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The editorial forecasts before the resumption of the Pro League (1/3): who will be champion?

Before the official opening of the Jupiler Pro League, the football editorial staff of DH Les Sports lent itself, in three stages, to the game of predictions by positioning itself on three questions

  • Who will be champion?
  • Who’s going down?
  • Which player will turn out?

First question: who will be champion at the end of this season?

Christophe Franken’s opinion: Bruges

“The Club Brugge, who plays the stability card despite a change of coach. The transfer window is not yet over and important players will still leave, but the Blauw en Zwart had already partly anticipated during the winter market. The means are also there to get a great striker who will hurt the rest of the G5. Antwerp is only at the start of a new era and building a champion team takes time.”

François Garitte’s opinion: Bruges

Brugge proved it again last season: he is a real winning machine and it is not the energy put into the Champions League that will prevent the Club from remaining number 1 in Belgium. The people of Bruges know how to manage a season from start to finish. And even if some major pawns like Charles de Ketelaere could look elsewhere, the arrivals will undoubtedly allow Hoefkens’ men to win the title again at the end of the season.

Maxime Jacques’ opinion: Bruges

“Great favorite to his own succession, the Club Brugge seems once again to be erected as the bogeyman of the Pro League. But this year, the questions are a little bigger, between a change of coach and the possible departure of a Charles De Ketelaere or a Noa Lang. However, the stability advocated in recent years remains an important advantage. Behind the Blauw en Zwart, Anderlecht, Ghent and Antwerp are outsiders, but all have seen quite a bit of change this summer.”

Kevin Sauvage’s opinion: Antwerp

“It will be necessary to see how Club Brugge will manage the transition between Alfred Schreuder and Carl Hoefkens. The Bruges also risk losing their jewel, Charles De Ketelaere. For his part, Paul Gheysens is doing everything possible to bridge, on paper, the gap between his club and that of Bart Verhaeghe. If the Van Bommel sauce takes on the Bosuil, the Great Old will certainly be a candidate for the title. We could therefore witness a duel between Bruges and Antwerp for the title without forgetting Ghent who finished last season in a cannonball.

Frédéric Bleus’ opinion: Bruges

“The transition to Club Brugge, with a young coach at its head, will be a major question mark to situate the Blauw en Zwart in a title race where they will necessarily leave with a sign of favorites. The players are used to this management of the competition, less Hoefkens, in this role of head coach. Antwerp, with an experienced recruitment, could be the first competitor. We will have to manage the external aspect, and a president who likes to say what he thinks, even if it means upsetting the balance.

Stéphane Lecaillon’s opinion: Antwerp

“Bruges, with a young and new coach, will have a lot to do. Already champion on the wire last year, he will have to manage the growing competition from an Antwerp more ambitious than ever. But also that of Ghent, who finished the season 21-22 in a very good way and keeps the same coach, unlike all the teams of the last playoff champions.Antwerp (finally) getting there.”

Vincent Blouard’s opinion: Bruges

Brugge. Despite the lack of experience of new coach Carl Hoefkens, the quality of the squad is such that the club is clearly able to maintain its supremacy in the championship. Anderlecht and Ghent will no doubt have their say too. Despite a “diabolical” recruitment, Antwerp will have to manage the instability of its president and the atmosphere of his locker room. Which could still play tricks on him…”

Julien Parcinski’s opinion: Anderlecht

Anderlecht. The Mazzù method, with more verticality combined with attractive recruitment, especially in the offensive sector, leads me to think that Felice can create a surprise and get the title he so deserved last season with the Union. The choice of Bruges with an inexperienced Carl Hoefkens is (too?) risky. It remains to be seen whether on the Antwerp side, Mark Van Bommel, who remains on two successive dismissals, will manage to manage the egos of his locker room.

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