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“There are no plans yet” in the hierarchy behind Lopes

OL substitute goalkeeper Rémy Riou / (Credit: Romane Thevenot)

With Julian Pollersbeck pending departure, Rémy Riou and Kayne Bonnevie are battling for Anthony Lopes’ understudy role this season. The former Caen goalkeeper ensures that nothing is fixed yet even if a trend emerges.

Put in difficulty last summer with the rumor of an arrival of André OnanaAnthony lopes can rest easy this year. Author of a season for the less successful in the doldrums of Lyon, the Portuguese goalkeeper proved that he was back to his best level. Having extended until 2025 with theOL, Lopes is well on her way to making her entire career with her training club. Holder without a shadow of a doubt, the 2016 European champion does not yet know who will be his understudy.

Because in line with the plethoric workforce available to Peter Bosch, the post of guards is also provided. Between Julian PollersbeckRemy Riouwho arrived during the summer, and Kayne Good life, they are three for two places. They should be only two in a few days since the German goalkeeper is in the process of leaving, with advanced contacts with a club in his country which has not filtered.

However, if the field clears, Riou and Bonnevie still do not know what to expect in terms of hierarchy.“At the moment there are no plans. The only plan we know is to push Anthony (Lopes) up to have a great season, said Riou after the first game against Dynamo Kyiv. If I have to be second, that’s fine, if I have to be third I won’t change my philosophy of play and mentality that I have had throughout my career. If I’m good, those around me will be good and Antho will be good. It’s win-win and we will have results throughout the season.”

Riou on pole to be n°2?

Between an experienced goalkeeper and a young doorman, the question may arise on the profile to adopt behind Anthony lopes. Without the European Cup this season and with the disappearance of the League Cup for two seasons, the possibilities of seeing the Lyon goalkeeper’s understudy play matches are very slim. Julian Pollersbeck actually experienced the last exercise. Without an exclusion of lopes in the derby and an injury in March, the German goalkeeper would not have played any league match. In Lyon, the position is locked even in times of the Coupe de France and it is therefore necessary to Riou and Good lifewhich has extended this summer until 2024, be patient.

In this context, having a goalkeeper with references on the bench looks like a much less risky bet than a youngster, certainly talented, but without real high-level experience. “It’s a somewhat special season for OL because there is no European Cup. The role of second goalkeeper is important in a group because he can come on at any time , he has to convey a certain image because he is always with the group.” notes Daniel Jaccardgoalkeeping coach atAS Saint-Priest and trained at OL before continuing on the often sought-after profile. “At OL, there is a lot of talent among young goalkeepers, we saw it with the little patouillet in Gambardella, Bonnevie has been there for a few years. But these are goalkeepers who, at senior level if only in National 2, have levels to cross, Rémy Riou has a certain background at the professional level, with nearly 300 matches. On paper, he is better able to replace Anthony on an ad hoc basis. There is too much uncertainty with young people. They are known in the media but we are still very far from professional requirements.”

Jaccard: “Beyond the sporting aspect, there is the man and his profile”

In a relatively young group, the experience of the former Caennais should logically play in his favor to occupy this role of understudy, this role of “big brother” as Rémy could play. Vercoutre in his time on the bench, in a style certainly much more imposing than Riou. In modern football where the performance of the titular goalkeeper is always sought after, Daniel Jaccard believes that the “Rémy Riou’s human profile matches what OL are looking for. He is an element that will bring a lot of human values ​​and serenity to “take care” of young people. He can be a relay to the goalkeeper coach. “ Lyon’s first summer recruit and symbol of this return to “Made in Lyon”, Rémy Riou could well have a more distant future within the club. His arrival seems to go in this direction.

“I’m coming back here with great pleasure. I have a role more of a big brother to supervise the locker room which is young. I’m the happiest in the world, I’m coming home, has followed Riou in Bourgoin. I’m at home, I take the minutes I have to play with great pleasure. It is a pride to wear this jersey. I am happy to be able to bring my experience to the group. There is a revival that must be created and I hope not to be part of it because we want to put OL back in the spotlight.”

Despite the words of the pure-bred Lyonnais on the lack of hierarchy, the first two Lyon outings seem to have delivered the beginning of an answer. The experienced goalkeeper (34 years old) should be the number 2 after the departure of Pollersbeck. It was he who played the second half against Bourg Peronnas and he started in the first match against kyiv, Bonnevie (20) contenting himself with the two remaining half-hours in this double confrontation at Bourgoin.


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