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Two more recruits and especially departures, Lazovic arrives and the two conditions for Alvaro… Here is the information for this Thursday, July 21

Like every evening, FCM offers you the 3 OM news of the day! On the program this Thursday: OM are still waiting for two recruits and especially departures, Strootman will not derail the arrival of Lazovic and the two conditions for seeing Alvaro join the Tigers!

Mercato OM: Finally, the Strootman case will not derail the arrival of Lazovic!

While he was to arrive yesterday in Marseille, the side Darko Lazovic was finally retained by Hellas Verona. Indeed, Pablo Longoria wanted to integrate Kevin Strootman into the deal, which did not necessarily interest the Italian club…

Icon Sport – Kevin STROOTMAN

Igor Tudor knows the profile of left-back Darko Lazovic perfectly. The OM coach had him under his command last season at Hellas Verona. The soon-to-be 32-year-old player should land at OM this Thursday before leaving for England with the Olympian group…

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The team states that “OM quickly reached an agreement with the player on the basis of a three-year contract while discussions between clubs have progressed around a transfer of around €4m. If the negotiations continued, yesterday at the end of the day, they were not yet finalized. A sticking point existed between the two parties: the will of the Marseille leaders to include Kevin Strootman in the transaction. »

Lazovic expected in Marseille this Thursday?

Kevin Strootman has just one year left on his contract and his salary valued at €550,000/month is straining the club’s finances. Pablo Longoria wants to get rid of him and therefore tried to include him in Lazovic’s deal. If his case remains uncertain, this does not call into question the arrival of Lazovic, hoped for in Marseille in the next few hours according to the sports daily…

Ribalta will take care of sales — M.Grégoire

“Pablo Longoria considers Javier Ribalta to be one of his references in football, he said in an interview in Provence in December 2020. A reference with Fabio Paratici the former sports director of Juventus, today of Tottenham. Ribalta is his friend, I think he surrounds himself, he has improved his close guard, I think Ribalta will take care of sales in particular. We have seen that he is already very active on the Luis Henrique file at Torino with his Italian networks, because we have to get out of the players, I think he will relieve Longoria of certain tasks but afterwards in the profile indeed we’re on something quite similar, focused on Longoria, but maybe Longoria thinks he has a lot to do as president, he doesn’t really like that, interviews, meetings with Benoît Payan, rent is not his favorite area. Longoria thinks that Ribalta could come back to the heart of the work like the architecture of the deals, stuff like that. Personally I think it’s modern football. I compare Longoria to Luis Campos (technical director of PSG) and Ribalta is a bit like that too, they have their qualities and their faults. Their qualities are that they will bet sometimes on a player who is going to have an explosion, on a very great talent, besides that, they are managers of the new generation who work a lot with mandates, with always the same agents with commissions, it’s the Campos side in Lille, we saw it with the transfer of Victor Osimhen where there are things poorly explained. In my opinion, there are good and bad sides, I do not judge that, I just say that it corresponds to modern football. But, whether it’s Longoria or Ribalta, to make the transfer window, it’s great, they are specialists but there are good and bad sides. » Mathieu Gregoire – Source: Marseille Football Club (06/27/2022)

Mercato OM: Another 2 recruits and especially departures?


OM formalized the arrival of 6 recruits: Gigot, Touré, Mbemba, Clauss, Blanco and Suarez. Lazovic should be the 7th of the summer. On the start side, Mandanda joined Rennes, Radonjic the Torino and Luis Henrique will return to Botafogo. According to the team, “one or two other recruits could still arrive”but before “Leaders should focus on player departures, which won’t be an easy deal…”

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Objective 9 recruits?

Indeed, Kevin Strootman was for example to be included in the deal of Lazovic is not certain to return to Italy. The Dutch midfielder still has a year of contract with a comfortable salary. Alvaro should find an agreement with OM to terminate his two-year contract. The arrival of Lazovic should push towards the exit Kolasinac and / or Amavi, what about Caleta Car? Ditto in attack where the recruitment of Luis Suarez seems to condemn the future of Bakambu. Summer is far from over. Pablo Longoria is well aware of this…

We are going to England on Friday. It was important to give our coach the opportunity to work with a greater number of players

“We have a principle of agreement for Clauss, he is currently traveling. Ruben Blanco was in the USA, he also travels and we have a principle of agreement for a loan with Celta Vigo. We have discussed in the past with different player profiles. We are talking about high-level European players, they have requests (Veretout and Nuno Tavares, editor’s note). I’m not going to talk about the level of the players. Veretout, his career in Italy and in the France team, he is a top-level player. Nuno, he is young, with potential, he is looking for his place at Arsenal. We will see in the next few weeks. We are looking for players on the left and in the middle. I can’t give the words. (…) I can’t send messages, it’s not my role. It’s a special market, you have to be patient and have good times. With different players, we waited and we were able to complete the prizes we wanted. It’s true that we’re going to England on Friday. It was important to give our coach the opportunity to work with a greater number of players. The transfer window is like that. With society, with the media, we expect news every day. Samuel arrived in January, I feel like he arrived four years ago. You have to be patient. We have an obligation to improve the workforce and to be competitive. People have to understand that they have to work, they have heavy legs. It takes time to learn the new mechanics. It helps to recruit players who are used to playing in this system. Pablo Longoria – source: Press conference (07/19/2022)

Mercato OM: The two conditions for seeing Alvaro join the Tigres!

Pablo Longoria has clearly decided to speed up the OM transfer window before the start of the internship in England this Friday. Three recruits have been formalized while waiting for Lazovic, now the priority is to slim down the workforce, starting with Alvaro…


The Spanish defender had been removed from the group by Jorge Sampaoli, he had confided in the Spanish press (see below) and has since been sidelined by Longoria. While a termination of these two years of contract was mentioned, the latter could finally be transferred, surely released. His name was mentioned on the side of the Tigers in Mexico, the deal is far from done…

Alaro, plan B which needs a foreign player spot to become available

Indeed, if the media 90min confirms the interest of the Tigers for Alvaro Gonzalez. The latter would only be a plan B, indeed the priority for the post of defender is called Nehuen Perez, who is under contract with Atlético Madrid. It is therefore necessary first to know if the option of the 22-year-old Argentinian materializes (the file is complicated with in particular River in the shot), to know if the Avaro option will be activated. For his part, the Olympian player would be enthusiastic about the idea but for that it will be necessary that a foreign place becomes available. Yeferson Solteldo (Venezuelan) could join PAOK in the coming days and therefore free up a place. To be continued…

They started belittling me in incomprehensible ways as I gave my all for the club — Alvaro

“What I’m going through right now is footballingly bad because the coach and the club made decisions when I extended five months ago and I didn’t want to leave. In the city, everyone likes me, I’m comfortable, but in the end, if I don’t play, I’m not well and I’m not in my best moment. Am I the victim of a situation that is not sporting? I don’t know what I’m a victim of. I know they extended me and from there the problems started. I had to lower my salary on August 31 so that they could sign a player (Harit) and even if it affected me because I am the 3rd captain of the team, I understood that I had to do it for the club and the teammates. From there they started belittling me in incomprehensible ways as I gave my all for the club. Afterwards, they wanted to make me leave in the wrong way when I didn’t want to. A club decision? Totally. From the club, from the coach. I’m sure it’s not footballing because I had just had two seasons which were the best of my career.” Alvaro González – source: AS (12/02/2022)


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