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Rugby (Top 14): Christophe Urios takes stock before the start of the new season for Union Bordeaux-Bègles

July 26, 2022

The UBB players will begin a fourth season under the orders of Christophe Urios. The year of the “sale of wine” must be the purpose of a project.

On this back-to-school day for the players of theUBB, Christopher Urios held its traditional back-to-school conference. This is the fourth season that the Bordeaux manager will start and he has found fresh and focused players at the start of his preparation: “it was a big question because with the end of the season that we experienced last year, with a lot of tension, a lot of misunderstanding. I didn’t really know how I was going to find them and me first, what state of mind I was going to have. And then finally, I found that the holidays will have done them good, he was happy to see each other again, I found him fresh and rather concentrated in relation to the tasks that will come“.

For Christopher Uriosthis fourth season must be the finality of a project: “it is a link with the wine and the territory. The first season is the vegetative cycle of the vine, the second was the making of the wine then the aging of the wine and now it must be sold“.

Eight new players

New faces have appeared in the group. In the list of eight arrivals, we can find the international pillar Sipili Falatea (25 years). Former player ofASM Clermont, falatea was present with the XV of France during the summer tour in Japan, as was his teammate from Clermont, the 3/4 center Tani Vili (21), who will replace UJ Seuteni.

Two other pillars have signed until 2024: Christopher Vaotoa (25 years old) and Ugo Boniface (23 years). Vaotoa had already engaged with theUBB since last season and he had remained with his training club, theUS Montauban. On his side, Ugo Boniface formed to Bayonnewas French Pro D2 champion this season with his training club, he will join a squad with well-known heads such as: Maxime Lamothe, Alban Roussel and Jules Gimbert.

After the retirement of Louis Picamolesthe former third line of the SU Agen and Toulouse Stadium, Antoine Miquel (28 years old) engages with theUnion Bordeaux-Bègles until 2024. Just like Caleb Timu (28 years old), former player of Montpellier from 2019 to 2021: it’s a risk to take it. We had several options, but for us it was the easiest to do, even if he hadn’t played for a year. We will have time to get him back on the road, we appreciate his profile. He knows the championship and he absolutely wanted to come back to France. It’s a profile we don’t have, he looks like Scott Higginbotham. Very offensive, with direct runs“.

After the departures of Ben Lam for Montpellier and the career stoppage of Francois Trinh-Duc. L’UBB signed two players: Madosh Tambwe arrives from the Pretoria Bulls in South Africa: “he will have a completely different profile from Ben Lam. Madosh is a sprinter profile in small spaces, he is very “gassed” physically. He did athletics and sevens rugby. He is very comfortable offensively and on the balls in the air“, and the former Toulouse Zack Holmes (32 years old) who will be the understudy of Matthew Jalibert as flyhalf.

IMG_5027.jpeg (2.07 MB)

The Woki dossier and its “replacement”

The 3rd line of theUBB left his partners to join the Racing 92 as of this season, his manager did not wish to dwell on the subject Cameron Woki : “before Cameron’s departure, we had already lost a number 8 with the surprise departure of Vaipulu. Cameron’s story was a choice for us. It’s a great opportunity for him, the difficulty is that it happened very late, we hadn’t imagined it. That’s life. Our roads will separate, I had fun, I met a nice guy, well educated, good player […] it has nothing to do with what happened in Perpignan“. The manager of theUnion Bordeaux-Bègles awaits the opportunity to perhaps replace the French international: “we are not necessarily looking for a replacement, we know that we have a window of opportunity and that we can recruit someone for the position of 6. We have good young people like Pierre Bochaton and Jean-Baptiste Lachaise. It’s a great opportunity for them, it’s up to them to seize it. What is important is to look for a player at the post of 8. We have Bastien (Vergnes Editor’s note) who can play it, we have Antoine (Miquel Editor’s note) and also Alban (Roussel Editor’s note) who can play in this position. We lost two players on the position of 8, we have young people who are rising and we will see if the young people can confirm. Maybe we won’t take anyone, it will depend on the level of the young people and then the opportunities we can have. Obviously we would like it to be a JIFF, which is excellent, very good player and not expensive. It’s looking for the five-legged sheep“.

A trip to South Africa and start of the season against Toulouse

Christopher Urios reacted to the future move of his team to South Africa. “We will travel to Durban in South Africa to face the Sharks in January. This upsets a lot of things. We will leave on Monday evening and return on Sunday evening. We will have a very long week there, in conditions which are a priori better than at home, a very humid place. We will have to approach it while being fresh because the trip will necessarily be tiring. Beyond the problems that it can pose for us in logistics, organization and preparation, there is an exciting side, it is spiced up. You have to live it as a very beautiful experience“. UBB will face Stade Toulousain at the opening of the new season of Top 14for Christopher Urios you have to watch especially the first block of the season. “When you receive Toulouse, when you go to Montpellier, when you receive Castres, when you go to Bayonne and when you receive the Stade Français, the first block is very hard. But at the same time, with the end of the season that we spent and if we had any doubts about how we are going to resume, it will put us in the juice right away“.

The UBB squad for the 2022-2023 season

  • Pillars : Well TameifunaJefferson PoirotLekso KaulashviliVadim cobilasSipili Falatea (ASM Clermont)Ugo Boniface (Bayonne) and Christopher Vaotoa (Montauban)
  • Hookers : Clement Maynadier, Maxim Lamothe, pablo Dimcheff (rp Mont-de-Marsan)
  • second line : Cyril CazeauxJandre SwampKane DouglasThomas JolmesAlban RousselRock Bochaton
  • Third line : Guido PettiJean Baptiste The chairMahamadou DiabyBastien Vergnes-Taillefer, Anthony Miquel (Toulouse Stadium), Caleb Timu (free)
  • Scrum-half : Maxim LucuYann LesgourguesJules Gimbert
  • fly-half : Matthew JalibertZach Holmes (Toulouse Stadium), Mateo Garcia
  • Centers : Remi lameratYoram moefanaPablo UbertiJean Baptiste Dubie, Tani Vili (ASM Clermont)
  • Wingers : Santiago CorderoGeoffrey CrosMadosh Tambwe (Stormers)
  • Rears : Roman OfficesNans Ducuing

Departures from UBB

  • Thierry Paiva (Rochelais Stadium), lasha Tabidze (Olympic Biarritz), Enzo Baggiani (Vannes Rugby), alexander Roumat (Stade Toulousain), Cameron Woki (Racing 92), UJ Seuteni (Rochelais Stadium), Well Lam (Montpellier HR), Nathaniel Hulleu (loan to Vannes Rugby), Louis Picamoles (Retreat), Francis Trinh-Duc (retirement)

Relocation of a drive

L’Union Bordeaux-Bègles used to it! This Friday, July 29, the UBB will relocate its training to Lège-Cap-Ferret at 3:30 p.m. The training will be open to the public. Christophe Urios’ men will have two preparation matches with Bayonne (August 20 at Jean-Dauger) and August 26 against Clermont in Issoire, before starting the championship on Sunday September 4 against Toulouse Stadium in its enclosure.

[Par Dorian Malvesin, © photo ARL – Loic Cousin]



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