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Rennes is invited to the Europa League Conference! – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (Rosenborg 1-3 Rennes) – Football

Confirming their success in the first leg, Stade Rennais serenely won in Norway against Rosenborg (3-1) this Thursday during the return play-off to validate their ticket to the Europa League Conference.

The Rennais did not tremble in the play-offs.

France will be well represented in the latest UEFA competition, the Europa League Conference!

Off to a good start after their 2-0 home victory in the first leg, the SRFC confirmed by winning again at Rosenborg (3-1) on Thursday in the return play-off. A fairly quiet success for visitors who very quickly folded the deal.

Rennes kills the suspense between

After the first few minutes that foreshadowed a complicated evening for them, the Bretons quickly got on the right track thanks to a misalignment of the Norwegian defense which benefited Del Castillo following an involuntary deviation from Guirassy (0-1, 6th). A dream start!

Although hampered by the opposing pressure in the construction, Bruno Genesio’s men then managed to make a fine move under the impetus of the Bourigeaud-Del Castillo duo, very visible, but Guirassy’s strike fled the target. The locals replied with a free kick from Vecchia box by Gomis.

Aguerd drives the point home

The Norwegians had the ball but it was the Rennais who proved to be the most dangerous and Del Castillo signaled himself with a superb sequence in the area before colliding with Hansen. Despite a response from the Scandinavians on a shot from Holm into the side netting, the Bretons were not really in danger and Aguerd finally folded the case by scoring again with a header, like the first leg, from a corner (0-2 , 41st).

Abline, the icing on the cake

The pace dropped on returning from the locker room and it took a missed fist exit from Gomis to restart the match since the goalkeeper conceded a fairly severe penalty converted by Vecchia (1-2, 68th). Despite a few difficult minutes after this reduction in the score, the Rennais ended up regaining their advantage with a fine sequence from the young Abline, who entered the game (1-3, 81st), then mowed down a few minutes later by the opposing goalkeeper when he went alone to the goal. A very limited gesture but not sanctioned. Nothing to spoil the beautiful evening of the SRFC!

The score of the match: 6.5/10

A very pleasant part! Even if the SRFC very quickly folded the case, Rosenborg had the merit of continuing to attack and play the game until the end, even reviving a semblance of suspense in the second period. Both teams talked about the game and some nice moves and we really didn’t get bored during this game.

The goals :

– Bourigeaud performs a bright center in the area. Back to goal, Guirassy misses his control but his gesture ultimately benefits Del Castillo. Covered by a defender, the attacking midfielder emerges and deceives Hansen from close range (0-1, 6th).

– On a right corner from Bourigeaud, Aguerd rises higher than everyone else in the area and takes a header in the top corner (0-2, 41st).

– On an opposing cross, Gomis misses his release with his fist and hits Holm’s face. Penalty! Vecchia transformed him into a right-wing force with Gomis starting on the right side (1-2, 68′).

– Served by Del Castillo, Terrier transmits Abline who makes his technique speak and performs a good sequence which leaves his opponent on the spot in the area, before beating the goalkeeper, who touches the ball, with a shot from the right low to the ground ( 1-3, 81st).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Romain Del Castillo (7/10)

Quickly author of the opener, the attacking midfielder showed great activity and was in all the right moves tonight. Even if he was more discreet in the second half, like his team, the Breton still comes out of his box and is the penultimate passer on the last goal. He will have shone by the accuracy and the inspiration of his choices and even came close to the double.

The NOTES of Rennes

Alfred Gomis (5.5) : sanctioned by a severe penalty, the goalkeeper bows on this one although he started on the right side. Too bad because the Senegalese had until then played a game full of confidence, notably with a good save on the free kick from Vecchia.

Hamari Traor (5) : a generous match from the Rennes captain, who we didn’t necessarily see much offensively but who made a very clean copy in the defensive area by closing his right lane well. Replace the 81st minute with Lorenz Assignon (not not).

Loc Bad (6) : Interesting match from the central defender, who was present in the duels and cleared a few hot balls. Rather clean in its raises. The defector from Lens continues to make his mark.

Nayef Aguerd (6.5) : like the first leg, the central defender turned into a header. Beyond this goal, the Moroccan showed a lot of authority in his area with interventions that helped to avert the danger.

Birger Meling (5.5) : very prominent offensively at the start of the game, the left side hit a little less afterwards but the Norwegian, who was playing at home, continued to do the job with climbs. Replace the 62nd minute with Adrien Truffert (not not).

Lesley Ugochukwu (4.5) : the only false note of the evening. In difficulty in his positioning, the defensive midfielder left too many spaces behind his back. Author also of a loss of ball which could have been dangerous on a slip. A little more comfortable in the second half.

Baptist Santamaria (6) : the games pass and the midfielder gives the impression of having been part of this team for several seasons. Very active in recovering the ball, the former Angevin slid well with his partners and he even had the luxury of attempting a few climbs. Replace the 62nd minute with Eduardo Camavinga (not not).

Benjamin Bourigeaud (7) : already huge in the first leg, the midfielder was again very good this evening, with another decisive pass the key. Impressive in activity, the OL target did a lot of work in the pressing and scratched some good balls. At the origin of the first goal with his luminous pass, the former Lensois made his accuracy speak on several beautiful collective movements. Less prominent in the second half, the image of his team. Replace the 63rd minute with Martin Terrier (no not)decisive passer on the last goal and who finds the post on a corner.

Flavian Tait (5) : inspired in the combinations, the attacking midfielder showed his advantage at the start of the game. Involved in some fine moves afterwards, his influence waned as the game progressed.

Roman Del Castillo (7) : read the comment above.

Serhou Guirassy (5) : a mixed match for the striker, who offers with great success the opener Del Castillo. Subsequently, however, the striker did not always shine by the accuracy of his choices and his passes and he sometimes kept the ball too much. Replace 76th minute with Matthis Abline (not not)author of an between remark and the last goal.

And for you, who were the best and worst players of the match? Comment in the “comments” box below!

A clean qualification for Bad and Rennes.

Successful return to Norway for Meling

As a good captain, Traor showed the example in attitude.

Guirassy and Rennes will play well in Europe this season!



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