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the chances of French medals

Gathered in Eugene, Oregon, the best athletes on the planet will compete from Friday for the most beautiful medals of the year in their respective disciplines. While the biggest names in world athletics will be there (Fraser-Pryce, Rojas, Duplantis, etc.), 44 tricolor athletes will defend the French colors and among them have a very good chance of bringing home a medal from their trip to the United States. Focus on the athletes on whom our eyes must turn to allow France to appear at the top of the medal ranking.

Favorites for the medal?

  • Martinot-Lagarde or Zhoya, winning pair?

5th in the last Olympic Games at the end of a race where disappointment took precedence over the honorary place obtained, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde arrives at these world championships with great ambition. Second in the indoor world championships this year in Belgrade over 60m hurdles, the Frenchman’s explosiveness will have to be at its maximum.

Also aligned on the distance, the prodigy of French athletics, Sasha Zhoya will live his first world championships. With a stratospheric performance at the French championships to win the title for his third race over senior hurdles, the young Habs clearly have their card to play to do well in these championships. Beyond the result, the experience to be gathered will be fundamental for the future and will confirm all the hopes placed in it.

  • Kevin Mayer, a revenge to take

After his cruel disappointment at the Tokyo Olympics, Kévin Mayer is coming to the Eugene World Championships with a lot of ambition. Defeated by the Canadian Warner after feeling severe back pain, the Habs have not entered any event since the start of the season, not even going to Caen for the French championships in order to be able to refine their preparation as well as possible. .

If the form is there, there is no doubt that the standoff will be extreme between the two world champions Warner and Mayer who should put on a show worthy of the name.

The medal in sight

  • Rénelle Lamote, a new level to cross

Long contender for the medal at the highest level in the world, the native of Coulommiers has never done better than a silver medal in the European championship. However, this start to the season does not seem like the others for the Habs. Impressive at the opening of the Diamond League in Birmingham by signing a time below two minutes, the 28-year-old athlete has never seemed as strong as this season.

  • Renaud Lavillenie with experience or youth Collet?

A great duel at the French championships and Renaud Lavillenie gave up his title to young Thibaut Collet, symbol of the handover that takes place in the pole vault on the side of the Tricolores. Behind Armand Duplantis, however, the competition seems unresolved. The one who recently won the indoor world record should logically fly over the competition next week, leaving the rest of the field to compete for places of honor.

Among them, the French will obviously be candidates for the medal and the young Collet could hatch at the highest level and offer himself at the price of an exceptional competition.

Then maybe ?

  • Mélina Robert-Michon, the last minute guest

With a disappointing start to the season and throws often barely beyond 60 meters at the Paris meeting, at the French championship or in Oslo in the Diamond League, Mélina Robert-Michon is far from having had enough confidence before to tackle these world championships.

However, the French disc legend still has a chance of a medal for the one who has already won silver and bronze in this competition.

So even if in line with her performance at the Olympic Games (not qualified for the final), she is not the favorite, you should never bury the one who holds 21 French championship titles.

  • Wilfried Happio, recovered from his emotions

At the end of the French championships marked by the aggression of which it was the object, the Habs nevertheless won the dreamed title of champion of France while achieving a time allowing it to take part in these world championships.

Impressive resilience in the 400m hurdles, the Frenchman will try to climb into the final before considering a medal that would be a sensational feat.

  • Jimmy Gressier, a fresh personal record

In progress for a few seasons, Jimmy Gressier won his place for Eugene only three weeks ago. The one who was a football player until 2015 never stops improving and seeing his times drop over the seasons, so a medal could be possible for Eugene. Impressive at Charléty during the last meeting in Paris, his time of 13’08″75, he arrives in his peak form for the season in the United States where many hopes will be placed on his shoulders.

A feat in sight?

  • Quentin Bigot, contender for a homogeneous competition?

With several throws beyond 80m this season, Quentin Bigot arrives in Eugene with the desire to stand on the podium. In the hammer, the competition promises to be very open and whoever has gained a lot of confidence could claim the medal.

  • The 4x100m H, a beautiful homogeneity

With a very good overall performance by the French sprinters during the last French championships, the team of French sprinters can nurture a lot of hopes for these championships. With the last French 100m champion Meba-Mickaël Zeze, who recently dipped under ten seconds and his younger brother Ryan, the performance of French sprinting is undergoing a renaissance. Accompanied by Téo Andant, Simon Boypa, Thomas Jordier and Ludovic Ouceni, the tricolor relay should look good and claim the medal.

In summary, the French delegation should do well in Eugene by sending many contenders for the medal with among them great hopes who will try to gain a lot of experience in view of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The entire tricolor selection for these 2022 World Athletics Championships:


200m: Mouhamadou Fall

800m: Benjamin Robert, Gabriel Tual

10,000m: Jimmy Gressier

Marathon: Hassan Chahdi

110m hurdles: Just Kwaou-Mathey, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, Sasha Zhoya

400m hurdles: Wilfried Happio

3000m steeplechase: Mehdi Belhadj

Pole vault: Thibaut Collet, Valentin Lavillenie, Renaud Lavillenie

Triple jump: Benjamin Compaoré, Enzo Hodebar, Melvin Raffin

Hammer Throw: Quentin Bigot, Yann Chaussinand

Decathlon: Kevin Mayer

35km walk: Aurélien Quinion

4x100m: Mouhamadou Fall, Pablo Mateo, Aymeric Priam, Jimmy Vicaut, Meba-Mickaël Zeze, Ryan Zeze

4x400m: Teo Andant, Simon Boypa, Thomas Jordier, Ludovic Ouceni, Loïc Prévot, Fabrisio Saidy


800m: Rénelle Lamote

100m hurdles: Laëticia Bapte, Cyréna Samba-Mayela

3000m steeplechase: Alice Finot

Pole vault: Ninon Chapelle, Margot Chevrier

Discus throw: Mélina Robert-Michon

4x400m: Amandine Brossier, Shana Grebo, Diana Iscaye, Sokhna Lacoste, Sounkamba Sylla, Marjorie Veyssière


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