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Rémy Cabella on his arrival at LOSC: “The choice was quickly made”

At 32, Remy Cabella is starting a new cycle in the North. Free since the end of his three-month contract in Montpellier, he chose to relaunch with the Mastiffs where he will enter the rotation in the middle, either in an axial position behind the attacker, or a little lower as a torchbearer.

According to Olivier Létang, who began the presentation of the player with a few words, the 32-year-old striker had already been in contact with LOSC when he returned to France upon his departure from Krasnodar (RUS). “Contacts were renewed three weeks, a month before its official signature, continued the CEO of LOSC. Rémy has a profile that matches the way Paulo Fonseca wants to develop our team. It seemed obvious to me that he would sign with us. We did not have this technical profile. He was introduced to the project. We talked a lot about men. It matched right away. »

“How did the first approaches go?
With the president, we had two or three times on the phone. He talked about the human plane, what he was looking for, the mentality. And what he expected from the team. His way of thinking was like mine. I felt that on the phone he wanted me to come and vice versa. I knew the club which belongs to the top six, seven of the L1. The top of the ranking. I also knew some players. I must say that I feel really good here. I thank everyone for welcoming me with open arms, as if I had been there for a few years. I am excited to begin.

Where do you stand athletically after your five matches with Montpellier?
Frankly, I am doing very well. I haven’t been on vacation too much. I rather wanted to be ready. So I worked every day, sometimes twice a day. But you can train a thousand hours, nothing replaces the field. I started again with specific training. Then the next day with the group. Luckily I had worked alone, otherwise I would have been on the street. Now, I will have to chain the matches. They put me in good conditions. It’s going really well.

“Fonseca? He is a coach who likes pressing, playing and recovering the ball high. I really like this system.”

What type of coach is Paulo Fonseca?
I have known a lot of clubs. This allows me to situate its preparation. It looks like what I experienced with Oscar Garcia in Saint-Etienne or Michel at OM. He is a coach who likes pressing, playing and recovering the ball high. I really like that system. He makes it work every day. We have intelligent players who adapt very quickly. And we still have friendly encounters (3) to better control it.

How and where will you be used?
We’ll play with a 6 and two 8s (4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1). I am one of the two attacking midfielders. Like in Montpellier from time to time or in Saint-Etienne. We’ll see how efficient I am.

Did reuniting with former teammates play into your decision to come to LOSC?
Things came back to me. It had been a very long time since I had played with Jonas (Martin, 2004). It was nice to see him back in training. Jo (Jonathan) Bamba, I met him in Saint-Etienne. We find our automatisms. I also like discovering new players. Forwards, wingers I have to get used to, feel how they work. The internship in Spain (from Thursday evening) will give us the opportunity to chain (three friendly matches in Marbella).

You only played five games with Montpellier at the end of last season. Do you have any regrets?
In life, we learn. It’s true that I hadn’t played for a while (five months before resuming in Hérault). I wanted to resume because I loved football. I didn’t want to settle for training. The team’s situation has become complicated. These are things that happen. But I needed it to find the rhythm and the game in L1.

“I consider Lille to be a great club. I was not mistaken given the quality of the group and the level. It is really impressive “

Were you expecting a new offer from Montpellier this summer?
I initially signed for three months. I went on vacation. The only concrete offer (in France) was that from the president (Létang). I was really happy. I consider Lille to be a great club. I was not mistaken given the quality of the group and the level. It is really impressive.

Why did you choose not to play in the European Cup?
Abroad, I could commit to a club that could qualify for the Champions League (Greece, Turkey). I was thinking about whether to make the right choice or not. I had Lille on the phone. The choice was quickly made. I prefer to be here than abroad, even if I don’t play in the European Cup. I want to do something here. Why not play a European Cup next season? Lille is a big L1 club. You have to see the infrastructure, the mentality, the level of the team.

Are you aware that the club is going back to another cycle?
Every season is different. We can say that it was less good last season. But Losc played in the round of 16 of C1. Their season has been full. This year it’s new. We always have to do better than the previous season. As the president says, we must have the mentality to change that. Doing things right to get the club ranked as high as possible. »



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