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Start of the 53rd Tour Auto de La Réunion

The kick-off of the 53rd Tour Auto de La Réunion is given this Friday, July 29th. 109 crews are entered until Sunday. This year, among the favorites, Olivier Bardeur, Thierry Law-Long, Damien Dorseuil or even Rehane Gany who is launching for the first time.

The starting signal for the 53 will be given at Barachois at 7 edition of the Tour Auto de La Réunion. A departure which will be preceded by a minute of silence in tribute to the young Mathis, 8 years old, who died following an accident during a motorcycle race in Italy.

The cars, and their crews, have been on a war footing for weeks to take on the specials, especially those in the West tonight.

On the program a loop passing by Vue Belle and the Canots. Tight turns, speed, vehicle control are on the program.

The specials of the 53rd Tour Auto de La Réunion will take place mainly in the West of the island

©ASA Reunion

99 crews will race in the modern event, with names like Damien Dorseuil, Thierry Law-Long, Olivier Bardeur and Stéphane Sam-Caw-Frève at the start.

And 10 crews will take part in the so-called regularity rally. Understand that everyone can line up at the start without, however, being an expert or taking part in the championship.

But before taking the start, time for checks this Friday morning.

53rd Tour Auto technical and administrative verification at the track of Jamaica

53rd Tour Auto technical and administrative verification at the track of Jamaica

©Sébastien Autale

Technical and administrative checks at the Jamaica track where the 109 crews see their vehicles scrutinized. The scrutineer checks the harnesses, helmets, overalls, fire extinguisher and even the internal mechanics of the vehicle before giving the logbook to each crew.

53rd Auto Lap

53rd Tour Auto technical and administrative verification at the track of Jamaica

©Sébastien Autale

Without this precious sesame which guarantees compliance with vehicle standards, there is no racing for the drivers. They stay in the paddock.

Watch the report from Réunion la 1ère:

53rd Tour Auto de La Réunion: after a day of checks, the starting signal can be given

Tomorrow, the drivers will go to Saint-Leu. Among the specials of the day, Les Canots or Notre-Dame de La Paix. And specific ones in Saint-Leu, those of Lon-Mon-Poy and Le Cap-Quatre-Sous.

Traffic and parking restrictions are in place in the city until Sunday. Traffic and parking will be prohibited on Rue Haute, the portion between the Rond-point Nord and Rue Gaspard. Traffic will be prohibited on Rue de la Salette and the Ravine car park, located Rue Haute, will be reserved exclusively for the Association Sportive Automobile de La Réunion and partners, with authorization.

Sunday, departure from Saint-Leu to return to Saint-Denis passing, among other things, by Montée-Panon.

Program of the 53rd Auto Tour

The 53rd edition of the Tour Auto de La Réunion takes place from July 29 to 31, 2022

©ASA Reunion

The drivers will have plenty to enjoy over the next three days, with cars in their hands.

Among the cars lined up, as of this evening, there will be many Peugeots, in particular the 208 T16 of Olivier Bardeur, but also BMWs including the 318TI of Malik Unia, Subaru, Citroën and other Seats.

We will also note the presence of the Alpine of Meddy Gerville who tries again after his last misadventure in the race during the Rally of the Plaine des Palmistes. It was last April.

Last year, the Thierry Law-Long / Mohammad Balbolia team won the event. This major meeting of motor sports in Reunion not only counts for the Reunion Championship, but has a maximum coefficient for the French Rally Cup.

And many of them want to dethrone the defending champion. In ambush, he obviously has the duo Damien Dorseuil/Kevin de Berge on Ford Fiesta MKII, Olivier Bardeur/Yannick Clain on Peugeot 208 T16 or even Malik Unia and his co-driver Danyal Unia on BMW 318TI.

Damien Dorseuil and Olivier Bardeur share the victories in the first two races of the year. They will try to continue on this good momentum.

Olivier Bardeur is ready for this Tour Auto

Olivier Bardeur is ready for this Tour Auto

©Meeting the 1st

Farouck Moullan, who will be at the wheel of the only WRC in its class, will also try to get on the podium, as will Stéphane Sam-Caw-Frève, three-time winner of the Tour Auto, or even Réhane Gany, a young driver who will start for the 1time time.

For the first time, a fan zone is set up in Saint-Denis throughout the rally. Located in Jamaica, it will allow you to follow the progress of the race in video and real time.

In addition, on Sunday, racing enthusiasts, but not only, will be able to find a multitude of activities related to motor sports on the track.

Finally, the competitors’ caravan will make a stop there allowing spectators to admire the cars up close and chat with the competitors before the prize-giving ceremony on the podium on Sunday evening.


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