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who is John Valovic, the adopted son and adviser of Christophe Galtier?

At 34, John Valovic-Galtier defends, among other things, the interests of his father, Christophe Galtier. Adopted by the new coach of Paris Saint-Germain, the young sports adviser managed to make a name for himself in a difficult environment, while remaining in the shadow of his father. Portrait before the big premiere of the Parisian coach this Friday against Quevilly (5 p.m.).

John Valovic-Galtier will remember this month of June 2022 for a long time. In the family home, in Cassis, Christophe Galtier and his adopted son manage the future arrival of the Nice coach at PSG from a distance. The file is hot and slow to be finalized. Mauricio Pochettino’s situation must be settled before the way clears for the Aiglons coach. In the shadows, while the Zinedine Zidane rumor panics the media sphere, John Valovic-Galtier places his pawns with Luis Campos and Antero Henrique, the tandem in charge of the Paris transfer window. A heavy responsibility for a man only 34 years old…

But in the Galtier family, we live football with passion and serenity. With Enzo and Jordan, assistant coach at AC Ajaccio (promoted to Ligue 1), John Valovic-Galtier is the third son of Christophe Galtier. Two years ago, the technician officially adopted John, the son of his companion. The bond between the two men is strong and goes beyond the family framework. Sports advisor for the agency Score Agencies, John Valovic has been defending the interests of his father for a little over four years.

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For his first move, he places his friend Tabanou in Swansea

At the age when pro players are beginning to think about retirement, the one who teased the ball in Aubagne and at the Bastia training center quickly understands that he is made to stay in football. But in the shadows. The stories of unclear transfers and the bad image that sticks to the agents do not scare him. Quite the contrary. They do not delight, however, his father, who initially tries to dissuade him from going in this direction.

First file in 2015. The transfer of his friend, midfielder Franck Tabanou from Toulouse to Swansea. At the beginning, the young adviser presents himself under the name of John Valovic. He thus escapes the cumbersome label of “son of”. Very attentive, Christophe Galtier follows his first steps. And gradually changes his mind. “Get your teeth in,” he told her. His advice: “be yourself and keep your head on your shoulders.”

John Valovic-Galtier
John Valovic-Galtier © DR

Galtier shows his fangs when attacked on the Delort controversy

Within Score Agencies, which notably advises the Lyonnais Alexandre Lacazette and Castello Lukeba or the Montpellier player Jordan Ferri, John Valovic-Galtier cut his teeth and weaved his network. But he doesn’t just have friends. His affiliation with the Nice coach makes people cringe at the end of the 2021 transfer window, when Montpellier’s Andy Delort, whom he advises, joins the Aiglons. Some media talk about a possible conflict of interest.

John Valovic-Galtier uses these attacks as a source of motivation. This is not the case of Christophe Galtier. Yet very discreet about his private life, the Nice coach shows his fangs, as a good head of the family: “Already we didn’t say he was my son, we had almost made him a bastard, he blurted out at the end of February in Gym Tonic, a program from the Nice-Matin group. He’s a boy I’ve been raising for four years, he’s 34. I adopted him five years ago. That’s the first thing. The second , which is surely the most important, I defy anyone to say that one day I put personal, family interests before the interest of the club. Never. Andy was not planned for Nice, he was talking with d ‘other clubs. When the door opened, we talked about it with Julien Fournier and the owners of the club. I know where this gossip came from and for what reason was put on the table. It’s so “small “and unfair to my boy (John), Andy Delort and myself.”

Over the transfers, John Valovic-Galtier advances less and less masked. He builds strong relationships with players and clubs. Gains especially in reliability, in particular near his father with whom the exchanges are regular. His voice now counts in the mind of Christophe Galtier. His signing from LOSC in Nice last summer was a very complicated file to manage. The deal with PSG was above all a matter of time. John Valovic-Galtier did his job, carrying out these two operations. A real satisfaction even if the person concerned, transfer window obliges, already has his head elsewhere …


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