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Mercato: A tube from the Stéphanois transfer window arrives in Ligue 1! ⋆ – Football – ASSE

While ASSE is tirelessly looking for a scorer worthy of the name, a name has come to the surface that will bring back some (crispy?) memories to Saint-Etienne supporters! Having become a hit in the Stéphanois transfer window with regard to the incredible reversals of the situation that his real-false arrival caused, Mostafa Mohamed is going to put his suitcases in France!

The Egyptian with countless intermediaries and other less official agents than each other will therefore put his bags in France. The opportunity for Saint-Etienne supporters to remember the Hollywood scenario that accompanied this true-false signing in Forez, culminating in the famous television interview with Roland Romeyer threatening the leaders to give the names of the intermediaries who wanted to recover money. money on the way!

Mostafa Mohamed appears as a hen laying golden eggs in his country. This is at least the impression left by the failure of his visit to France during the winter transfer window of the 2020/21 season. While the Greens had checked off his name to put on the Green jersey of an offensively desperate Saint-Etienne team, multiple sticks slipped into the wheels of ASSE, which will never see the Egyptian arrive, who will finally sign for Galatasaray (Tur .).

The tweet of a player in despair at not being able to join ASSE

Tired of unsuccessful negotiations, the player had at the time implored his management to let him join a major European championship. The Egyptian international even tweeted on his personal account explaining that people were preventing him from realizing his dream: ” Everything that is said about me is not true so far. I don’t know why some people get in my way and prevent me from achieving my desire, especially since I have answered all requests from the Zamalek club?!”

A media maneuver that will not bend the Zamalek club, which will hold firm in the negotiations. It was then that Roland Romeyer decided to reveal on Egyptian television the underside of the transfer and the sums at stake.

Roland Romeyer’s lunar interview on Egyptian TV!

On the Egyptian channel Al Nahar Ryada, Roland Romeyer gave the exact details of the offer of St-Etienne to Zamalek to secure the services of his striker, Mostafa Mohamed. ASSE offered 3 million euros in January 2021 to which would be added 2 million euros in February 2022. To this, bonuses were added: 500,000 € for qualification for the Champion’s League, 300,000 € for Europa League, €100,000 if the player scored 10 goals, €150,000 for 15 goals and €200,000 for 20. The interest on the capital gain on resale was 20%.

It was a first for us to see a club manager revealing a deal to such an extent during a transfer window. However, Roland Romeyer did not stop there and announced that he could say more if Zamalek did not let go of his player within 24 or 48 hours. Indeed, he threatened to give the names of intermediaries who wanted to help themselves at the time…

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Zamalek cancels the transfer and in turn threatens the leaders of Saint-Etienne!

Following this unique media release of the president of Saint-Etienne, the Zamalek club indicated that they had “followed with interest the statements of the president of French club Saint-Etienne on January 14, 2021, on the Al-Nahar channel, and his allegations that people he did not name asked for money in exchange for facilitate the transfer of Zamalek player Mostafa Mohamed to his club. First, the Zamalek club rejects in any way any infringement or attempted embezzlement by any of its affiliates, who enjoy transparency and credibility. Secondly, the club categorically and unequivocally rejects the threat contained in the above-mentioned statements to release the names of those who have asked to receive money in the event of non-fulfilment of the agreement, and calls on the officials of the club Saint- Étienne to immediately disclose these names, if necessary, in accordance with the standard of integrity and transparency that must be respected. Thirdly, in this context, the Zamalek club announces the definitive cancellation of the negotiation concerning the transfer of the player, Mostafa Mohamed to the French club of Saint-Etienne, out of respect for the entity and concern of the Zamalek club, as well as its many supporters all over the world who do not accept such matters, which contradict values ​​and principles.”

It was over with the Mostafa Mohamed track at ASSE, despite rumors returning in July 2021…

The true-false arrival at the Girondins de Bordeaux!

Eindhoven, Netherlands, 21.07.2021: Mostafa Mohamed (Galatasaray Istanbul) enttaeuscht waehrend dem UEFA Champions League Qualifikationsspiel zwischen PSV Eindhoven und Galatasaray Istanbul im Philips-Stadion am 21. Juli 2021 in Eindhoven. (Photo von Alex Gottschalk/DeFodi Images)
Eindhoven, Netherlands – 21.07.2021: Mostafa Mohamed (Galatasaray Istanbul) looks dejected during the UEFA Champions League qualification match between PSV Eindhoven and Galatasaray Istanbul at Philips-Stadion on July 21st 2021 in Eindhoven. (Photo by Alex Gottschalk/DeFodi Images)
Photo by Icon Sport – Mostafa MOHAMED – Philips Stadion – Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Last July, it was the turn of the Girondins to fail to conclude the arrival of the Egyptian. Despite an agreement with the striker, Bordeaux could not complete this signing. Indeed, the Zamalek club, with which the player was still under contract, had not given its final agreement. Mostafa Mohamed’s father had even landed in the premises of the Egyptian club. In vain. The situation could not be resolved in time. Result: Mostafa Mohamed had not signed in Bordeaux.

Mostafa Mohamed should finally arrive in France!

Will the third rumor be the right one for the Egyptian? According to information from Nabil Djellit, the striker could join FC Nantes in the form of a loan with a purchase option estimated at 5.8 million euros. Less successful lately, the Zamalek striker will be watched closely, as much for his undeniable scoring qualities as because his name, while he has never set foot on a French lawn, has already made the tour of Ligue 1 football news on many occasions!


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