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The 4 projects of the AS Saint-Étienne transfer window

The Ligue 2 season resumes in a few weeks. AS Saint-Étienne will intend to rise as quickly as possible in the elite of French football. The management of the Saint-Etienne club must work well during this summer transfer window. And we have an idea of ​​​​the axes that could allow the Greens to fight for the rise in Ligue 1.


Lucas Gourna-Douath has just joined RB Salzburg. / JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEK/GettyImages

After the descent from Ligue 1, it was logical that AS Saint-Étienne would lose several elements. The Greens must recover as much money as possible. It started well with the sale of Lucas Gourna-Douath for 13 million euros. However, we must not stop on such a good path.

Especially since several Saint-Etienne players are still on the way out. We think in particular of Yvan Maçon, Adil Aouchiche or Denis Bouanga. ASSE must ask for as much as possible. The perfect way to put your finances back in the green and above all to reinject in the event of great opportunities during the second part of the summer transfer window.

Stephen Green

The Greens have high quality young people. / Marcio Machado/GettyImages

Laurent Batlles knows he will have to make do with the means at hand. Admittedly, the new technician of the Greens is waiting for a few recruits. He also hopes that his young people will respond to this new exercise. Ligue 2 could also allow them to take on a new dimension.

Players like Étienne Green, Saïdou Sow, Aimen Moueffek and Maxence Rivera must take advantage of this to continue their progress. Laurent Batlles will do everything to empower them during this summer period.

Jimmy Giraudon

Jimmy Giraudon joined AS Saint-Étienne this summer. / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

AS Saint-Étienne does not have the opportunity to attract big names during this summer transfer window. It is therefore necessary to be very intelligent to sniff out the good moves. For the moment, the leaders of Saint-Etienne have done very well by recruiting Jimmy Giraudon, Anthony Briançon or Dylan Chambost for free.

This is exactly what AS Saint-Étienne must continue to do in the coming weeks. By not spending a penny, Laurent Batlles experienced some major reinforcements. Just the name of the Saint-Etienne club makes you dream. The Greens must therefore take advantage of this to make great deals!

Laurent Batlles

Laurent Batlles could help AS Saint-Étienne get off to a good start. / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

In recent years, AS Saint-Étienne has very badly managed its recruitment. The Greens have too often bet on players who know the tricolor championship well and who are in difficulty, with a view to reviving them. We could see it recently with Eliaquim Mangala, Joris Gnagnon or Enzo Crivelli.

Why not completely change strategy? A bit like Toulouse FC was able to do during its descent into Ligue 2 … We will have to rethink its transfer window on the side of the Saint-Etienne club. From now on, the Greens must rather bet on promising young people. Enough to prepare for the future with much more serenity!


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