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“The debt problem is solved”

Despite all the pressure JSK has been under since the end of the past financial year, President Yazid Yarichen has managed to manage his off-season and pay CNRL’s debts.

“It’s good, CNRL’s debt problem is solved and JSK will normally participate in the African Champions League,” said President Iarichen.

“Those who take photos in front of the club’s headquarters just have to come to ESHRA to see our professionalism”

Not understanding the insistent attacks of some towards the management, President Yarichen defies them: “Those who take photos in front of the club’s headquarters outside working hours as it is closed, they must come to ESHRA to see under what conditions is the team preparing. It is quite normal for the club’s headquarters to be closed outside working hours. The team has been at ESHRA since July 12 and all the conditions are in place for this course is a success. Let them come to ESHRA to see the true professionalism.”

“Let us work in peace”

Not reluctant to make the effort to protect the club from need, President Iarichen wants the team to prepare with serenity. “Everyone knows that it is because of the old management that the team is in the current situation. Despite this, some are trying in every way to discredit the current management. Let them let us work in the peace,” he said.

“I can’t hire players at 300 million, when we have players at 70 million”

To those who reproached him for not having broken the piggy bank to afford high-salary players, President Iarichen said: “I cannot hire players at 300 million centimes, whereas in the club’s workforce there is There are elements that affect 70 million cents. This is the new management policy and we will not throw our money away.”

“Those who had high salaries agreed to lower them”

President Iarichen confirmed yesterday afternoon as we revealed in our previous editions that former players were forced to lower their salaries to be retained in the squad for next season. “You know, even the players who had big salaries agreed to lower their salaries,” he revealed.

“Nasri’s salary does not exceed 60 million”

The president of the JSK also spoke about the case of the young Algerian from Lazio in Rome Nasri. “He signed a hopeful license and his salary does not exceed 60 million centimes,” he said.

“Senhadji does not exceed 80 million”

In relation to central defender Senhadji, President Yarichen made a point of specifying: We had not bought back his release letter since he was free of any commitment. His salary does not exceed 80 million cents.”

“The club’s payroll has fallen compared to last year”

Even if he managed to keep all the executives from last season with the exception of captain Réda Bensayah who signed for the Saudi club Al-Jabalain, president Iarichen admits that the club’s wage bill has fallen compared to the last season. “We have lowered the club’s wage bill and we will do everything to use our money wisely,” he stressed.

“There is not a player who has signed for more than 100 million”

Unlike some clubs who sign players with astronomical salaries with government money of course, President Yarichen revealed that no new signing has signed for more than 100 million cents. “There is not a player who has signed with us this offseason for a salary of more than 100 million. I challenge those who had fun posting player contracts on social media to do so now,” he said. he announced.

“Recruitment is not closed”

Although the management has hired 8 players so far, President Yarichen said that the recruitment is not yet closed. “Recruitment is still open. The coach will still have time before him and then he will decide whether we will recruit again or not. Our priority was to keep the managers from last season and strengthen our squad with players likely to bring one more.”

“The course is going well”

On the internship carried out by the team at the ESHRA of Aïn Benian, President Iarichen declared: “The internship is taking place in good conditions. Everything is working perfectly and we are only asked to be allowed to work in the tranquility,” he reiterated. It must be said that coach José Riga wants to establish an iron discipline and the leaders are doing everything to provide him with all the means for the team to succeed in its preparation for the off-season.

“I will be responsible for the course of the team”

Convinced of the quality of his squad, President Yarichen says he will take responsibility for the team’s results. “Last season, I took the team on the march and we managed to finish second. It was a transition season for us, but for this season I will be responsible for the course that the team will achieve. Everything that we want and that we are allowed to work in serenity. Those who had led the team adrift find a way to criticize us, while we are doing a titanic job, “he said. he concluded.

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