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Results, group standings and final phase of the 2022 World Cup

Are you looking for a score during this 2022 World Cup, the results of a pool or the ranking of one of the 8 groups, the scores of the final table? Here is everything you need.

Group A standings and results

The host country of the tournament welcomes in this group the African champion Senegalese, the Netherlands and Ecuador.

Upcoming Group A matches

The opening match will be the poster for this group.

Group A score and results

Summary of the scores of this group A below.

Group A standings

Group B standings and results

Cousin duel between England and the USA but also political between the USA and Iran and fraternal between England and Wales.

Upcoming Group B matches

November 29 should offer the best poster marked by a high intensity of play between the English Three Lions and the Welsh Dragons.

Group B results

Here are all the results of this group B

Group B standings

Group C standings and results

Messi’s Argentina and Mexico for the American continent against Poland for Europe and Saudi Arabia for Asia.

Upcoming Group C matches

On November 30, Argentina should challenge Poland in the last match of this group C to decide who will be the first.

Group C results

The matches in figures with all the scores of Pool C

Group C standings

Group D standings and results

Will the defending champion succeed in erasing a very weak Nations League campaign? European teams, however, are popular. Australia and Tunisia can have a chance but it will be necessary to create at least one exploit.

Upcoming Group D matches

November 26 will offer the poster for this Pool D between the two European countries.

Group D results

Will there be big scores? will the average of 2 goals to 1 be respected? the results below will tell you.

Group D standings

Group E standings and results

This group E is perhaps the toughest with Spain and Germany accompanied by Costa Rica and Japan. Beautiful encounters in perspective and perhaps surprises

Upcoming Group E matches

Spain – Germany is the match to follow in this pool E. It will take place on November 27, 2022.

Group E results

Costa Rica can potentially come out of this pool. It’s up to them to achieve a good performance against the European leaders.

Group E classification

Group F standings and results

Belgium and Croatia against Morocco and Canada. The two European countries should hold the upper hand in this group F.

Upcoming Group F matches

As often in this 2022 World Cup, the last group match will be decisive for qualification. Here Belgium vs Croatia will take place on December 1st.

Group F results

Here are all the results of this group F. Will the vice world champion be up to it?

Group F standings

Group G standings and results

Brazil is back in shape and should come out on top against the African representative, Cameroon and the European Swiss and Serbs.

Upcoming Group G matches

Here are the six matches of this pool G. December 2 should settle the outcome of this pool G.

Group G results

The figures and all the scores from pool G. We should see high scores with these attacking teams.

Group G standings

Group H standings and results

The last group will be followed. Four teams with very distinct profiles will ensure the show. Portugal, Korea and Ghana will offer an open game, Uruguay will be more defensive.

Upcoming Group H matches

Here are the posters of this group H. On November 28, Portugal will challenge Uruguay to probably get at least a qualifying place.

Group H results

You want to know all the results of group H, here are the 6 matches.

Group H standings

Results World Cup 2022 final phase

The final table is launched. Who will be champion of this 2022 world tournament? The sixteen best teams meet and compete for the title.

Upcoming matches of the eighth, quarter, half and final

Results of the eighth, quarter, half and final

The scores of the last matches of this event.


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