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“Nobody spoils my pleasure”, squeaks Mbappé, acid about the “minority of supporters” who shunned the title

The Parisian striker answered questions from journalists in the mixed zone on Saturday, after obtaining the title of champion of France.

The title of champion : “We are champions of France, that’s the most important thing. This is the tenth time (in the history of the club, editor’s note). We were very happy in the locker room. We celebrated that between us. We went looking for him. We were able to take shelter very early in the season. We have never been worried by any competitor. We are therefore very happy with this season in Ligue 1. (…) This title has a very great flavor because it is both personal and collective, and there is also the club side. It’s my fifth league title (four with Paris, one with Monaco, editor’s note), the club’s tenth and it’s a title for this group. We win our first title of the season, it’s not to be neglected (and it will be the only one since PSG, beaten in the Champions Trophy and eliminated in C1 is no longer in the race either in the Coupe de France, editor’s note) . We are very happy. »

The atmosphere and the supporters : If the atmosphere spoiled my pleasure? No, no one is spoiling my fun. We make a lot of sacrifices, we work every day, we want to leave our name in history. There are always circumstances in a season. It’s part of it today… Personally, it doesn’t affect me. I was very happy to win. (…) We celebrated that in the locker room. We would have seen bigger festivities with the cup (the trophy will be awarded on the last day, editor’s note), but the public was there. People were happy to be there. It’s not because a minority of supporters left… They don’t represent all PSG supporters, they represent a minority. The stadium was full, we were happy and we thanked them. After that, we wanted to get closer to each other because we went to get this title with the players, of course with the public too. But we wanted to get together between players to celebrate in the locker room. Disappointed ? No. Not me. Maybe you need to ask other players. Me, I adapt. They want to celebrate it, they celebrate it. Otherwise, they don’t celebrate it… They were disappointed and we totally understand them. But it’s been a month anyway. They wanted to send a message. The club understood it, the players too. Afterwards, they are the ones who decide, they do what they see fit. We are nobody to force them to come and celebrate (the title of champion of France). They don’t want to celebrate, they don’t celebrate… We won, we’re happy.»

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The 3-4-3 used for a few matches : “It’s a question of organization and more a subject for the coach. Me, I adapt to all the schemes, I can play in any scheme. I think it puts some players in the best condition, but that’s a question for the coach.»

I never thought I would earn so much so fast

Kylian Mbappe

His future : “Nothing has changed, I have nothing more to say. My last title of champion of France? Already, you have to make sure you win (smile)! Maybe I’ll stay and we won’t win… I’m savoring this one already, I’m still savoring the present moment, that’s the most important thing. It’s my fifth title, I never thought I’d win so much so quickly. I savor and I continue to work because there is a lot of work.»

captaincy : “An armband, it does not ask. It’s not the kind of thing that wonders, it comes naturally. We had Thiago Silva who was a great captain. Marquinhos took over naturally. He prepared to be captain and now he is our captain. He is a very good captain. Even in relation to him, it’s a little disrespectful, it’s making him uncomfortable. He is the captain of PSG, he has a long contract here, he will stay for many years and we must support him.“(Marquinhos is under contract until 2024 at PSG but his extension, under discussion, is hardly in doubt, Editor’s note)

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