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Where are we with the reform of Serie A? (2/5)


In the previous article, we highlighted stats showing that there weren’t many selectable players for the Italy squad hitting the Serie A pitches. And that’s just a mild understatement. Today, we are going to take an overview of the championship pitches which highlights the qualitative contribution of these Italian players and the irremovable ones.

A little more than 3 players on average per game

We repeat the players selectable by Mancini represents 39.35%. The average number of players on the pitch per game is 34%, and a median of 4 players. This low result is linked to the existing decorrelation between the quantity of Italians in the squad and the players fielded for certain teams. Salernitana, for example, has 50% Italians in its workforce, but only called on 30% of them.

Taking a quick look, one can notice that 176 Italian players have participated in a league game even for a few minutes. We are not going to dwell on each one but on players whose position seemed interesting to us. In this little game, we wanted to highlight the titularissimes of all weekends.

An average of 9 Italian players used this season per team

Few in number, they are a little over 3 on average at the start of the match. However, they are the ones who move the cursor in this increasingly universal world of football and who make the old rule in force before the Bosman judgment, which was 3 players maximum per team, seem obsolete or even “reac”. for the nostalgic.

Meanwhile, 85% of captains and vice-captains of Serie A teams are Italians. Proof that coaches give meaning to Italianness through their technical or moral leadership. Even to convey the DNA of Calcio, a footballing operation so different from other European championships.

The spotlight is on these selectable players, in the minority. Knowing that 17 teams use on average no more than 6 days per match (out of 16 possible), and 9 no more than 4, the question of identifying them is quickly answered.

But… who are they?

We can mention Barella and Bastoni at Inter. At AC Milan, Calabria, Tonali who takes advantage of the absences of the holders, and the fallen captain Romagnoli. At Juventus, we have the old veterans Bonucci and Chiellini, and again the latter who loses playing time, while Locatelli and Chiesa have imposed themselves from the start, to put the Old Lady back in the center of the village.

Nostalgics will appreciate the presence of stars in Serie A, worthy of those of yesteryear. How not to mention these players who will leave an indelible mark in the hearts of tifosi. When Insigne left his mark on the Stadio Maradona, Lorenzo Pellegrini seemed to launch a new dynamic cycle within AS Roma, an orphan since Totti’s stoppage. With 7 goals in 12 goals, he is in the furrows of the greatest Made In.

To a lesser degree, Belotti, author of 106 goals in 233 games under the garnet colors, or Berardi, in Sassuolo, represent these players faithful to their color, and with whom the children grow up. Without forgetting Di Tacchio, at the Salernitana, or Soriano in Bologna.

And the others…

Alongside these players, others still allow us to link Serie A teams and Italian players.

Pel mixes. We think of the goalkeepers, Montipo, Cragno, Silverstri, Vicario, Sirigu, Auduro… We think of Bonaventura, very successful at the start of the season, at Fiorentina, accompanied by captain Biraghi, and less and less by Castrovilli. We also think of the trio of Sampdoria, Caputo, Quagliarella and Candreva, as if Serie A was better suited to the thirty-something. At Inter, Darmian and Dimarco seem to have found their place in Inzaghi’s rotation, like Bernadeschi and De Sciglio, Allegri’s trusted men, like Cristante, Mancini and Zaniolo at AS Roma, for Mourinho.

Cambiaso and Rovella in Genoa are good Sunday surprises, as are Casale and Faraoni in Hellas, and Frattesi in Sassuolo. Carboni, Deiola have found their place in Cagliari’s starting XI, like Pobega at Torino, which confirms all the hopes placed in him. He thus accompanies Mandragora who is slowly returning. Cutrone, Pinamonti, Bandinelli, Ricci, Marchizza, Luperto form the basis of Empoli. Bastoni is one of the few Italian players used by Motta at La Spezia, who must feel less alone with captain Maggiore. Meanwhile, Udogie represents the 2th Italian player holder of Udinese (out of 2) used.

Despite a low average of Italian starters, we still notice that the players lined up are of great importance for their respective teams.

In the next issue, we will look at the presence of selectable players under 25 in the starting 11 or, who participate in the meetings.

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