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Presentation videos: stop the carnage

The transfer window is in full swing, and with it, the signing announcements of players in their new clubs are flourishing. Nothing new under the sun, except for one thing: the proliferation of a new fashion, that of presentation videos, these clips supposed to brighten up transfers, which in reality have become the height of unease and bad taste.

As a rule, fads are no good. They often degenerate into caricatures. Football knows something about this, because for several years now, at each transfer window, a furious fad seems to take hold of clubs around the world: making presentation videos on the occasion of the arrival of a new player. Problem: the phenomenon, which seems to end up convincing, is actually a grotesque concentrate of pure bad taste. At the start of the movement, at least, the clubs had the excuse of originality and innocence: originality because by definition, pioneers are always rare; innocence, because you could feel them groping, most often without conclusive results, okay, but they had the merit of trying. Today, clubs can no longer pride themselves on either: they know what they are doing, they all do it like each other and above all, they do it badly, to the point of turn the exercise into a ridiculous contest of who will have the most outlandish idea.

Crimes against good taste

In this little game, in fact, and this year a fortiori, it must be recognized that teams around the world unfortunately have a lot of inventiveness. Because basically, with each new video, we push the limits of the ridiculous, the Lorient submarine at Falaye Sacko dancing in a forest, passing by Stéphane Mbia literally insulted by his new club. But where will it stop? The worst thing in this story is that these presentation videos ended up killing the critical spirit of the spectators. The latest videos that still leave room for players, those are ridiculed. Last victim, Ousmane Dembélé and his forced smile which closes the clip announcing his extension to FC Barcelona: injustice, because it was ultimately the simplest, the most direct, the most authentic. Failed maybe, but honest.

Conversely, now, the more the idea borders on nonsense, the more we say that the video is successful; the more “original” (meaning absurd) it is, the more commendable it is. In truth, an embarrassing and false idea remains an embarrassing and false idea: the profusion of means deployed does not change anything, especially when it ends up pouring, as often, into a kitsch worthy of the Dorothee Club. Let it be said, these presentation videos are quite simply crimes against good taste, almost punishable by a prison sentence, on the one hand because they are totally useless, on the other hand because they are frankly dubious in their intentions.

Stop the Carnage

Because when you think about it, these clips actually only create innocent victims. Spectators and club supporters, already, who would probably prefer a renovation of stadium pissotières rather than spending a lot of money on videos that sometimes do not even make them dream. The directors and communication managers also, who must wrestle with hours of design, filming, galleys, so that in the long term, their works are at best welcomed with a facade sympathy, at worst cut on social networks like a vulgar film by Uwe Boll or like a failed outsider by Clinton Njie.

And then frankly, have we thought of the players, the main victims of this complete carnage which tries to make them actors? Barely arrived, already ridiculed in clips that graze, or outright explode, the barriers of malaise, much more than Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises – that is to say. How to properly approach your integration when on your arrival, you have clown around disguised as a FUT card, decked out in a plastic Loch Ness monster Where was filmed with his feet in the water opening a bottle in the sea ? Because it is important not to make any more additional victims, to stop the massacre before someone burns out or completely loses its energy, in short, to preserve the dignity of what can still remain, one word s necessary to talk about the fashion of videos: stop.

By Valentin Lutz



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