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where to see France-Netherlands and everything you need to know about Les Bleues quarter-final

The French team faces the Dutch defending champion this Saturday (9:00 p.m.) in a New York Stadium in Rotherham, which it is starting to know by heart.

Where to see the quarter-final of Les Bleues?

As with all the matches of the France team during this Euro, viewers will have the choice between TF1 and Canal+, which will broadcast the match each on their side. On TF1, the commentary tandem will be the same as for the Blues matches, namely Grégoire Margotton and Bixente Lizarazu, while Canal + will line up a Grégoire Marchal-Aline Riera duo. The kick-off will be given at 9:00 p.m. and you can also follow this duel live with commentary on Le Figaro Sport.

The end of the glass ceiling of the quarters for the Blue?

Euro 2013 and 2017, World Cup 2015 and 2019, Olympic Games 2016. What do these five competitions have in common? The France team systematically disappeared from circulation there in the quarter-finals, either after a cruel penalty shoot-out, or for a defeat by a small goal difference. She has never been humiliated. But she has never been able to transcend herself to seek this benchmark success capable of taking her to another dimension. Hence the fundamental importance of this quarter-final against the Netherlands, to take a step forward in the media and put an end to this insufficient regularity at this stage of the competition. “ The trust is there“, confided on the subject the captain Wendie Renard. “We know that we are going to be told that we always stop at the quarters. You don’t have to focus on that.Perhaps easier said than done…

What starting lineup for the France team?

Each match has its little surprise from the French coach. Inevitably, one wonders where the one she may reserve for the quarter-finals will come from. In defense, after having been able to breathe a little against Iceland on July 18, Sakina Karchaoui and Eve Perisset should resume their place on the sides. In the center, Wendie Renard is indisputable. But who will support him? Aïssatou Tounkara, as was the case against Italy and Iceland? Or Griedge Mbock, whom almost everyone imagined as an irremovable holder to form a Lyon axis as solid as it is complementary and used to evolving together? Difficult to decide with certainty, even if the trend is rather favorable to Mbock.

In midfield, Charlotte Bilbault and Grace Geyoro appear essential. There remains a duel at a distance between Clara Mateo, a real French revelation at the start of the Euro, and Sandie Toletti, more experienced but less convincing on the ground since the start of the competition. Finally, in attack, a surprise is possible. Logic would dictate that the trio Delphine Cascarino-Melvine Malard-Kadidiatou Diani be aligned from the start, Malard, by his goal against Iceland, having shown an interesting potential to take over from Marie-Antoinette Katoto. But competition from Ouleymata Sarr may not be entirely extinguished, as is a refocusing from Diani paving the way for a Baltimore.

The probable starting 11 of Les Bleues:
Peyraud-Magnin – Karchaoui, Mbock, Renard, Perisset – Bilbaud, Geyoro, Mateo – Cascarino, Malard, Diani

What do Les Bleues think of their opponent?

Grace Geyoro:We know the Netherlands and some players, it’s a beautiful nation with great talents. We will have to find their flaws to develop our game in order to beat them and qualify. Our ways of playing are similar because we have possession of the ball and players who are quick in transition and technical. There are similarities. It will be up to us to put our game in place as we managed to do against Italy (5-1, July 10) and keep this efficiency because in this kind of match, we will not have a lot of chances. . You will have to put them down.»

Delphine Cascarino: They are the defending champions, they will want to defend their crown. We know several of their players to evolve together in a club. It’s a talented team, there will be impact, something at stake. We aim to go to the end of the competition. We will do everything to win but the other teams are also working and have the same desire to triumph as we do.»

Selma Bacha:It is a team that we have watched a lot, she confided. It is an athletic team, at ease technically. The Dutch are very present in the duel, very aggressive. I know two players very well, Daniëlle van de Donk and Damaris Egurrola.»

Clara Mateo: We will have to start this meeting as we have been able to start them each time here. We manage to be quite intense from the start. The idea is really to try to keep this pace until the 90th.»

Beware of poison Vivianne Miedema

Star of Arsenal and the Netherlands, European champions, striker Vivianne Miedema has been chomping at the bit so far during this Euro, of which she missed two matches due to Covid-19. On this quarter-final, she could therefore arrive in lack of rhythm, which will not prevent her from being the number 1 danger of the “Orange“. Top scorer in the history of the Netherlands (94 goals), the English Super League and the last Olympic Games… All this, before her 26th birthday, which she celebrated on July 15, that ranks you as a young woman. “She’s one of the most talented players I’ve seen with my own eyes.“Explains to AFP the English coach of the Netherlands, Mark Parsons. “What makes her so special is that she knows football, she sees football, she constantly thinks of the benefits she can get from any situation.“.

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This vision, the native of Hoogeveen, in the north of the Netherlands, surely holds it from her family of footballers. An attacking grandfather and father, an attacking little brother: the one we nicknamed “live» bathed all his life in the world of football. When little, in a harmless face-to-face with a goalkeeper, her young opponent broke her two teeth in shock – her first memory of football -, the Dutchwoman did not give up her passion, on the contrary. Twenty years later, Miedema no longer faces the boys, she has become the queen of face-to-face with the goalkeepers of the world, disgusted one after another by the technical ease of the former player from Heerenveen and from Bayern Munich. “I’m a number 9, so people expect me to score goals. But this season in particular, I’m trying to play in a more withdrawn role, a bit like a playmaker to launch my partners. I want to give the best version of myself“, described the player to AFP. Because the panoply of Miedema is not limited to the quest for the goal. “If you give her space behind you, she murders you. If you give her space in the box, she kills you. And if you give her space in the middle, she’ll send a super long pass and murder you», list Mark Parsons. But the Blues are not unaware of any of this.



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