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why the green people hate Caiazzo and Romeyer so much

Zapping Goal! soccer club ASSE: descent, sweeping, the false good ideas circulating

Because of the true-false sale

It has now been four years since the green people have felt swayed by the duo of presidents, four years since the two men claim to want to sell and that they are still there. In 2018, exclusive negotiations with the Americans of Peak6 had failed when they seemed well underway, for obscure reasons. And since the spring of 2021, the soap opera, officially relaunched, has not found a way out despite promises and interests (Ravichak, Markarian, Roussier-Bodmer, 777 Partners, Lomakin, Bueno, Blitzer, etc…). The lack of transparency revealed in recent days has only accentuated the anger of the supporters towards the two shareholders, who accuse them of clinging to their position, against the interests of the club.

One is far too present, the other is conspicuous by its absence

While Roland Romeyer, even if he has retired since last summer, is essential at L’Etrat, where many employees owe their presence at the club more to the Chairman of the Management Board than to their competence, Bernard Caiazzo , he has not set foot in Forez for nearly two years. The chairman of the Supervisory Board moved to Dubai at the start of the health crisis and he is reluctant to return to Saint-Etienne, aware of his unpopularity and fearing for his safety. Romeyer, he would have sought according to L’Equipe to secure the services of Eric Blondel, former bodyguard of Caiazzo, because he knows himself more than ever in the sights of the Ultras. Death threats were tagged on the walls of his home after the descent to L2. Romeyer’s omnipresence at L’Etrat and his interference had ended up annoying Christophe Galtier, but also Oscar Garcia and even more Jean-Louis Gasset, causing his departure.

Disastrous communication

For a long time, supporters criticized Bernard Caiazzo for displaying himself too much in the media, but this has not been the case for several seasons. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board has been keeping a low profile since the results are no longer there. Roland Romeyer continues to be regularly mocked for his communication. He had been at the time of the “Piquionne affair”, and even more so with his lunar interview in the winter of 2021 on Egyptian television, when he accused certain intermediaries of sealing the Mostafa Mohamed file. An intervention that had provoked the anger of the board of Zamalek… and the shame of the green people. Romeyer’s lack of diplomacy when Ghislain Printant left, “in life there are n°1s and n°2s” had also been perceived as a lack of taste. And since last year, it’s the communication of the duo on the sale that displeases. strongly.

Disastrous management

The two men sold the family jewels, from Zouma and Ghoulam to Fofana and Saliba, via Ghoulam, Guilavogui, Saint-Maximin or even Selnaes and Cabella, weakening the team a little more each year. Especially since at the same time, the choices in terms of recruitment have most often turned out to be bad, catastrophic for some (Diony, Diousse, Modeste, Aouchiche, Mangala) or even absurd (Gnagnon)…

Limited ambitions while they’re here

Despite more than €100 million raised on the transfer market in the space of three and a half years, and two loans taken out, green finances are in the red. They prevent ASSE from paying compensation to buy players under contract for several mercatos. This necessarily limits the possibilities of strengthening, especially since at the same time, the club sells its best elements. Which explains why in three years, he went from the Europa League with Jean-Louis Gasset to the L2 with Claude Puel and Pascal Dupraz …

The descent in L2, it is first of all them

The main people responsible for ASSE’s descent into L2 are obviously the two presidents, who have made many bad choices. A descent that could perhaps have been avoided if the duo had agreed to retire this winter and hand over the club to Olivier Markarian, who had informed them of his intention to considerably strengthen the team last January if he had taken the reins of the club. In vain.


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