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Racing heats up

In their third warm-up game, Julien Stéphan’s men drew 2-2 against Premier League side Brentford and are still unbeaten this summer.

While Alsace has been experiencing temperatures happily close to 40°C for a few days, the programming of this third preparation match raised some questions, especially in relation to its 1:30 p.m. schedule. Questioned the day before the meeting, Julien Stéphan saw it as an opportunity to accustom his troops to future L1 matches, which the TV program will have had the intelligence to place during the hottest hours of the day. Above all, Racing didn’t really have a choice, and complied with the demands of the Brentford club, which has been training in this corner of the Black Forest for a few days, and which even pushed the requirement to the point of imposing footballs. Premier League.

Despite everything, the weather remains quite mild on the Donaueschingen side, in the small country stadium of SV Aasen, accessible on foot from a craft area. The altitude of 700m and a welcome light wind indeed maintain a temperature around 30°C. The volunteers of this small club have also provided refreshments and sausages, to the delight of the 300 spectators, including a good handful of well-hydrated English people.

On the lawn, Racing presents itself with a majority of executives at kick-off, in order to push the playing times of some a little more. Only the young Antoine Nuss benefits from the combined absences of Karol Fila and Colin Dagba to chain minutes.

Opposite, the last 13th in the Premier League aligns some known faces in France, such as former Trojan Bryan Mbeumo and the former Lorient Yoane Wissa. The two wingers will also be real poisons until their replacement on the hour mark. The second is even the first to stand out after barely 42 seconds after an overflow on the left side and strikes with the right not far from the skylight of Matz Sels. But quickly, it was Strasbourg who proved to be the most enterprising, occupying the opposing half of the field. In the 9th minute, Lucas Perrin shifts Thomasson to the right side, who has plenty of time to adjust a cross for Ludovic Ajorque’s winning header. The ball continues to turn well, but the English continue to be dangerous on their left side, with Wissa and full-back Rico Henry, who undermine Antoine Nussunaccustomed to this kind of adversity.

At game time, launched by Nyamsi, Jeanricner Bellegarde tries to enter the surface but on his hook, he is hooked by a defender. No fault according to the referee, but the Franco-Haitian midfielder has all the trouble in the world to get up, hit in the left ankle. He is also replaced in the process by Jean-Eudes Aholouand will still not be able to set foot on the ground at the end of the meeting.
Jeanricner Bellegarde At the end of the match

Moments later, Habib Diallo receives the ball in the area and after a clever control, delivers a nice pass from outside for Ajorque, very close to doubling his goal counter without a return from the defense. Brentford does not let go and on a new breakthrough on the left side, Yoane Wissa transplants in the axis, eliminates Nyamsi and sends a heavy shot from the right under the bar of Matz Sels. The Bees do not release their grip and push hard just before the break. They are also very close to scoring their second goal but Toney’s strike ends on the crossbar, after a sequence of panic in the Alsatian defense.

At the break, Julien Stéphan only retouches his eleven on the sidelines, with the entry into play of Eiji Kawashima on goal and Thomas Delaine instead of Leonard. The match was rebalanced, but Brentford continued to be dynamic offensively. But it is Racing that will come back in front on the hour mark. On a corner from Thomasson, the defense emerges badly and the ball returns to the feet of Thomas Delaine left side. From a cross with the left foot, he finds Ludovic Ajorque at the far post who places an unstoppable lobed header into the back of the net. Like the whole game, the answer is not long in coming: just after a big volley of changes on both sides, Dervisoglu sees his shot repelled by Kawashima, Trevitt, on the lookout, tries to push the ball to the bottom but Perrin manages to save the ball on the line. Not sure this one didn’t totally cross the line, but no Goal Line Technology here.

Never mind, the English still end up equalizing thanks to their latest recruit Keane Lewis-Potter, who still benefited from a favorable counter after the exit from Kawashima. The game ended in a deserved draw, although Brentford would probably have had more clear chances. Racing was still solid and organized, even if some defensive elements were less visible, like Antoine Nusslogically, and Lucas Perrin. Conversely, players like Thomasson, Ajorque and Delaine seem to confirm their rise to power. After this third match, the preparation of the RCS will enter an even more active phase, with a next meeting on Saturday against Freiburg, in the form of three periods of 45 minutes, before the last two meetings next week, against Cagliari and Liverpool .



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