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The greatest football museum of all time

Madrid, the capital of Spain, will be the epicenter of world football, thanks to the upcoming opening of a seven-storey museum, located in the heart of Puerta del Sol.

A great project never before known all over the planet, in a space created by La Liga for the commitment to culture and entertainment.

At km zero, just between Espoz and Mina street until the beginning of the road to San Jeronimo de Madrid, the greatest football museum of all time, will open its doors at the end of 2022.

A total of 700 objects and relics will be exhibited there for an interactive tour of the largest collection in the history of football, accompanied by immersive experiences that will make the Spanish capital the capital of world football with (Legends, The Home of Football , presented by LaLiga).

Football fans and collectors will be able to enjoy this original temple through a chronological journey through the history of this sport with immersive, technological, exhibition and interactive La Liga experiences.

The collection of original objects

It is the largest football collection in the world with original objects and relics (shirts, shoes, balls, etc.) used during matches by the players themselves. Legends is a project that Marcelo Ordás started 30 years ago and which has resulted in a collection of more than 5,000 objects that represent the evolution of this sport.

The Argentine collector is one of the most recognized in elite football relics by various federations, clubs, governments, players, major brands in the football industry and by FIFA and UEFA.

The Legends collection incorporates the most significant global football heritage in existence today.

Some 700 objects from a repertoire that includes pieces that have been used in all kinds of international competitions such as the FIFA World Cup, European Championship, Copa América, UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores , the Olympic Games, the Intercontinental Cup, the Club World Cup, the UEFA Europa League, women’s football and each of the major legends and national leagues.

A unique football experience

“Visitors will find a unique football experience in the world, with the largest collection of original pieces ever, all compiled by Legends and LaLiga, hand in hand with UEFA and FIFA.

Seven floors filled with innovative, technological and immersive content, which will allow them to live an emotional experience,” says Óscar Mayo, CEO of La Liga.

In its 4,200 square meters, Legends will bring to life the emotions experienced by its protagonists through original objects and pieces used in matches.

Visitors can see everything from the boots and balls used by the first world champions to the kits worn by football stars such as Maradona, Pelé, Cruyff, Messi, Zidane, Iniesta, Di Stefano or Cristiano Ronaldo, among others. Fans will be able to find the official shirt that Andrés Iniesta sweated in the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup against Paraguay (0-1) or the one that Xavi Hernández wore in the round of 16 against Portugal (1-0) the year in which the Spanish team was proclaimed world champion. Football is the greatest sense of belonging and the most passionate expression that humanity has created.

An unpublished work

Legends comes, with this new work, to install for all lovers of world football, Madrid such as it is, the world capital of the most beautiful sport of all and to give each visitor the most exciting and moving football experience of all. everyone,” says Marcelo Ordás, president of Legends.

“We attract investment from innovative projects that choose our city, rather than others, to develop. Legends represents this type of project. It’s a football museum, but not just any museum: it’s an experience to immerse yourself in thanks to technology and it will be a great magnet for tourism”, adds José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor from Madrid.

The building will also have a gastronomic space on its roof with the La Liga TwentyNine sports bar, a store, a Metaverse Game Area, a 4D cinema, VR robot games, temporary rooms and a room called Football Art, where it will be appreciated digitally and technological projections of last generation.

The Legends space

The Legends space at Puerta del Sol will open before the end of the year and tickets can already be purchased on the Legends site.

It is a unique place to understand football from its origins to the present day. “It’s a space that will stay in Madrid. A great museum, which goes far beyond the simple observation of pieces. It is an experience, the greatest in football, that fans will be able to live so far.

The idea is that ‘Legends The Home of Football’, presented by La Liga, is an institution in Madrid and has been consolidating year after year, for a long time,” says La Liga’s CEO.



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