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the assessment of the French after ten days in Las Vegas!

The Summer League is over! Poor us basketball fans who won’t be getting our daily doses of orange balls for a little while. One of the only ways to satisfy our completely addicted hearts? We remember the French performances of this 2022 edition of the NBA-stamped summer league. They were eleven, but who made a strong impression? Who therefore leaves with a bitter taste in boca ? Come on, let’s sit down and take stock.

Joel Ayayi – Atlanta Hawks

Summer League stats: 5.2 points, 5.8 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 1.6 steals at 40.7% shooting and 100% free throws. All in 20.3 minutes on average over five games played.

Joel was expected to be sharp and above all to use his experience with the Lakers and then with the Wizards, as short as they were. The averages have increased since last year, but the whole remains fairly discreet. It should be noted, however, that the former resident of Gonzaga allowed himself some interesting outings, with drive and rather precise shooting. Unlike last year, it could be – logically – that this edition of the Summer League could not allow him to get a new contract in an NBA team. Don’t worry, you’ll have to be patient if that’s the case and perfect the different points on which Jojo is not yet at the top. For it ? Why not find a place in a big European stable like.

Juhann Begarin – Boston Celtics

Summer League stats: 18.2 points, 5.6 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 1.8 steals at 42.7% shooting and 76.9% free throws. All in an average of 31.1 minutes over five games played.

Well, here he is our big blue white red winner for this edition of the Summer League 2022! Wait, we’re arresting you because the Celtics didn’t win the ring put into play by the NBA in Las Vegas, huh. We want to signify by this sentence that Begarin will certainly have been the most successful Frenchman during the last ten days. Looks like Nevada? Maybe. The intoxicating atmosphere of the city of sins? Another option. In any case, Juhann will have splashed all his opponents with his talent, even offering himself an exit at 25 points for the last meeting. We can also talk about Sandro Mamukelashvili, who still has nightmares following the poster stamped Juhann. Offensive ease, a confidence that is nice to see and stats that have just tripled compared to the 2021 edition. Yeah, that’s starting to make a lot of arguments to possibly recover a two way contract with the C’s. What if there isn’t? Well it would be a return to Europe, to work while waiting for a signal from across the Atlantic.

Hugo Besson – Milwaukee Bucks

Summer League stats: 2.5 points, 2.3 rebounds and 0.3 assists at 18.8% shooting and 100% free throws. All in 11.4 minutes on average over four games played.

Selected in 58th position in this Draft 2022, Hugo Besson should logically not join the Bucks to play in the next NBA season. The fact remains that this invitation to play the Summer League with them should be why not a way to show that in the medium term, the guy could be something to count on. Finally ? Things will have been a bit more complicated than they should have been in the ideal scenario. Little used by his staff, the rookie from Oceania could not particularly let go of the horses and found himself in difficulty vis-à-vis the intensity which was that of the competition. The stats are not crazy, but nothing serious given the young age of the boy (21 years old) which authorizes him to return to Europe or Australia to learn the lessons of these last ten days and come back why not next year with inflated numbers.

Moussa Diabate – Los Angeles Clippers

Summer League stats: 9.5 points, 7.5 rebounds, 1 steal at 70% shooting and 44.4% free throws. All in 28.1 minutes on average over two games played.

Moussa Diabaté will only have played two short games during this Summer League. He was lazy? Oh no, you don’t know anything about the boy if you are led to think this after reading this sentence. No, Moussa is the complete opposite. Selected in 43rd place at the end of June by the Clippers, Mouss’ admitted to having trouble telling himself that he was an NBA player. Maybe the spin move chained to post that he slammed for his second match will have made him take the measure of his new status, especially since the gesture was validated on Twitter by his compatriot and teammate Nicolas Batum. Injured in the ankle, no risk will have been taken by the Clippers who intend to see him next season on their bench. Dynamic, adapted to the game practiced across the Atlantic, the young man will have no trouble getting used to the NBA. Go on, see you in september!

Ousmane Dieng – Oklahoma City Thunder

Summer League stats: 11 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.5 steals at 14.8% shooting and 60% free throws. All in 22.9 minutes on average over two games played.

Boum, our Frenchman chosen the highest in the Draft this year – 11th place – lands in this paper. Future important cog in the rotation of OKC, Ousmane was also injured before he could really be on the rhythm in the competition. The injury in question? A small fracture of the right wrist. Nothing too serious here, and the most chauvinistic will even say that it left the field open to Chet Holmgren to make the show. More seriously, the boy will be ready for training camp in early September, and that’s the main thing. Dynamic, capable of driving power, he will have to continue to work on the shot once his wrist is well restored, but this Summer League will have already shown great things for him, and that’s good.

Sylvain Francisco – Milwaukee Bucks

Summer League stats: 4.5 points, 2 rebounds, 2.5 assists at 25% shooting and 75% free throws. All in 10.3 minutes on average over two games played.

The sharpest Sylvain in the history of July will remain Sylvain Chavanel for another year. With only two games played and a playing time that does not particularly allow for crazy stats, M’sieur Francisco risks returning to Europe with gnashing teeth. Little empowered by his coaches, the resident of Manresa (Liga Endesa) has above all experienced a Seumer League from the Bucks bench. A scenario here also far from ideal but let’s not forget that the boy is solid on the old continent and that a disputed summer league in Las Vegas is absolutely not what conditions a career.

Killian Hayes – Detroit Pistons

Summer League stats: 7 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists at 50% shooting and 66.7% free throws. All in 22.2 minutes all round since he only played one game.

So. This competition may be just a mix between summer party, basketball moment and business event for the NBA… it is still a good way to gauge the level of each in a mix of players from all over the world. For Killian Hayes, the passage to Las Vegas was on paper not a too too nice moment to live. Why ? Well already because the boy is not particularly in favor on the side of Detroit. Selected in 7th position in the 2020 Draft, the youngster trained in Cholet Basket directly experiences difficulties with his shot. Physically, the boy evolves in his element but alas, a point guard in the current NBA must be able to plant as soon as the opportunity arises. To make matters worse, the arrivals of a fiery Cade Cunningham and then a Jaden Ivey to support him now seem to be giving the native of Lakeland, Florida an ultimatum. Journalists covering the Pistons already reported it before the start of the competition: “Killian Hayes’ ability to be dominant in the competition will not be decisive for his future with the Pistons, but for his future in the NBA at all”. Well, don’t mess around either, but you still have to know how to recognize the basic truth implied by this sentence. If Kiki didn’t send pâté des Mauges, then things were going to potentially turn sour for him in Detroit. A disputed match for the confirmation that the guy has absolutely nothing to do in the Summer League and that it is the Great League that corresponds to him. ¡Vamos!

Alpha Kaba–Atlanta Hawks

Summer League stats: 4.8 points, 3.4 rebounds at 64.7% shooting and 33.3% free throws. All in 11.8 minutes on average over five games played.

The results of the Summer League for Alpha Kaba? Not great things, since like some compatriots also present in Nevada… he didn’t especially have the largesse required to do things as he would have liked. We’ve said it and we’ll say it again, but this tournament is not to be taken like a homemade chocolate mousse either, very fresh at snack time. And no, we don’t have mouth water talking about that, well yes, but don’t say it. The fact remains that his few points scored were with interesting precision, a good stat on which the boy can rely for the future, during his return to Gaziantep in Turkey.

Ismael Kamagate – Denver Nuggets

Summer League stats: 5.4 points, 5 rebounds, 1.2 blocks at 80% shooting and 100% free throws. All in 19.3 minutes on average and five games played.

The rookie selected in 46th position by the Nuggets had a rather interesting Summer League in terms of confidence. First, he played almost 20 minutes per game, the guarantee that his team gives him credit as a player and fully recognizes his talent. Deuzio, he had some great outings in this competition, including a game with 10 points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks against Wolves. What to ensure him a place in the NBA? Probably not, but the boy has made everyone aware of one thing: the Great League is something that interests him and he will make every effort to access it.

Yves Pons – Brooklyn Nets

Summer League stats: 1.7 points, 1.3 rebounds at 33.3% shooting and 50% free throws. All in 6.8 minutes on average and three games played.

We expected Yves “Air” Pons to be airy. Spoiler, it was since there were some high altitude counters and dunks here and there. For the rest, this decade in Sin City will not have been incredibly brilliant, since the Nets showed up with many NBA players to occupy the leading roles. It’s complicated to hope to grab minutes behind guys who have their place in the group all year round. It must have caused Kevin Durant at dinner parties, unless the name was banned by Sean Marks.

Olivier Sarr – Phoenix Suns

Summer League stats: 8 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist and 1.7 blocks at 53.3% shooting and 80% free throws. All in 14.2 minutes and three games played.

The Summer League is a formality for Olivier. Slam the watts? He knows well since the guy played at the Thunder this season for a few games and offered quite surprising performances in the good sense of the term (14.8 points, 7.4 rebounds and 1.4 against). The averages are consistent this summer, the percentages too and the only thing we now expect is that a contract comes to reward all that. Sarr would be a real asset in rotation, capable of swallowing rebounds in the tenth without flinching, and bringing offensively by working on his game. two way contract or a guaranteed minimum contract, it’s still tempting huh.

So, which French has marked you the most during the last ten days? You are not decided? No problem, in any case we’re going for a good while without basketball so you’ll have time to ruminate on the question as long as it takes. With that, we go to the swimming pool installed in the break room because it is much too hot.

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