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Women’s Euro 2022: relive England’s demonstration against Sweden in the semi-finals (4-0)

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See you tomorrow to follow the second semi-final of this Women’s Euro between Germany and the France team!


At the end of a high-flying performance, England blew up Sweden 4-0 and climbed to the final of the Women’s Euro! Despite a start to the match rather to the advantage of the Scandinavians, the British were able to raise the cursor to finally inflict a correction on their opponents. Mead, Bronze, Russo and Kirby are the evening scorers. The English will face Germany or France on Sunday at Wembley.

90’2 Mary Earps sovereign in the air

Hanna Glas’ cross without much conviction ends up in the gloves of Mary Earps.


Eccentric on the right of the surface, Lauren Hemp sends a good cross to Russo. Lindahl misses her exit but the British striker fails to deflect the ball.

89′ The English continue to suffocate their opponents!

Despite the score largely in their favour, the British continued to impose intense pressure on the Swedes who had all the trouble in the world to get free.

87′ Triple change for England

Rachel Daly is replaced by Alex Greenowood, Beth Mead is replaced by Chloe Kelly and Georgia Stanway gives way to Jill Scott.

85′ Yellow card for Stanway

The British midfielder wants to tackle the ball but crushes her foot on that of her opponent. Logical yellow card.

84′ Technical error by Mead

Lauren Hemp launches a new offensive and transmits to Mead on his left. Control is missed and the ball returned to the Swedes.

82′ The English manage serenely

Sarina Glotzbach’s players quietly await the final whistle. The Swedes can no longer approach the British goals.

79′ Bad intervention by Björn

On a cross from the left, the Swedish midfielder wants to clear her camp with her foot but completely unscrews and concedes the corner. We were not far from the gag goal.


Launched in the depth full axis by Beth Mead, Fran Kirby sees the advanced position of Lindahl and tries her luck with the right in first intention. The Swedish goalkeeper wants to capture the ball but fails to seize it. The leather ends its race in the goal for the 4-0 in favor of England!

73′ Yellow card for Björn

The Swedish midfielder does not control his intervention on Georgia Stanway.

70′ Mass seems to be said in Sheffield

England probably inflicted the coup de grace on Sweden with this third goal. Sarina Glotzbach’s players have one foot and four toes in the final


Launched on the left of the surface, Fran Kirby crosses back to the penalty spot for Alessia Russo. The English striker’s flat right foot is pushed back to the left by the keeper but the Manchester United player follows through and deceives Lindahl with such a sudden and well-felt heel. The leather passes between the legs of the Scandinavian door and England leads 3-0!!

66′ New corner hit by Andersson

Again, the ball is first cleared by the English defense before returning to the box on Blackstenius. Goalkeeper Mary Earps wins in the air and relieves hers.

64 New corner for the Scandinavians and big opportunity!

Jonna Andersson kicks it and the ball is messed up in the box. The English emerge but the leather returns to the knee of Blackstenius. A not very academic volley but which forces Mary Earps to deploy to slam the ball for a corner.

62′ Corner for Sweden

Blackstenius picks up and manages to get rid of the defense of Rachel Daly on the left wing. His center back is countered for a corner. It won’t do anything.

61′ The vigilant Swedish defense

Kirby wants to alert Ellen White in depth but the opposing defense has felt the blow and recovers the ball.

59′ The Swedes without a solution

Peter Gerhardsson’s players are now struggling to find the gap and bring danger into the opposing area.

56′ What a British opportunity!!!

Barely entering the game, Alessia Russo is served on the right wing. The Manchester United player accelerates and takes advantage of a defense that is too passive to infiltrate the area. His cross at the far post finds Lauren Hemp who catapults the leather over the crossbar!

54′ Great opportunity for Sweden!

Rolfö is launched on the left wing and center towards Blackstenius. The head of the Scandinavian striker flees the frame.

52′ More change for the Scandinavians

Amanda Ilestedt, at fault on the action which brought the second goal is replaced by Jonna Andersson.

51′ Change on the Swedish side

Caroline Seger enters in place of Filippa Angeldahl and Sofia Jakobsson gives way to Johanna Rytting Kaneryd.

49′ The goal is validated!

The referee checks the video to verify a passive offside on Bronze’s head. The goal is finally validated!


On the corner that follows, Beth Mead deposits the ball on the head of Lucy Bronze at the far post. The ball seems to lack power but is well enough placed to be out of reach of the Swedish goalkeeper!


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