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The Galtier era begins with success – Players’ debrief and NOTES (PSG 2-0 QRM)

With Lionel Messi already active, Paris Saint-Germain logically dominated Quevilly-Rouen (2-0) this Friday in a friendly. A first victory for coach Christophe Galtier on the Parisian bench.

Christophe Galtier starts at PSG with a victory.

Paris Saint-Germain begins its summer preparation with a victory. Without really forcing, the reigning French champion took the best of Quevilly-Rouen (2-0) this Friday at Camp des Loges.

For the great debut of coach Christophe Galtier on the Ile-de-France bench, the Parisians had a real technical superiority, like a Lionel Messi already active in a 3-5-2.

Messi well present, Ramos goalscorer

For the first match of the Galtier era in a 3-5-2 scheme, the Parisians immediately monopolized the ball with an active Messi to guide the game. Intense in the duels, the Quevillais suffered the debates, but responded physically to resist . Despite the control of the leather, the domination of PSG remained sterile, like a very discreet Icardi at the forefront of the Ile-de-France attack.

Then on a percussion from Dina-Ebimbe, Messi found himself mowed down in the area by Bo-Kane and logically obtained a penalty. With the help of the post, Ramos opened the scoring with a shot from the left (1-0, 33rd). In the crowd, Kalimuendo, again served by Dina-Ebimbe, was close to making the break, but Lemaitre intervened. In management until the break, PSG quietly recited its ranges.

Herrera as boss, interesting Gassama

Upon returning from the locker room, Galtier opted for a total turnover with the entry of many young people, pauls by Navas, Kurzawa, Gueye, Herrera or even Wijnaldum. And on a service from the Dutchman, Gassama immediately stood out with a stepover to erase a defender in the area before adjusting the opposing goalkeeper (2-0, 53rd). Without forcing, PSG mastered at a slow pace and had the opportunity to drive the point home through Bitumazala, who missed his duel…

In a well-managed second act, several young Ile-de-France residents, such as Zare-Emery and Gassama, took advantage of this opportunity to show themselves despite the rather sluggish debates. Conversely, Yansan did not score points with a big rat, in front of the empty cage, following a caviar from Kurzawa. Despite this missed opportunity, PSG won this meeting to start the Galtier era with success.

The score of the match: 5.5/10

A rather quiet first preparation match for Paris Saint-Germain. For Galtier’s great debut, the capital club completely mastered the debates and imposed its rhythm with real technical superiority. Even after the youngsters entered at the break, PSG continued to recite their ranges with chances and goals.

The goals :

– With luck, Dina-Ebimbe manages to hit on the right side. From a center back, the Parisian finds Messi in the area, who falls after a foul from Bo-Kane and gets a penalty. Thanks to the post, Ramos opened the scoring with a left-placed shot (1-0, 33′).

– Following a good comeback from Wijnaldum, Gassama provokes the opposing defender in the area and eliminates him thanks to a stepover. Lucid, the Parisian finds the net with a spot shot (2-0, 53rd).

The NOTES of Parisians

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) commented on each PSG player.

Man of the match: Lionel Messi (7/10)

A good recovery for the Argentinian. Positioned in support of the attacking duo, the midfielder of Paris Saint-Germain did not hesitate to come down to guide and energize the game of his team. Inspired in his transmissions, especially on long balls, the former FC Barcelona player also accelerated on several sequences to make a difference. In addition to creating danger with his passes, he also obtained the penalty to allow Ramos to open the scoring. Replace the 45th minute with Warren Zare-Emery (6.5). Considered a promising young talent, he made a good copy with a good presence in recovery and an interesting technical quality. Offensively, the Parisian gave Bitumazala and Yansan good balls.


Gianluigi Donnarumma (5) : propelled indisputable number 1 for the coming season, the Italian has logically started this preparation as a starter. And on this meeting, the goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain did not have much to do. In addition to the mastery of his team, the Francilien was well protected by his defense on the rare opposing offensives. Replace the 45th minute with Keylor Navas (5), which also held its rank. Unlike the Transalpin, the ex-Madrid had some interventions and was clean. Beware, however, of clumsy raises.

Sergio Ramos (6.5) : expected at the turn after a first season marred by injuries, the Spaniard was aligned on the right side of this defense three. With the exception of a counter party behind his back, the central defender of Paris Saint-Germain was not worried about this game. Interesting in his raises and his game forward, the ex-Madrid didn’t hesitate to speak up to replace his partners. And of course, he found the net, with the help of the post, from the penalty spot with a shot from the left. Replace the 45th minute with Thierry Bald (5). The young PSG defender left some space in depth, but limited the damage in his area.

Marquinhos (6) : still captain of Paris Saint-Germain, the central defender also had an overall quiet game. To his advantage in his raises, the Brazilian was calm on the counter attempts by the players of the Ligue 2 formation. Never in danger, the former Roman resumed at a slow pace. Replace the 45th minute with Ander Herrera (7), which was used in central defense. And this position, the Spaniard was excellent in his interventions with an interesting contribution in his reminders. We loved his long opener for Kurzawa on the missed opportunity by Yansan.

Abdou Diallo (6.5) : approached on the start of this summer transfer window, the versatile defender of Paris Saint-Germain was good. Yet against a very active Hountondji, the Senegalese released a real serenity to win in the majority of his duels. And the image of an authoritarian return to an opposing counter, the former Mongasque was fair in his interventions. Replace the 45th minute with Kais Najeh (5). With Herrera, he excelled in defensive work by being attentive to the rare attempts of opposing attackers.

Eric Dina-Ebimbe (6.5) : Aligned in a right piston role due to numerous absences, the usual Paris Saint-Germain midfielder had a mixed start to the match in this position. But little by little, he gained in confidence, in particular thanks to Galtier’s instructions to accompany him. Decisive on the penalty obtained by Messi, the Parisian then gave a real goal ball to Kalimuendo, who scored on the opposing goalkeeper. Replace the 45th minute with Nathan Bitumazala (4). On his right side, the young talent from PSG has sometimes struggled to make a difference on an individual level. And on his only occasion of the game, he totally failed by not framing his attempt.

Leandro Paredes (5.5) : holder to start this preparation despite rumors about his future, the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder played in a chair on this part. Helped by a fairly weak pressing against him, the Argentinian international quietly guided his team’s game with good precision in his transmissions. Watch out for a few rats on long balloons. Replace the 45th minute with Idrissa Gueye (5.5). Announced as a starter, the Senegalese played his rhythm in the midfield and was clean to launch the offensives of the capital club.

Vitinha (6) : for his great debut with PSG after his recruitment this summer, the Portuguese showed a promising face. In the heart of the game, the midfielder had a good activity, in particular to infiltrate between the lines. Interesting in his combinations thanks to his technical quality but also his advantage in his percussion, the young Lusitanian talent was invaluable in smoothing the game of the club of the capital. Replace the 45th minute with Georginio Wijnaldum (6.5), which was interesting. During construction, the Dutchman did not hide and was behind Gassama’s goal with a nice opening.

Juan Bernat (5.5) : in a left piston role, the Spaniard had juice. Unlike Dina-Ebimbe, the former Bayern Munich player was immediately in the right rhythm with many projections to offer solutions to his partners. Relieved of his defensive tasks, the Parisian tried a lot, but finally had waste as he approached the zone of truth. Replace the 45th minute with Layvin Kurzawa (6). Despite an obvious lack of pace after a long period of inactivity, the former Mongasque wasn’t bad on the left side. Never worried defensively, he was fair in his climbs. After a nice control, he even offered a goal ball for Yansan, who was not effective.

Lionel Messi (7) : read the comment above.

Arnaud Kalimuendo (5.5) : established despite the ongoing negotiations with Leeds, the Paris Saint-Germain striker has shown good energy. Starting mainly from the left side, the young talent made numerous calls in depth and fought on all the balls. However, the ex-Lensois lacked efficiency in the last gesture, the image of a duel lost against Lemaitre on a nice ball from Messi. Replace the 45th minute with Djeidi Gassama (6.5), which clearly scored points. Explosive, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, on a service from Wijnaldum, performed a small festival, with a leg pass in the area, before scoring. Subsequently, he caused problems for opposing defenders with his speed.

Mauro Icardi (4) : considered undesirable, the Argentinian took advantage of the many absences to start this meeting. And unfortunately, the Paris Saint-Germain centre-forward seemed to be picking up the same pace as last year. Too little found by his partners, the former Inter Milan striker was particularly discreet. Never served in good conditions, it was above all distinguished by its technical waste on its rare balloons. Replace the 45th minute with Sekou Yansan (4). Unlike Gassama, the attacker was less his advantage in this second period. Timor, he was not successful on his rare individual attempts the image of a rat ball in front of the empty cage…

And for you, who were the three BEST players and the three WORST of each team? React in the section “comments” below !

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN 2-0 QUEVILLY-ROUEN (mid-time: 1-0) – Friendly match
Stadium : Lodge Camp

Goals : Ramos (33rd, sp), Gassama (53rd) for PSG.
Warning : Tegar (88th) for QRM.

PSG: Donnarumma (Navas, 45th) – Ramos (Bald, 45th), Marquinhos (Herrera, 45th) Diallo (Najeh, 45th) – Dina-Ebimbe (Bitumazala, 45th), Paredes (Gueye, 45th), Vitinha (Wijnaldum, 45th), Bernat (Kurzawa, 45th) – Messi (Zare-Emery, 45th) – Kalimuendo (Gassama, 45th), Icardi (Yansan, 45th).
QRM: Lemaitre – Bansais (Tegar, 45th), Cissokho (Ozee, 62nd), Diedhiou (Ciss, 45th), Pendant (Sissoko, 45th) – Gbelle (Smith, 62nd), Bo-Kane (Pierret, 45th), Sangar (Corenthin, 62nd) – Bonnet (El Khiar, 62nd) – Hountondji (Bangr, 45th), Mafouta (Soumar, 62nd).

Messi was right on the pace

Vitinha made his debut with PSG

On penalty, Ramos opened the scoring (1-0, 33rd)

The young Gassama scored in the second period (2-0, 53rd)



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