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received 3 out of 3 against Germany, the Blues take the lead of their group

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What you must remember

France-Germany (3-1): (31-29, 15-25, 25-22, 25-22)

3 matches, 3 wins: a perfect record for the Olympic champions. Bernardinho’s men painfully won in 4 sets this Monday evening against a high quality German team. Revanchists after their elimination at the TQO by this French team, the Germans presented themselves as the most dangerous opponent of this group D. Which was clearly the case. After a perfectly mastered first round, the Blues let go in the second set which logically saw Germany come back to score. But once again led by a great Ngapeth (17 winning attacks), the Blues ended up winning after a particularly hotly contested match. The first place in the pocket, the hardest seems done for the French. Now let’s go to Latvia in two days, with the final phase in sight. The path is already mapped out.

It’s over ! France wins! (3-1, 25-22)

How hard it was! The blues have suffered, but as often, they end up winning. The Olympic champions won in 4 sets against the Germans who were not unworthy.

Monstrous service from Ngapeth! (23-21)

It allows to give back 2 points in advance to the blues in the money time of this match.

What German service! (21-21)

The French defense could not do anything on this uncrossed long line service.

French timeout (20-19)

Bernardinho remobilizes his troops as the end approaches.

German Timeout (19-17)

Germany chained two consecutive timeouts.

Ngapeth again and again! (16-17)

What power from the Frenchman who lets the ball pass over his shoulder to send a devastating smash.

Blue time out (14-16)

Germany broke at the best of times.

New decision unfavorable to the French (12-13)

The referee once again changes his mind against the blues, a feeling of deja vu…

What a German smash! (11-11)

Weber, again, makes his power speak again. Germany recovers.

Brizard who scores (9-8)

The 3rd attempt of the French is finally the good one.

New French block (6-6)

This is one of the main improvements brought by the new coach: the block. This allows the French to earn many points.

Roulette missed on the French side (3-4)

A match still as disputed where each error is paid cash.

Here we go again ! (0-2)

The German entry station wagon

The French block for the gain of the 3rd set! (25-22)

The France team again takes the lead. In great difficulty in the 2nd set, the blues were able to pull themselves together and resume their march forward. 2 sets to 1 for France.

German Timeout (22-20)

We are entering the last moments of the 2nd set, nothing is decided yet.

Ngapeth again! (21-20)

France is reassured, the number 9 of the blues perfectly bypasses the German bloc

New service fault for the blues (19-18)

Jean Patry sends his serve into the net. The French are making more and more mistakes.

French time out (17-16)

Bernardinho feels that his men are slacking off, when they were ahead.

Patry in power (17-13)

The French, all in height, sends a missile in the German defense.

German Timeout (14-11)

The blues are regaining the lead in this set

Block out by Ngapeth (12-11)

The German attack was completely annihilated by the blue defense.

Massive German attack! (9-9)

The Germans perfectly resisted the French block.

Ngapeth misses himself (7-7)

The blues striker sends his smash off the field.

Nice smash from Chinenyeze (6-5)

The Frenchman gives everything he has on this powerful smash.

Ngapeth! Which point ! (4-3)

The French striker won the block after a particularly disputed point.

Here we go again ! New German diagonal (0-1)

A shock that keeps all its promises for the moment. Attention the Germans are in full confidence.

Germany equalize 1 set everywhere! (15-25)

Everything is to be redone for the Olympic champions who had nevertheless approached this match in the best way.

Faure all in power (13-22)

Despite the pretty German rescue, the French make the powder speak.

Clevenot diagonal (12-21)

After a good defense, the blues come back

Nice diagonal from Ngapeth (6-17)

The France team is better in this set

Nervousness seems to win the French camp (4-17)

The referee is very fussy this evening, which annoys the blues quite a bit

What German service! (3-12)

The blues can’t do it anymore

2nd French timeout in this set (3-11)

Is a lift possible?

Big break made by the Germans (3-10)

Already 7 points ahead

The Germans let go (3-8)

Monstrous Ace at 122 km/h!

French Timeout (2-6)

Germany takes off in this start of the 2nd set

Here we go again ! The two teams answer each other (2-2)

We seem to be starting on the same bases as in the 1st set

France wins the first set! (31-29)

The blues finally win this 1st set after a fierce fight. The 7th set point will have been the good one

Again Ngapeth (29-29)

The blues pick up the score

Germany take the lead (28-29)

1st set point for them

Which point ! (27-27)

The Germans erase a new set point after a magnificent exchange

Germany won’t give up (26-26)

New set ball erased

New Blue set ball (25-24)

Ngapeth on the block

A wasted set point (24-23)

Missed serve

1st French time out (23-22)

Bernardinho feels his players are struggling

Big miss from Le Goff in service (23-20)

He wanted to have fun…

New German timeout (22-18)

In great danger in this 1st set they will try everything for everything

Service fault for the Germans (21-18)

Risk taking that doesn’t pay off

What block on the French side (20-17)

The blue trio at the net let nothing pass

1st time out for the Germans

New German block (18-17)

Ball range of Jean Patry (15-14)

The bullet that repeatedly hits his body

Patry unscrewing (14-12)

Completely missed smash

Nice agreement Toniutti-Le Goff

Excellent smash from Le Goff

Jean Party shows up again

With a nice diagonal

Ngapeth misses his serve

Service sent directly to the net

Germany responds

One block appealing to another

Huge boulder on the French side

France takes the lead

Ngapeth all in power

France returns

Ace by Jean Patry

Here we go ! German block out

Germany open the scoring

The typical team on the French side

The captains of the France team are there: Ngapeth, Toniutti… As well as the man in form of the moment, Jean Patry

The hymns ring out

The German anthem followed by the Marseillaise

First real test for the Blues

Germany is the only opponent of the French in this 1st round to have participated in the League of Nations in June

1st place goal

France and Germany are both at the top of Group D. Two wins in 3 sets for both teams (Germany against Croatia and Estonia, France against Slovakia and Croatia)

Hello everyone

Welcome to to follow the Euro 2021 volleyball group stage match between France and Germany. Kick off at 7 p.m.



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