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Who is André Villas-Boas? The story of an aristocrat in the service of Football

Many know his management skills and football strategy, but few know the atypical career of André Villas-Boas, child of the Portuguese aristocracy.

Luís André de Pina Cabral e Villas-Boas, known as André Villas-Boas for short, is a Portuguese technician born on October 17, 1977 in Porto from a family of aristocrats. AVB is the first son of Luís Filipe Manuel Henrique do Vale Peixoto de Sousa e Villas-Boas and Teresa Maria de Pina Cabral e Silva. He is also the great-grandson of Dom José Geraldo Coelho Vieira do Vale Peixoto de Sousa e Villas-Boas, first Viscount of Guilhomil, a title attributed to his ancestor by King Carlos I of Portugal in 1890.

André Villas-Boas has the distinction of being able to speak five languages ​​(Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and French). He has mastered the language of Shakespeare since childhood as he often visited his grandmother, Margaret Kendall, originally from Stockport in England.

An early vocation

At the age of 16, Villas-Boas found himself living in the same building as Sir Bobby Robson, then manager of FC Porto. They became neighbors, then accomplices following a football debate between the two. It was the moment when Villas-Boas found his mentor but also the moment when he met a certain José Morinho, then Robson’s translator.

Robson appreciated the young AVB’s sassiness, intelligence and above all footballing knowledge so much that he was convinced to grant him a job as an observer at FC Porto. A few weeks later, Robson invites the young Literature student to participate in several training sessions. AVB had found his vocation and very quickly, he stopped his studies to devote himself exclusively to his passion.

At only 17, Villas-Boas was the youngest and smartest of his class at the coaching school. Aged 18, he obtained the UEFA B License before continuing with the UEFA A License. Shortly after, he acquired the UEFA Pro license under the tutelage of Jim Fleeting. These obtained qualifications meant that Villas-Boas was ready to coach any team despite his youth.

Villas-Boas had a brief stint as manager of the British Virgin Islands national team at the age of 21 before moving on to an assistant coaching career at Porto with his second mentor, José Mourinho.

When the ‘Number One’ joined clubs at Chelsea and Internazionale, Villas-Boas followed.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The profile of coach Andre Villas-Boas:

– Strengths: Villas-Boas is cooperative, diplomatic, elegant, impartial and social in nature.
– Weaknesses: indecisive and resentful.
– André Villas-Boas likes harmony, gentleness and sharing with others.
– André Villas-Boas does not like violence, loneliness, injustice, big mouths and conformism.

In summary, André Villas-Boas has a peaceful and fair personality. Even if he can hold a grudge that we know him with certain players, he is also someone who recognizes his wrongs quite easily. He is also said to be willing to do almost anything to avoid conflict and keep the peace as much as possible.

Father of three children, AVB is also the brother of João Luís de Pina Cabral Villas-Boas, theater and television actor. Known for his role in the drama Misterios of Lisboa (Mysteries of Lisbon).

Premier League record and beyond:

Villas-Boas’ time at Chelsea began to crumble after many senior players expressed disappointment with his training methods. He was removed from his role as manager of Chelsea soon after.

The Portuguese has since made a move to Tottenham where he failed to impress. He then moved to Russia to coach Zenit Saint Petersburg, where he enjoyed some success

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At Zenit St. Petersburg, he won three trophies, including the league one. Despite his reputation taking a toll after his time in London, Villas-Boas became and remained a king to his fans in Russia as seen in the image below.
It should be noted that his passage through Marseille did not really mark the spirits but can we blame him?

Villas-Boas is widely regarded for his in-depth analysis of his opponents. His style of football is based on solid defence. AVB is also known for its passion for motorsports. The Portuguese took part in the 2018 edition of the Dakar in the car category with a Toyota Hilux 4×4 pick-up. He also participated in the Rally of Portugal in 2021 in the WRC-3 category aboard a Citroën C3 Rally2.


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