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Pro League: Belgium logically wins against South Africa

After less than 120 seconds of play, South Africa already obtained a pc following a foul by Manu Stockbroekx on Dayaan Cassiem. Beauchamp transformed the pc of a sleep in the right skylight of Van Doren. The Red Lions took three minutes to get their heads above water. After a good collective streak, Van Dessel infiltrated on the left and sent a cross that Charlier could not deflect into the goal. In the 7th, Belgium already equalized. Van Aubel countered an opposing clearance and played collectively. The ball came back to him and he passed to Onana who crossed his recovery well. Two minutes later, Boon also intercepted a raise from the opposing defense and crossed from behind. He carried out a back stick on the phase which canceled Dockier’s goal. After Van Aubel and Boon, it was Dockier who picked up a ball and threw Boon. While he could shoot, he shrewdly set back for Denayer who shot the goalkeeper. The ball returned to Boon who tried, with great mischief, to deceive the vigilance of the South African defense, without success. There was only for the Red Lions who pushed so much and more in this first quarter. After a new high-flying collective sequence, Hendrickx sent a deep pass to Gougnard who entered the circle and attempted a ladle. The opposing defense bent without breaking. Ntuli against, tumbled on the left and shot backhand, without danger for Van Doren. Belgium had a good ten circle entries in the first quarter.

The second quarter resumed with an action from Arthur Van Doren who struck on the left and alerted Jones, who was on the game, with a powerful backhand shot. Belgium got their first pc of the game in the 18th. Hendrickx sent a shell that the goalkeeper released on the foot of one of his defenders. On the second pc, his attempt was cleared in a long corner on which the Red Lions inherited a new pc. Boon was shooting it on first hitter Jackson. Referee Mr van Bunge whistled clearance for a dangerous ball. Dlungwana passed on the right to Ntuli who shot near the goal. The South Africans forced a second pc in the 23rd. It was played in phase and Daniel Bell’s try was deflected by a Belgian defender. Boon fired back after a move between Van Doren and Gougnard down the left. In their circle, the players of Ewing Garrreth defend very well and only concede few pc, while the Red Lions play very high. Stockbroekx overflowed on the right and passed to Gougnard. The center of the Dragons player arrived at Onana who did not convert the offering. Van Aubel deflected a ball on the goalkeeper, Dohmen dived and also played towards the goal. The defense of the Antwerp team-mates Taine Paton held up.

Ntuli moved on to Horne. The South African striker turned well to eliminate his opponent and shot backhand over the frame. Wegnez quickly played a foul at the edge of the circle. He was looking for the one-two and playing in the circle. Van Aubel popped up to score Belgium’s second goal in the 36th minute. Cassiem used his ball handling to eliminate two players and passed to Trevor De Lora. His shot did not worry Van Doren. Boon passed from the left towards Charlier who shot on goal. Diehard, Tom Boon pulled away to recover the ball and ducked into the goal to offer the goal of the break to the Red Lions. After a nice personal effort on the left, Onana entered the circle but forgot to shoot and tried a dangerous pass. Shortly after, Boon provoked the fourth Belgian pc. He shot it himself and scored a new goal, his 12th(!) in the last 6 games. Decidedly the season of Tom Boon, who has scored 60 goals since the start of the season, excluding Leo’s package.

South Africa started the last quarter with one pc. Beauchamp, unstoppably sleepy, scored his team’s second goal. The match dropped somewhat in intensity even if Belgium offered some high-flying sequences. Stockbroekx and Van Aubel still had chances to increase the score without success. Gougnard fired on the goalkeeper and in the rest of the action, Belgium inherited a pc. He gave back pc. Hendrickx shot him but he didn’t fit in the goal. Belgium won easily.

Belgium: L. Van Doren; Stockbroekx, A. Van Doren, De Sloover, Hendrickx; Denayer, Wegnez, Gougnard; Charlier, Dockier, Boon; then Dohmen, van Aubel, Boccard, Onana, Van Oost, Van Dessel

South Africa: Nolutshungu; Jackson, Eustice, Bell, Beauchamp; Mvimbi, Paton, Spooner; D. Cassiem, Horne, Ntuli then M. Cassiem, Dlungwana, De Sousa, Sibbald, Saker, de Lora, Jones, Sherwood

Referees: MM. C. van Bunge and D. Tomlinson

The goals: 2nd Beauchamp on pc (0-1), 7th Onana (1-1), 36th Van Aubel (2-1), 39th Boon (3-1), 44th Boon on pc (4-1), 48th Beauchamp on pc (4-2)

Penalty corner: Belgium (1/6) and South Africa (2/3)


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