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WAC offers 800,000 euros to management for Ouattara

According to a source close to the management, the officials of Wydad Casablanca have offered no less than 800,000 euros to President Yazid Iarichen so that he gives them the Burkinabe international Mohamed-Lamine Ouattara.

The offer from the Moroccan club’s officials was made in writing, but despite that, President Iarichen is not willing to let one of his best attackers go. Author of a fine second round of the championship, Ouattara shone with a thousand lights, despite the fact that he did not receive many balls and former coach Ammar Souayah asked him to constantly come back behind to participate in defensive work. His fine performances did not leave recruiters indifferent, including those of the Moroccan club. It must be said that President Iarichen had achieved a great coup in the last winter transfer window by offering the services of the Burkinabe international who was coveted by Ahly Cairo and Wydad Casablanca. The Moroccan leaders who had failed to recruit him before joining the JSK are returning to the charge in this off-season to try to conclude with him.


Barring a last-minute change, Ouattara will go nowhere this offseason. But if the leaders of the JSK receive an offer for him in the next winter transfer window, they could give him up for the WAC or any other foreign club which will go all out to secure the services of the international Ouattara. Ambitious to play for the title and go as far as possible in the African Champions League, President Iarichen does not want to hear about his departure in this off-season. He knows that if he releases Ouattara this July, it will only disappoint the fans who adopted Ouattara from the first days of his arrival.

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“We work hard to succeed in our preparation”

Having distinguished himself in the Yellow and Green jersey from the first days of his arrival, the Burkinabe international Mohamed-Lamine Ouattara promises to give everything to achieve a great season. On the second course which takes place at the ESHRA of Aïn Benian, Ouattara affirmed that the technical staff increased the load and that this one makes his group sweat. “Indeed, the technical staff makes us sweat. The workload has increased and we are working hard to succeed in our preparation,” Ouattara told us.

“We are determined to have a great season”

Despite the skepticism of some supporters about the team’s ability to challenge for the title next season, the players firmly believe in their ability to play whether at national level or in the African Champions League. Ouattara, whom we asked about the team’s ambitions for next season, said: “We are determined to have a great season. We are aware of the expectations of our supporters and we will do everything to meet them. We were classified second in the past year and our goal is to do better in the coming year,” promises the Burkinabe international.

“Riga communicates a lot with us and that gives us confidence”

While imposing iron discipline, coach José Riga increases contact with his players in the hope of getting the most out of them. He is demanding with them, because in order to be able to achieve the objectives assigned to him, his players must be in top form. “Riga communicates a lot with us and that’s a good thing. It gives us confidence and on our side, we will do everything to live up to the expectations placed on us,” he said.

The group adheres to the method of the Belgian coach who submits his players to various exercises so that they do not get bored in training, unlike Riga, the former Tunisian coach Ammar Souayah did not communicate much with his players, which which had created tensions with some of them.

“I told you that Sanogo is a quality reinforcement”

Having praised his compatriot Zakaria Sanogo even before he joined Algeria, Ouattara confided that he was not at all surprised by Sanogo’s fine performance in the application match last Sunday. “I told you that Sanogo is a quality reinforcement. He’s someone who has speed and he’s a technician too,” recalled Ouattara.

“I will do everything to distinguish myself”

Although he distinguished himself very well during the past year, Ouattara promises to do better in the coming season. Generous in effort, he was decisive in some matches, despite the fact that he did not receive many balls. “I will do everything to distinguish myself and to do better than last season. I know that a lot is expected of me and I will not begrudge the effort in order to bring the most expected of me”, he said. said

“There is a good atmosphere in the group”

Although the players have been under a heavy workload since the start of this second training camp which will end tomorrow, the Burkinabé international admits that all the conditions are met for the team to succeed in its off-season preparation. “There is a good atmosphere in the group and our only concern is to succeed in our off-season preparation. We know that to have a great season, we must succeed in our preparation”, he concluded.

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