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PSG: the year of Sergio Ramos?

He signed for Paris Saint Germain in the summer of 2021. While his arrival caused a lot of ink to flow, Sergio Ramos only played 4 games, plagued by injuries. As this new season kicks off, the former Madridista seems to be in great shape and ready to start the new season in the colors of the capital club.

It was under criticism that PSG signed the 36-year-old last year. Indeed, the former captain of Real Madrid, injured during the 2020-2021 season, failed to find common ground with his heart club. The Merengue club weren’t willing to give in to their wage demands, with Florentino Perez unsure of the outcome of his injuries.

Ramos arrives at PSG in 2021…

But at PSG, we did not hesitate for a second. 2 years of contract plus monthly fees of around 15 million euros have been concluded with the former Spanish world champion. He had to bring his experience and his leadership, which have been proven elsewhere at PSG.

But it was a total flop. Of the whole season, Ramos has only played 14 games, multiplying the relapses. The player with 671 games with Real has never succeeded in a string of games.

…Under criticism

And the critics had a blast. Indeed, it is in a climate of uncertainty and reluctance from observers in both France and Spain that the four-time winner of the Champions League joined the ranks of Paris.

And the scenario of the season with the endless relapses did not help. A flop, a fiasco, a mess, bad management, a whim, incompetence…, all the qualifiers were used to attack the Parisian management.

So much so that Leonardo, then sports director, had to speak up to respond to criticism and assume the recruitment of the Spanish defender. (Editor’s note) ” We recruited him, he was physically fine. Today he played five games. Unfortunately, what we imagined did not happen. It’s hard for him, for everyone. But our reports are clear. The day we say he can no longer play, it will be clear to everyone. This is not the case “, declared the Brazilian last March.

Sergio Ramos was therefore never really able to play the role for which he had come to Paris, to bring his experience and his leadership. He could not therefore escape criticism alongside Messi and Neymar after the flop of PSG in the knockout stages of the Champions League against his former club.

The end of the tunnel at last

After nearly a blank year, Sergio Ramos began to see the end of the tunnel at the end of last season. This allowed him to chain a few games with PSG.

During the summer break, the quadruple winner of the Champions League was able to participate in the entire preparation with his team, to the delight of Christophe Galtier, who intends to use him for what Paris recruited him for.

Thanks to his freshness, the central defender was able to play almost all of the capital club’s preparation matches. Obviously, the physical glitches seem to be behind him. And it’s not to displease his trainer.

The new leader of the Parisian wardrobe

Christophe Galtier does not hide it. For him, Ramos is a locker room executive, an important player in the team. Even if he does not intend to give a gift or leave a free pass, the former Nice coach knows that he needs quality relays and experience to get his message across in the locker room.

And he found in Ramos the perfect lieutenant. (editor’s note) “ He played a lot in friendlies. He is physically fine. He works. He had a shock on the quadriceps during the match in Nantes and that’s why I questioned him to find out if he could continue to play, because I find out about it too. As he is a great competitor, and even if he was in pain, and as he played less last season, he wanted to finish the match to show that he was efficient and available. said C. Galtier.

This bodes well for the red and blue club which, as always, has great ambitions this season.

A system that suits him

As soon as he arrived, C. Galtier announced it: he intends to play with a 3-man defense this season at PSG. In such a scheme, the experienced Spanish defender has a place to take alongside the Marquinhos-Kimpembé duo.

After having masterfully evolved in such a scheme under the national colors with in particular the final victories in the World Cup and the Euro, Sergio Ramos knows the role perfectly. He has excelled at it in recent years.

It is also in this register that PSG has played since the recovery. And the native of Camas in Andalusia played the role well.

He displays a reassuring freshness and physical condition, according to C Galtier. His performance during the Champions Trophy against FC Nantes only reassured Galtier and the skeptics. The Parisian defender also distinguished himself with an anthology goal this Sunday. He was in good shape and was not faulted by the Canary attackers.

Ramos’ year?

Sergio Ramos seems to find a second youth and is ready to start the season under the colors of Paris. As if it was now that his story with PSG really begins.

According to indiscretions, the Spanish already have an important role in the group. And these reassuring performances on the ground should contribute more. What is certain, PSG need a fit Ramos to have a great season.

And like Ramos, the whole team seems to display more binder, more bite. The behavior and performances of Messi and Neymar, especially on the pitch against FC Nantes, promise interesting things this season. And if it was the big year at PSG?


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