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“Wafer” Cascarino, this “permanent danger” who wants to manhandle the German defense

Delphine Cascarino and the France team face Germany this Wednesday in Milton Keynes (9 p.m.) in the semi-final of Euro 2022. To dream of a final against the English host, the Bleues will have to break the impermeable lock of the Mannschaft and will be able to rely on the winger, a real revelation of the continental tournament.

Cascarino, that’s a name that will get the crowds going in England. If she is not related to the British legend Tony, Delphine Cascarino begins to talk about her during Euro 2022 disputed across the Channel. Wednesday in Milton Keynes, his performance will surely be the subject of special attention during the semi-final with the French team against Germany (9 p.m.).

At only 25 years old, the tricolor winger is one of the nice surprises of the group led by Corinne Deacon during the continental tournament. The advent of pure blue talent for the one who has already accumulated 11 goals in 46 caps with the Blues and will have to find the fault in a German defense which has not conceded a single goal during the competition.

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She played pro with her twin sister

Failing not to share a link with Tony Cascarino, the tricolor winger has a twin sister, named Estelle. Born in Saint-Priest, in the Lyon suburbs, and trained at OL like Delphine, the defender did not manage to settle there and had to resolve to leave the Rhone armada in 2016, barely a year. season after the professional debut of the two sisters.

While Estelle studied at Juvisy (later to become Paris FC) then at Bordeaux, Delphine earned her stripes as a starter in Lyon and with Les Bleues. They played together in selection. Both in youth where they won the Euro U19 in 2016 and in the A during three games against Serbia and Macedonia in 2019 and 2020.

But despite a transfer to PSG, OL’s rival club in D1, Estelle did not manage to slip into the group called up by Corinne Deacon for the Euro in 2022. Barred by Sakina Karchaoui and the emergence of Selma Bacha , the left side must be content to follow his twin on television or at the stadium, as was the case against Belgium during the group stages. A match where the attacker was even voted best player after the victory (2-1).

“It can be a plus, even psychologically, to feel supported. I think that helps a little, even explained Estelle Cascarino to the newspaper L’Equipe before the half against Germany. days because I let her breathe a little but we call each other quite regularly and we talk to each other by text.

An unlikely nickname for a discreet player

Without her sister but not without friends within the group, Delphine Cascarino can count on the large contingent of Lyon players at Les Bleues. A plus for those who have a fairly reserved personality in everyday life. “She is more focused on the ground than by what is happening around, her twin underlined again in the press. Around, she is a little more discreet.

An observation shared by captain Wendie Renard, who has always been with her at OL: “It’s true that she is discreet and shy. But in the group, when she is used to the players, there is no problem , assured the defender at a press conference before the half of the Euro. There she really is … we are all in our competition. But she does Delphine as I know her in club and selection. She does not change .”

Delphine Cascarino during training with the Blues, July 26, 2022
Delphine Cascarino during training with Les Bleues, July 26, 2022 © Icon Sport

Despite a certain shyness, Delphine Cascarino was quickly well integrated into the tricolor group in her early days. Club partner, but absent in England, Amandine Henry clearly contributed to this by giving him a most astonishing nickname: “Gaufrette”. A nice nickname that accompanies Delphine Cascarino in Lyon and at Les Bleues because of her haircut.

If the winger appears with a ponytail and smooth hairstyle on the ground, this is not necessarily the case outside, especially after having wet them. “I call her that because she likes to have straight hair but hey, when she gets out of the shower, they’re all curly”, even had fun telling Amandine Henry before the 2019 World Cup in France.

An already substantial track record

At a time when the French women’s team hopes to play its first final in a major competition, the experience of certain players could bring a real plus. Like her teammates from Olympique Lyonnais, Delphine Cascarino is used to winning trophies. Since the end of her training and her debut with Les Fenottes, the winger has won the French championship seven times. Still with Lyon, she also lifted the Champions League six times (between 2016 and 2020 then in 2022).

To these prestigious titles should also be added a Champions Trophy and four national cups. And after having also won the Tournoi de France in 2020 (a friendly competition) with Les Bleues, Delphine Cascarino now hopes to lift a first major trophy in the selection.

A “permanent danger” capable of playing on both sides

Right-handed, Delphine Cascarino is comfortable on both sides. When she plays on the left wing, her burst of speed allows her to transplant in the axis to get back on her good foot and strike or offer a boulevard to Sakina Karchaoui along the sideline. When she plays on the right, as is often the case in clubs at OL, she makes her technique speak to eliminate the opposing defense thanks to her dribbling before looking for a full axis solution. During the Euro in England, she did not upset her game but her acceleration and her ability to reproduce the efforts hurt her rivals in one against one.

Used on the left wing since the start of the competition, Delphine Cascarino could migrate to the right against the Mannschaft. Blame it on a possible offensive reorganization decided by the tricolor coach. If Corinne Deacon decides to replace Kadidiatou Diani in the centre, Delphine Cascarino would play on the right and her Lyon team-mate Selma Bacha would settle on the left.

“Delphine has not changed. I think she is totally in her competition. She plays with her qualities, she does not ask herself any questions. For me, she is a player who is capable of making a difference at n “Any moment because of her technique and her percussion, Wendie Renard still estimated on the eve of the half. It’s a permanent danger and she understood it so it’s good enough for us. We just have to she continues in this vein.”

But if the technician does not modify her starting lineup, it is “Gaufrette” who will challenge Giulia Gwinn in her lane this Wednesday. Good news, left and right, Delphine Cascarino is in good shape. Two games away from happiness during this Euro 2022, the opportunity is too good and the 25-year-old winger will do everything to help France dominate Germany this Wednesday then England at Wembley, Sunday during a long-awaited finale.


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