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MLS boosts its status with the American public — YubiGeek

Football remains the king of all sports internationally, even today when all disciplines have visibility. Year after year, the teams’ supporters look forward to new seasons and championships where the best footballers in the world compete. The spectacle is served when the ball begins to roll on the lawn and the public roars in the stands of the stadium. Football fever, far from disappearing, has more followers every day who vibrate with excitement with major competitions.

Europe, in addition to being the cradle of football, is the continent where the best teams and the best players are found. The passion for football on the old continent is incomparable, as is the mass of money that moves the sector. The Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, League 1 and Bundes Liga attract attention, not to mention the prestigious UEFA Champions League, the best football league in the world. But despite the importance of football in this region, there are other very interesting competitions that bring together millions of supporters. MLS, the soccer league of the United States, is one of the best-known examples, as it has managed to make its way into a country where basketball and baseball are the kings of the show.

The format

We’ve said before that basketball is perhaps America’s most public sport, and that shows in the influence it has on other sports. The MLS (Major League Soccer) has a competition format similar to the one everyone knows from the NBA. Unlike the major European leagues, this version has a division into two major groups: the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. In each of them, 14 teams compete to reach the first place of the classification and win the trophy of champion of the conference: the MLS Supporters Shield. A total of 28 teams compete throughout the season, but the organization plans to add two more entities to complete 30 teams.

After the regular tournament, the top 14 teams from both conferences play a knockout round until the final game, in which the two teams that passed each phase measure their strengths in a final meeting to decide which of them will be the winner of the MLS Cup.

His success with the public

The large population of the United States allows almost every sport played nationally to have a large fan base. Its culture motivates young people to encourage and follow the institute team from an early age, then at university. The public has a very varied offer and can choose. Despite this, MLS managed to gather a truly gigantic crowd of fans around it. Contrary to what was traditionally thought of classic football in the United States, MLS has positioned itself in recent years as the third American football league with the most fans and attendance rates, surpassed only by the Mexican league and that of Puerto Rico.

Nationally, the attendance rate has made MLS the third league of all existing sports disciplines with the best figures. Above it are positioned the NFL and the MLB, but surpasses even the almighty NBA.

The MLS betting market

The great success of MLS with the American public has allowed bookmakers and gambling companies to draw attention to this competition and its audience. As with other tournaments, such as the NBA, NFL or MLB, fans try to win some money by betting on the results of games. MLS betting currently moves such a large amount of money that some professional statisticians are dedicated to making football match predictions.

Currently, PepeBet is the favorite site for players to make MLS football predictions. Every day before matches, the site displays the most likely predictions for fans to place their bets. Also, it displays all the options you can bet on, so the user can reach the betting point you want and suits you. All users who use PepeBet to make their bets claim that they have already won, so the site has earned a good reputation for the reliability of their information.


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