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RC Strasbourg – AS Monaco Ligue 1 Uber Eats LIVE: follow the match with us

74th : My friend Jeannot Lucas who put a very small strike when there was much better to do… The last missed opportunity from the Brazilian midfielder scored Strasbourg behind. Just saying…

71st : Suddenly, Strasbourg tries to push. For the moment it’s messy and without danger, but we saw that it didn’t take much for the Monegasque defense to crack

67th : Gameiro has returned, La Meinau has found his voice. A new match begins.

64th: We can’t say it’s deserved, but we take it: it revives this game. Delaine center, Diallo at the far post teleguides his head close to the post


60th: Jean Lucas who finds the post. Once again the defense is caught in default behind his back. It fits like butter with each action since the start of this second period, it will turn into a demonstration of this affair

57th : Well, it smells scorched for Strasbourg. These first matches remain really complicated for the Alsatians, we will not put our PEL on a victory for the locals, who do not show much except for a set-piece kick

52nd: He missed everything he wanted so far, it will really do him good with this goal. He was well placed to take back a strike from Martins pushed back in the axis by Sels

51st: AND DIOP’S GOAL!!!

47th: Sels has just saved Racing again. Diatta alone on the right tries the lob, firm hand for the Belgian goalkeeper

46th : The Strasbourg tifo at the start of the match

46th : Here we go again, with a change to the right of the Strasbourg defense and the debut of a former Messin, Delaine, in his new colors in place of Pierre-Gabriel.

45th: HALF TIME. Monaco lead thanks to their winger, who played for Bruges for a long time and has just returned from a serious injury.

45th : Frankly, it’s not undeserved, Monaco had had the best situations since kick-off.

44th: On a corner, Krepin Diatta volleys from 20m and baaaaammm, Sels does not move. What a goal from the Senegalese


42nd : Diop is complicated. Everything he does is complicated.

38th : Nübel looks better than last year in the first matches anyway. Well, worse, it was complicated

37th : Salts which once again disgusts Martins who presented himself alone in front of him, left side, in a closed angle. The Belgian goalkeeper diverts for a corner (there was offside but I’ll tell you anyway huh)

35th: Salts which saves the homeland in front of Martins well found by Embolo.

32nd : To be honest with you, I was waiting for the cool break to make myself my famous tap water lemon syrup cocktail, but in fact I really have the impression that there won’t be any.

27th : It messed up on a free kick in the Strasbourg defense. It was hot, it’s a corner, and another Monegasque strike without much danger this time.

25th : Beautiful baby Embolo, he should do some damage in L1 (I’m furnishing, nothing is happening)

20th : And Lienard trying his luck. Nübel dismisses

17th: A HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR RACING. Aguilar who saves on his line with a magnificent tackle following a set piece. Behind him, Ajorque only had to push into the empty goal

12th : Wow Jeannot le Berrichon’s Frappaasse from Brazil!!! Salts slap on top. It grows.

9th. But Diop but no!!! What is this American control!!! They were two against Sels, Martins leaves him and Diop pushes the ball 25 km away and cannot hit. Another huge opportunity for ASM. : . But Diop but no!!! What is this American control!!! They were two against Sels, Martins leaves him and Diop pushes the ball 25 km away and cannot hit. Another huge opportunity for ASM.

6th : Jean Lucas he still has the most famous nickname of pro Brazilians, we have more the impression of a guy trained in Berrichonne de Châteauroux.

3rd: Ouuuh the Prcic potato of 25 meters. Nübel makes a beautiful horizontal to seize it. It was framed. Bundesliga time.

1st : With the first entry opportunity for Diop who puts the ball beside the goal when he was absolutely alone. But out of the game

4:59 p.m. :

LaFranqui11 7 hours ago

Bollaert, La Meinau…: these stadiums where the fervor does not diminish, including when the club is relegated, deserve the L1.

Completely LaFranqui11. And we will also add Geoffroy, the Matmut Stadium and Saint Symphorien, which have nothing to do a notch below.

4:57 p.m .: It’s hot, hot, hot at La Meinau, which is sold out (it’s blue 20 Minutes huh, no preference here).

4:56 p.m. : Ah, a small number of Prime not really positive for the people of Strasbourg: it’s 3 Alsatian victories on the first day in… 26 years.

4:52 p.m. : Logically, the Monegasques are ahead at this stage of the season, since they have already resumed on Tuesday with the 3rd preliminary round of the Champions League, with a fairly slow draw (1-1). we say.

4:50 p.m. : It prepares the big tifo in the Alsatian kop of the UB90. While waiting to see what happens, the voices are heating up.

4:47 p.m. : Opposite, it’s more complicated for Clément, who has to do without a lot of players: Voland and Golovine suspended, Minamo (the Japanese rookie from Liverpool), Badiashile and Boadu are injured. Suddenly, it gives this composition, with the first of Embolo, the Swiss international, in front, and the return of Diop in the 11 (I love this player).

4:46 p.m. : Nice to meet you for this first day of L1. We attack without wasting any more time with the composition of the Strasbourgeois, with the rookie Pierre Gabriel on the right of the defense and the Diallo-Ajorque duo in front. Kevin Gameiro will start on the bench.

4:45 p.m.: Hello everybooody!!!

And yes, our favorite Ligue 1 is already back. After the Lyon-Ajaccio aperitif on Friday evening, it’s time for the first real poster this Saturday at 5 p.m. On the one hand, the third of the last championship, AS Monaco, which failed a goal from OM, second and directly qualified for the Champions League. Philippe Clément’s men were punished with a double preliminary round in this competition, which they have already started. The Monegasques have achieved a recruitment without rhinestones or glitter for the moment, with two notable ecrus: the Swiss striker Breel Embolo and the Japanese winger Minamino Takumi (ex Liverpool). Big loss in the middle, however, with the departure for Real (and 100 million, bonus included) of Aurélien Tchouaméni. Opposite, Strasbourg, 6th last year, played continuity, still under the orders of Julien Stephan.

» See you at 4:45 p.m. to follow the pre-match


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