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the Top 5 players trained at the club!

Founded in 1943, FC Nantes is a historic French football club. The Yellow House has seen a parade of many talents among its workforce, which has allowed it to be what it is today, namely a club with great success. Today, we shed light on the Nantes team, with this Top 5 players trained at the Pays-de-la-Loire club.

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5 – Mickael Landreau

At the 5th position of this Top is the goalkeeper Mickaël Landreau! Landreau arrives at FC Nantes in 1993 and will know the training center during 3 years. In 1996 he signs professional and is launched in division 1. It’s the start of 10 seasons for Mickaël Landreau with FC Nantes, he who will have played 421 matches with the Canaries. In the summer 2006he left Loire-Atlantique to join the Paris Saint Germain. He will also know the LOSC then Bastia where he will finish his career in the summer 2014. French international with 11 selectionsMickaël Landreau will have been part of the France group during the world cup 2006 where the Blues reach the final. With Nantes, the French goalkeeper wins the title of champion of France in 2001, 2 French Cup in 1999 and 2000 as well as 2 Champions Trophy in 1999 and 2001.

4 – Maxime Bossis

The 4th in the Top 5 is central defender Maxime Bossis! Came to finish his training in Nantes in 1972Bossis will pass a year at the center before signing his first professional contract in the summer 1973. He then made his debut with the first team where he settled for the 12 seasons to come, before leaving the club for Racing Paris in 1985. Maxime Bossis records 461 games played under the Nantes colors for 23 goals marked. With the Canaries, he won 3 French championships (1977, 1980, 1983), the French Cup (1979) and also the Alps Cup (1982) as well as the Cannes International Tournament (1983). In the France team he counts 76 selections for 1 goal and won alongside Michael Platini I’Euro in 1984.

3 – Christian Karembeu

On the last step of the podium we find Christian Karembeu! The native of New Caledonia arrives in France and FC Nantes in october 1988. After 2 seasons spent at the training centerhe joined the professional group in the summer 1990 and will pass 5 seasons under the colors of Nantes. In his first season, he played only 5 games before completely launching during the exercise 1991/1992. In total, Christian Karembeu counts 153 games with the Canaries for 6 goals registered. Able to evolve as defensive midfielder but also lower in a two or three axial hingeKarembeu will have made the best hours of the France team where he counts 53 selections for 1 goal. With the Blues, he won the world Cup in 1998 as well as theEuro in 2000. During his early career at the Yellow House, the Kanak won the France championship in 1995 before leaving the free club to commit to Italy at the Sampdoria. He will know thereafter several clubs of which the real Madrid and will win numerous trophies including the Champions League with the Whites in 1998.

2 – Didier Deschamps

Didier Deschamps is the 2nd of this Top 5! The coach of the France team did not wait to be a coach to leave his mark on football. Didier Deschamps arrives at the Nantes training center in 1983 where he will go 2 years before signing with the professionals in the summer 1985. The midfielder reveals himself to the general public during his 4 seasons passed under the colors of Nantes. He counts 123 games for 4 goals among the Canaries. He doesn’t win no trophies with Nantes but will win many in the other clubs where he has passed. In the France team, Didier Deschamps has 104 selections for 4 goals and will have won the world Cup in 1998 as well as theEuro 2000. He left Nantes in 1989 for 510K euro and joins theOM with whom he will win the Champions League in 1993 as well as 2 French championships (1990 and 1992). He is on loan for a season Girondins of Bordeaux then will know later the Juventus with there also many trophies then will play at the end of the career one season in chelsea and a season Valence.

1 – Marcel Desailly

Marcel Desailly is at the head of this Top 5 players trained in Nantes! The French central defender saw his football debut at the Nantes training center in 1980 where he will go 6 years. In the summer 1986Desailly joins the professional team and will play 6 seasons with FC Nantes. During his first 2 seasons spent at the club, the Franco-Ghanaian is struggling to find playing time before settling down definitively during the season 1988/1989. In total, he disputes with Nantes 178 games for 5 goals scored. French international with 116 selections and 3 goals registered, Marcel Desailly won with the Blues the world cup 1998 as well as theEuro 2000. Sold toOM in 1992he won with Didier Deschamps and the Olympians the Champions League 1993. He will then add many trophies to his nameespecially with theAC Milanthen with chelsea before ending his career at Qatar.


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