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The Open du Cher smiles at the Vierzonnais of South Africa Khalil El Gazri and at the Sancerroise Claire Salmon [photos et classements]

In the absence of the main favorites (the defending champion Aymeric Pommerette, Xavier Campo or Léo Blain), the contenders for the final victory were numerous among the men. It was long believed that the golfer from Massy, ​​Sébastien Lamonnier, would succeed in repeating his performance of 2017. In the lead after the first two rounds, he gave up yesterday on the Berruyer course. “It’s already good to finish third, I came to have fun”, he slipped.

The impossible comeback

Another former winner, Berruyer Cyril Pinon – victorious the day before at Sancerre – did not materialize his “recovery” after a failed start at Vierzon. “The first day all sank, he lamented. I had no chance. It was as if, in football, a team were 8-0 down in the first leg. »

This third and final round was won by his club partner, Clément Siret-Courtaud, already on the podium the day before. But that wasn’t enough to make him a contender for the overall victory. “I had trouble the first day, the second it went better and today (read yesterday), it was even better, summed up the native Florentine golfer. It would have taken me four rounds! Second, it’s already good, because I play little. Summer is complicated for me. Usually, I do the harvest at this time, but since it ended earlier than usual, I take advantage of it. »

The Open du Cher begins Friday in Vierzon, before continuing in Sancerre and Bourges for a very open twelfth edition.

The winner is a last-minute registrant, licensed at the Golf national in Paris, who was participating for the first time in the Open du Cher. And yet, Khalil El Gazri (one of the best indexes in the competition behind Sébastien Lamonnier) did not come here by chance. Resident in South Africa for professional reasons, the latter is on vacation this summer in Vierzon, where he is from. “I was not supposed to play, but a friend lent me his bag and his clubs, he explained. It was a bit difficult for me without my equipment. At Vierzon, I was surprised because the green didn’t roll at all. In Sancerre a little more. Bourges had the best greens of the three courses, it was the best day for me. Although the conditions were not obvious, it was very pleasant. »

Second at Vierzon, fourth at Sancerre and once again second at Bourges, the “Springbok” from Vierzon won the final classification thanks to his consistency.

Local golfers shun the Open du Cher

Among the women, there was much less suspense. The duel between Claire Salmon, defending champion, and Nadine Chagnon logically turned to the advantage of the Sancerroise, winner of the three rounds. But leaving at noon on Sunday in Bourges, the three finalists (with Sylvie Dambrin) suffered from the heat.

“We almost gave up”

“We struggled on the return, we were no longer advancing, declared the Sancerroise trained at the Vierzon golf school. Fortunately there was a bit of air, otherwise we would have given up. Nevertheless, I was very happy to find Nadine. We have known each other for a long time, we have the same values ​​of golf, so there is not really competition between us. I really like the family atmosphere that exists in Vierzon. “Insofar as there is no women’s team in Sancerre, Claire Salmon had returned to compete in the championship this season with Vierzon.

The results

BOURGES (Ugolf). At the end of the 3rd and last round of the Open du Cher.
Men (final gross ranking).1. Khalil El Gazri (Le golf national) 77, 2. Clément Siret-Courtaud (Bourges) 75, 3. Sébastien Lamonnier (Massy), 4. Jean-Pierre Mallet (Bourges) 72, 5. Cyril Pinon (Bourges) 71 , 6. Sylvain Leguay (Sancerre) 68, 7. Steve De Sousa Picardière) 68, 8. Didier Aubry (Bourges) 63, 9. Alain Lecoq (Bourges) 63, 10. Gilles Labrouche (Bourges) 62…
Women (final gross ranking).1. Claire Salmon (Sancerre) 87, 2. Nadine Chagnon (Picardière) 72, 3. Sylvie Dambrin (Fortress) 31.

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