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touchdown / One day, one transfer / Episode 35 /

This summer during the transfer window, So Foot returns every day of the week to a transfer that marked its time in its own way. For this 35e episode, back in 2015. Sergi Guardiola, freshly released from his contract at Alcorcón, joins the reserve of Barça, in what will become the shortest transfer in the history of the club. The kind of thing that can happen when you dig up old tweets where you encourage Real Madrid and tackle Lionel Messi and all the Catalan people.

On December 28, 2015, FC Barcelona dismissed Guardiola. Not Josep, the club’s iconic former midfielder and coach who took the Catalans to the heights of European football. But Sergi, then 24-year-old striker who played in the reserve team. “Evolved” is a big word. Arrived at the summer transfer window to sign a contract for a season and a half at Barça B in the Spanish third division, with the aim of strengthening the attacking sector and bringing his experience, the native of Mallorca did not play a single match under the tunic blaugrana. And for good reason, Sergi Guardiola was fired just eight hours after signing his contract, posing with a smile alongside the training director and the coach. Without doubt the shortest career at Barça. The reason ? Incendiary anti-Catalan, pro-Real Madrid and anti-Messi tweets from 2013 unearthed by community blaugrana damn on the lookout. “It’s Clásico time… Hala Madrid!” » he posted without knowing that he would one day wear the opposing jersey. “Hala Madrid, puta Cataluña” he added a few minutes later. ‘Messi ruins the team’s game’ could also be read on his account.

Drinking party and freelancing in Australia

Tweets that immediately caused a scandal throughout the Barcelona community and even went up to the management of the club. And this, even if the player had meanwhile passed his account in private, history that the investigations do not go further. But the multiple screenshots are there. At 10:10 p.m., the Barça Twitter account published an unequivocal press release: his contract, just signed, was terminated for “the publication of tweets offensive to Barcelona and against Catalonia” . Especially since at the time, the coach of Barça B was none other than Gerard López, also coach of Catalonia. After breaking his contract with Alcorcón, a Spanish second division club, Sergi Guardiola finds himself unemployed a few hours before the end of the transfer window and once again has to go through a difficult period. He is simply expelled from the club and leaves with a nickname offered by the Catalan supporters: the “ephemeral culé” .

A sad fate which does not however move Luis Enrique, coach of the first team at the time, questioned about his case at a press conference: ” I’m not surprised. There have been other cases recently. Everything you write on social networks remains, everything leaves a trace, so you have to be very careful with what you publish. Especially when you are part of the football world. » Back home, in Jumilla, with his head bowed, Sergi Guardiola spoke the next day on Onda Cero to defend himself from these offensive tweets, denying having written his tweets, blaming his friends and an evening a little too much alcohol… “We went for a drink with friends a few years ago and by dint of joking, tweets that I did not write were put on my accounthe explained. If I had written these tweets, I would have deleted them, I’m not stupid. I didn’t know anything, I didn’t even know those tweets were on my account. I understand Barça perfectly, I would have done the same thing in their place. I’m from Mallorca, I’m not anti-Catalan. My dream was to play for Barca, and now it’s shattered. » The Mallorcan will still have the chance to make his way to the first division without going through Barça – after a freelance in Australia where he is qualified as “very bad player” -, between Getafe, Valladolid and Rayo Vallecano. If you don’t know what to do next August 28, the 3e La Liga day offers a duel at Camp Nou between Barça and Sergi Guardiola’s Valladolid.

By Anna Carreau



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