germany or France on Sunday.

00 mins. :

Hello and welcome to follow the 2022 Women’s Euro 1/2 final match between Germany and France live.


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