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OL will have to be content with it, everything will be decided in the return against West Ham

Ndombele: “We could have hoped for better”

Tanguy Ndombele at the microphone of RMC Sport: “To be honest, we are not going to spit on it. At 10 against 11, we could have hoped for better. But from the moment we concede a goal, we know that it will be difficult, especially away. Score that goal away, we’re not going to complain about it. The start of the match? I don’t think we had any trouble. It was the intensity of the match. was a little afraid. They were also afraid of us.”

It’s over ! Everything will be decided at Parc OL!

Lyon may have regrets after playing the entire second period on the power play. But the Gones were quickly surprised by a goal from Bowen. The equalization of Ndombele certainly limits the breakage, but there was a way to create the gap.

Bowen is warned

Emerson plays the shot well by protecting the ball which went out of touch.

Dembele is found in the head

Gusto’s cross finally finds a taker, but the striker does not fit. Number 9 from Lyon was not up to par today.

Mendes was replaced by Denayer

It’s good for the Belgian back from injury, but we don’t really understand this change.

There will be… 8 minutes of additional time

Between healers and streakers, we lost a little time.

Antonio is warned

It makes sense: late tackle from behind on Ndombele.

A West Ham counter-attack is stopped by Mendes then… a streaker

The other English supporters are very angry with him, given the number of cups he receives.

Emerson is staggered into the box

But his eccentric strike is captured by Areola. OL still have about ten minutes to make the difference.

Packet Right Strike

Areola pushes back a bit haphazardly, but his defense manages to break free.

Lopes decisive on corner

Nice aerial outing in front of Dawson.

OL are a little more active with the ball

It’s hard against the 10 Hammers, but we have to continue to offer and be more technically fair.

It’s streaker time

We don’t see it, but the game is stopped and the camera does not move.


And it’s still Tetê who is decisive, who eliminates and crosses in front of the goal. Areola pushes back into Ndombele’s feet. 1-1!

Toko Ekambi and Tetê enter

Faivre, transparent, and Boateng, catastrophic, give way. Mendes and Aouar each go down a notch.

Lopes bothers Antonio!

And that was necessary when OL had again conceded a block and Bowen’s center was almost taken over by the West Ham striker.

Ndombele sends a superb half-volley from far

But it’s a little too much on the outside of the foot and it leaks from the frame. The atmosphere is in any case boiling, except on the Lyon bench which seems extinct.


The stadium explodes! But this goal is given: the first counter comes from a missed shot by Paqueta who had no reason to shoot, then Gusto misses his recovery and it ultimately benefits Bowen whose shot is deflected out of reach of Lopes ! 1-0!

Attack-defense at the start of the second period

OL are in the opposing camp, as expected. It will be necessary to do better than centers to disrupt the English defense, a priori.

Here we go again !

A change at the break: the side Johnson replaces Benrahma, yet the most prominent Londoner.

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It’s the break ! 0-0!

Moyes gets a yellow card because he’s pissed off at Cresswell’s expulsion. West Ham will indeed finish at 10 against 11, and OL must take advantage of this to make the difference! The first period was well managed by the Lyonnais, even if it sometimes lacked speed in the last third and you have to be careful on the counterattacks.

Emerson’s free kick is deflected for a corner by the wall

So much the better, it wasn’t very well shot. The corner does nothing either.


Dembélé is launched in depth by Aouar and hooked by the London defender in front of the surface!

Benrahma is on her feet today

The winger makes Gusto dizzy, even if the OL block had time to get back behind. The Algerian is one of the main dangers on the West Ham side at the moment, with Antonio holding the ball well in the middle.

Emerson may be rushing too much to shoot a counterattack from long range

But he had partners. We will be satisfied with the corner obtained following a deviation from the defender, especially since the Italian was shooting with his right foot.

Head to head between Emerson and Fredericks

It lasts only a second before they are separated, following a big intervention from the Hammer.

Boateng remains on the ground

There is probably experience there too, since he completely missed the ball on a clearance and hit Benrahma.

OL are suffering more and more

The long balls of Fornals in particular quickly dislocate the block.

Rice crushes his shot too much after a low corner

It could still have been dangerous, since the ball crosses the crowded surface, but Lopes captures quietly.

Ndombele tries the shot from afar

It misses the point, but it is a solution to unblock the situation.

Gusto finds himself the most advanced Lyonnais

And a good twenty meters, after a very rapid climb. The side finally looks up and has to stop to wait for his teammates.

Contentious action on Aouar

The VAR does not intervene, but there was a collision in the box.

OL are still well into it

It just lacks a little something in front, where Dembélé is not always technically inspired, and not always followed enough.

It’s racing!

OL lay siege to the opposing area, but all it takes is a long ball for Antonio to find himself in a strike situation within seconds. Lukeba pulls out an impeccable tackle!


Benrahma is launched deep and comes out with perfect control in the race. Gusto prevents him from refocusing and forces the Algerian to strike from a tight angle well repelled by Lopes.

Good start to the Lyon game

We feel the European experience, since the game takes place almost exclusively in the hammer camp.


Emerson fakes the cross and shifts Paqueta. The center in withdrawal of the Brazilian is taken over by Dembélé. It passes by, perhaps being countered by Zouma, but there are six meters.

Aouar also misses his cross from the left

But the Lyonnais are starting to deploy their forces, with Paqueta hitting in the middle and Dembélé in support.

Center too long from Gusto

This is the first action where OL manages to bring the ball out on the ground.

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Let’s go !

Kick off at the London Stadium!

The players are on the lawn

The Europa League anthem is less gripping than that of the Champions League (and there are no words in addition), but we can feel the tension before this very big match.

The bubbles flew away

It was time for the West Ham anthem, after an LED show in an already very warm atmosphere. OL will need their European experience.

West Ham had been waiting for a European quarter-final for 41 years

And it feels in the atmosphere! In 1981, the London club was eliminated from the Cup Cup by Dinamo Tbilisi (USSR), who won the competition against FC Carl Zeiss Iena (RDA) in the final. Vintage.

OL with Paqueta and Dembele

The composition of OL:

Lopes – Gusto, Boateng, Lukeba, Emerson – Aouar, Thiago Mendes, Ndombele, Faivre – Lucas Paqueta, M. Dembélé


Pollersbeck, Bonnevie, Denayer, Toko Ekambi, Kadewere, Henrique, Dubois, Tetê, Da Silva, Reine-Adélaïde, B.Barcola

West Ham line-up:

Areola – Fredericks, Dawson, Zouma, Cresswell – Soucek, Rice, Fornals – Bowen, Antonio, Benrahma


Fabianski, Randolph, Coufal, Yarmolenko, Vlasic, Noble, I.Diop, Masuaku, Johnson, Kral, Alese, Perkins

Heading back to OL’s X factor?

A surprise recruit from the Ukrainian club Donetsk, the Brazilian Tetê has already played his first minutes in Ligue 1 against Angers. Better still, the 22-year-old winger scored the winning goal in the dying seconds against SCO.

A successful entry into play which arouses great expectation in Lyon but also caution from Peter Bosz. Tetê may still glean a few minutes on the pitch this Thursday against West Ham in the Europa League.

Bosz’s secrets about his playing philosophy

Peter Bosz arrived at OL at the start of the season and the team is really starting to show the Dutch technician’s touch after several complicated months. Still fighting for Europe in Ligue 1, Lyon also dreams of going as far as possible in the Europa League. A ticket to the last four goes through a good match on Thursday. That’s good, Peter Bosz wants to see his players play attacking, attractive and dominant football, as he explained in an interview for RMC Sport.

“It’s always the result that is the most important. But I am convinced that we can put both in place, indicated the boss of the Lyon team. You can win with a way that is offensive, attractive and dominant. It’s possible but it’s not easy. When you play with a lot of space behind your back, it’s not easy and it’s playing differently. Clubs like Barça, Manchester City or Liverpool play like that today and I like to see clubs like that.”

Hi there,

From 9 p.m., OL challenged West Ham at the London Stadium in the first leg of the Europa League quarter-finals. Porto’s faller in the previous round, the Rhone club does not lack ambition against the sixth in the Premier League.

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