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The Sorare League Guide: Champion Asia

Sorare is a fantasy football game that uses NFTs. Holders of these cards can challenge the best “managers” in the world by building teams of 5 cards. Sorare cards get points based on the performance of football players on the field.

In the Champion Asia competition you can play with players from all over Asia in the four competitions covered by Opta.

Why is it interesting to participate in the Champion Asia league?

As a manager new to Sorare, it can be very interesting to start on the Asian continent. First of all, J1 League (Japan) and K-League (South Korea) clubs tend to rotate their squads quite often. A starting XI is not as easy to draw as in Europe. This factor increases the chances of smaller collections performing on Sorare.

Additionally, the Champion Asia league has a large number of teams listed in Sorare. This therefore means that there are many cards available and at more attractive prices. Building a competitive “Champion Asia” team can also serve you in the All-Star competition, where you will be able to compete with European or even American teams at a reduced cost.

Finally, Champion Asia is about discovering new championship formats, new players and a new culture.

The Asian Champions League is covered by Sorare. Footballers playing in Australian, Saudi and Israeli clubs take part in the AFC Champions League. This competition is an opportunity to discover nuggets little publicized in Europe!

The Chinese Super League is present on Sorare. On the other hand, there are few cards to collect. In general, some very good players at the end of their career turn to China during the summer transfer window. By being on the lookout for these rumors, you have the opportunity to get ahead of your direct competitors, and therefore improve your club.

Hundreds of players from the 16 Japanese clubs licensed on Sorare are to be collected in the J1 League, including a former World Cup winner, the Spaniard Andrès Iniesta.

Discover the Heung min son and Hwang ui-jo of tomorrow through the 12 K-League 1 clubs available on Sorare.

What are the particularities of the Asian championships?

The Champion Asia league is made up of 4 different competitions.

The J1 League is made up of eighteen teams and is played in the same way as our Ligue 1 championship. The first three teams qualify for the AFC Champions League. The last two are relegated to J2, and the team that finished in 16th place faces the 3rd of J2 in a play-off match.

The K-League is an unusual league. The season is divided into two phases. During the first phase, the twelve participating teams compete three times each. After this first phase, the teams are split into two. The top six and bottom six from each group compete in mini-championships in which they play each other once. These five additional meetings bring the K-League to 38 days. This system allows clubs to face direct competitors and therefore to have matches with real stakes.

Second specificity of the K-League, when teams are tied in the standings, they are decided by the number of goals scored and not by goal average. This allows for more spectacle and therefore favors offensive cards on Sorare.

You have to be wary of the calendar when playing in Champion Asia. It may happen that days span two different Games Weeks. It is therefore best to collect players from one or two clubs maximum in order to avoid a shortage of players to field.

How to get information on the Asian championships?

Obtaining information on the Asian championships is quite complicated. The best advice we can give you is to follow K-League & J-League certified accounts in English version.

On Twitter, for example, you can find accounts like @Kleague & @J_League_En who share the “official” news of these different competitions.

You will also find information on the French “Fans” accounts of the various clubs present in Champion Asia. You will still have to be careful to check your sources because incorrect information can cause you to lose valuable points during Games Weeks.

How to monitor the performance of your players?

SorareData is an essential site during your Sorare experience. This site will allow you to follow the performance of your players live. Note that there is also an application to activate notifications when the compositions of each team come out. There is also a notification to let you know when one of your players performs a decisive action.

Thanks to the various Asian competitions, collecting Sorare cards unknown to the general public will allow you to develop your football culture and stand out!



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