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TK: “With this album, I’m going to start scoring goals”

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What is your relationship to football?

I was born into football. Football is our sport, whether at school, in the neighborhood or in a club, everyone plays it. I started football very early, at the age of 6. I played for 10 years in a club! I only did one club: Endoume. I started at left back, then moved to left midfield before finishing number 10. I also played futsal between the ages of 17 and 19. I was not bad, I could score 17 goals per season.

What type of player were you?

When I was given the ball, you never knew what could happen. I could play logic and pass or just do it my way (laughs). I really like dribbling, I fantasize about small bridges. I can force the little bridge and try to put it on even if it’s not necessary. It’s just for gesture. I liked to make passes in depth too. I liked what was spectacular, to make the gesture “Wow”, I wanted to create an atmosphere in the stands.

Were you playing at a good level?

I have never played at a high level, because I have always had a small frame. I grew up late. When I was little, I was in team 3, I even played with team 4 downright. I was not strong enough, there were presumed stronger and more technical. When I was 13, I started playing in team 2, then I played a season in team 1.

You didn’t want to break into football?

It was my dream! It was everyone’s dream, but it wasn’t an obsession. If I could have had a career in football, I would have been the happiest man in the world. I crossed paths with guys who could have broken through if they had been serious and focused.

Are you still playing today?

With music, I really don’t have the time, and besides, I don’t have the right entourage (laughs). They are not very sporty and motivated. But if I am offered football, I never say “no”. Before, we played one or two footballs a week. But now…

Do you have an anecdote related to football?

I have a funny anecdote! Small, I played in team 3, and one day, exceptionally, I played in team 2 because there were missing players. During the match, I scored twice which allowed the team to win. And the coach of team 2 confused me with another player! Suddenly, he told my coach that it was another player who had scored twice. The following week in training, our coach made a speech and said: “Congratulations Driss for your double, you will play more often with 2 now”. Me, I was sitting on the field, I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t want to take the coach back, because I respected him too much. I was disgusted that day! The worst thing is that Driss replied: “Thank you”. I remember both goals! The first, I shot from midfield, and as the goalkeeper was badly positioned, the ball went in. The second is a half-volley after a corner. Clean.

What were your favorite teams?

OM, because I’m from Marseille, is the house, the city, the heart. And I’m for Chelsea too. The match that stood out to me: Marseille – Newcastle in the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup with Didier Drogba’s double. He had put a crazy hook before his goal. This match is legendary, it thrilled me, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Do you often go to the Velodrome?

I would like to go there more often! In recent years with music, it’s complicated with studio sessions, shows, etc. But this season, I’m going to try to go there regularly.

Who is your favorite player?

Didier drogba ! He was the darling at the time, that’s why I became a Chelsea fan. I loved Drogba so much, I felt compelled to follow him to Chelsea. I really liked Ribéry and Nasri too, two monsters. These players made me vibrate with their technique and their madness. I can also quote Lass. He quickly entered our hearts. When the players come to OM, they give everything, they have to! Have you seen the Velodrome and the supporters? It’s a crazy thing !

Do you hate PSG?

PSG is the rival! When you watch OM-PSG, it’s Classico, you feel the nerves, the tension, the clashes between everyone. When there is a Classico, everyone goes to bed. But the truth, I don’t hate a club, football is still a beautiful sport to watch. There is no hate to have, impossible.

“Players don’t need networks to support their business. And for us, it’s vital to keep our music alive. »

TKCredit Photo – DR

Zizou didn’t sign for PSG in the end, are you relieved?

Frankly, it’s an in-extremis rescue! It would have hurt my heart, because Zizou is Zizou. We all love Zizou, he is the most popular personality in France. It’s Zizou, it’s Castellane, Marseille, the northern districts, he represents us. It would have hurt us to see Zizou at the rival.

What is your worst memory?

OM-Valence, the UEFA Cup final, we were so close. We didn’t understand anything that day, it was weird. From the start, we took a red, it was cooked. This match was so important for us at the time… I can also talk about OM-Atlético Madrid. We could have led to the score and finally, we got busted!

What did you think of the OM season?

This season has been satisfactory, even if we could have qualified more quickly for the Champions League. The last day was completely crazy with the Lens – Monaco match in parallel, the scenario is incredible. Thanks to OM for this season! And when we face PSG, we stand up to them, we even deserve to win sometimes.

What do you expect from the OM transfer window?

Last season, we had a good transfer window. But often, we miss players who could do us good. I don’t have the skills to criticize transfer window choices. But it seems difficult to recruit at OM.

Aren’t you disappointed with the departure of Bouba Kamara?

It’s his choice. It’s always like that! When the players are good, in shape and impose themselves, they leave. We never keep players at their peak. Look, we have already experienced it with Drogba, Ribéry, Payet, Nasri and company. It’s hard for us. Because you know, we get attached to the players, they delight us, we love them. Whereas normally, these players should stay and we should recruit good players to support them. But it’s OM, it’s like that, you get used to it.

In your sounds, do you make references to football?

Yes, football is one of my inspirations, that’s normal.

At what point in your football career do you compare the release of this album “Before the Party”?

The first season of a player who is starting in Ligue 1. As the album is called “Before the party”, it is the one that will make me stand out as a starter. Albums are seasons and there, I’m fine, I’m integrating little by little. I hope to play regularly at the Vélodrome with Ligue 1. Until now, I’ve been taking part in training. The guys know I’m there, they tell everyone the world “He’s good”, but I haven’t scored yet. With this album, I’m going to start scoring goals.

You are of Algerian origin, the non-qualification for the World Cup is over?

No not yet. We deserved to participate in this World Cup, we were the victim of an injustice. But it’s football, it’s the charm of this sport! I had planned to go to Qatar for the World Cup. Everything is cancelled. We have one of the best teams in Africa, it’s a shame. I’m not saying that because I’m Algerian, really.

If you were a footballer, would you also play with a mask?

It would have been difficult. But if it had been possible, I would have done it. Just to keep my peace, my privacy. For example, Riyad Mahrez can’t do anything! He is known all over the world. In addition, footballers are even more recognized than rappers. It’s on a global scale, with the World Cup, the CAN, the Champions League. It must be hard to be recognized everywhere. And you’re safe from nothing, I think some players would like to experience simple things with those around them. Good after, the salaries are not the same either. Be careful, if someone says to me: “You take the salary of a soccer player and you remove the mask”, I do not say “no” (laughs). It would be an insult to everyone around me to refuse this money.

How would you behave as a player?

I do not know. Their relationship to social networks is different. Players do not need networks to support their business. And for us, it’s vital to keep our music alive. A footballer gets up in the morning, goes to training and everyone is aware that he is a starter at the weekend since it is broadcast everywhere. Everybody talks about it. He doesn’t need to post a video to say, “Yo guys! Meet me tomorrow for OM-Angers, I’ll enter the second half as a left midfielder, stay tuned! (laughs). If I had been a footballer, I would have lived my career to the fullest. I would have tried to stay focused as long as possible knowing that a footballer’s career has an expiration date. I would have preserved my image and tried to be the best I could be.

The dream is to make a Velodrome with the microphone?

It would be a dream! But before thinking about the Vélodrome, I’m aiming for the Dôme de Marseille for example. If I could, it would already be wonderful. The Vélodrome is something exclusive to great artists. I’m not claiming that yet.

to summarize

On the occasion of the release of his second album “Before the party”, TK spoke at length to Onze Mondial. The Marseille rapper took pleasure in talking about football. “With this album, I’m going to start scoring goals,” the masked artist told us.

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