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The 7 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo should join OM

The rumor took to the web. Following the announcements of one of his relatives on his next destination which will be “very surprising”, the name of Cristiano Ronaldo is on everyone’s lips in Marseille. Basile Bilo, a well-known twittos, even launched the #RonaldOM trend number on the social network.

So, we add to the loop by giving 7 good (or not) reasons for the fivefold Ballon D’Or to sign for OM.

OM players.

OM secured their place in the Champions League. / SYLVAIN THOMAS/GettyImages

Well, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to play in the Champions League. One of the major differences between Manchester United and Olympique de Marseille is in the disputed European competition. The Red Devils will play the Europa League while OM will have the privilege of returning to the C1.

Ronaldo will be able to improve his goalscoring record in a team that has been looking for its “grandatakan” for so many years. With CR7, Marseille would finally have a chance to get out of the group stage. It’s give and take.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has not won a title since Turin. / Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/GettyImages

Cristiano Ronaldo has not gleaned a single title since his time at Juventus Turin. Last season was hard and long for a neglected CR7. In Ligue 1, the Portuguese international would have two specific challenges: send OM to the round of 16 of C1 and win a title in Marseille.

We know that he wants to write his legend a little more in the history of football. Signing for the Phocaeans and winning the championship against Lionel Messi’s PSG would certainly be legendary.

Ronaldo and Messi.

The last meeting dates back to 2020. / JOSEP LAGO/GettyImages

We all know that Cristiano Ronaldo is nostalgic for this period. Who is not ? Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick, CR7 answered him with a quadruple. The two “GOATs” then clashed in the Clasico for fiery matches.

What we offer Cricri, it’s even better with the Classico with two “S” for twice the stakes. You will discover the most beautiful atmosphere in the world at the Vélodrome in order to face your lifelong rival. Messi VS Ronaldo for another season before everyone goes to other skies.

In addition, Léo does not score a pawn in Ligue 1, you will be able to prove that you are the best without forcing.

General Views of Stade Velodrome - UEFA Euro Venues France 2016

The Velodrome under the sun. / Shaun Botterill/GettyImages

(We have fewer and fewer arguments, that’s it)

Portugal, Italy, Spain, Cristiano, we know you like to tan and sunbathe. You’re used to living above 30 degrees and you don’t belong in the cold Manchester. In Munich, it’s chilly as you know, while there, we offer you the most pleasant climate in the world.

With us fada, we have never gone below 33 degrees for three weeks. You get a villa with a view of the Mediterranean facing south with a swimming pool and a 300-hectare garden and presto you will be happy.

If you want to relax with Georgina, you have the Rooftop where you can take the whole top floor.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo won the Euros. / Clive Rose/GettyImages

Nobody forgot. The Euro 2016 final between France and Portugal turned in favor of the Portuguese. Eder, hits small bridge on Laurent Koscielny and Hugo Lloris is beaten. Anyway, you know the song.

Cristiano, it’s a whole country that is bruised to see you lift the trophy at the Stade de France. You celebrated in front of millions of French people and without any scruple. Our fist has been clenched ever since.

If you want the whole of France to forgive you and finally turn the page, sign with OM, Cricri. We would be grateful if you had chosen OM to complete the loop in Europe. Without this, you will always be prohibited from staying in Marseille and its surroundings. We all know that this circus affects you as much as we do.

Dimitri Payet

Dimitri Payet is known to all. / John Berry/GettyImages

No one knows, it’s a well-kept secret. Yes, we can confirm it: Cristiano Ronaldo is a big fan of Dimitri Payet. The Portuguese international can’t think of anything else since he crossed his path in 2016 at the Euro.

His dream is to receive a cross from the scarf of the Marseille captain and to take it back with a scissor. It’s now or never for Ronaldo to meet and play with his idol.

We must take advantage because CR7 still has the physical margin to last three years but not sure that Payet can keep up. In 18 months, it is carbo on Sun.

Zinedine Zidane

Zinédine Zidane is in Marseille regularly. / Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/GettyImages

Cristiano Ronaldo tried to bring Zinedine Zidane back to Real Madrid, Juventus Turin and Manchester United. In vain… So why not do the opposite? By signing in Marseille, the CR7 could find themselves closer to their favorite coach.

Zidane has not yet taken office and is almost the whole year on the Canebière. The two men would see each other often and could even team up with OM again, who knows? Igor Tudor, we love you, tie the S, but give way to the Z now.


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