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Mbaye Diagne on his next season: “I am dedicated to Galatasaray and I am mentally ready”

While Galatasaray is currently at the camp in the city of Bad Waltersdorf in Austria for the needs of the preseason, the Senegalese striker, Mbaye Diagne confided in Demirören, (DHA). He returned to his adventure with the Turkish club and his ambitions for the next season.

Absent from the lawns for several months during the late season, Mbaye Diagne returned to the injury he suffered during the match against Başakşehir and which had kept him away from the meadows. Mbaye Diagne said that “Everyone has already seen the nature of my injury. Frankly, I didn’t understand how it happened. It was a strange injury. Of course, we do our job as footballers, but it’s not all up to us. Such an injury can happen to us and at this point we say that we cannot go against the will of God”.

6 months have passed since his injury and the Senegalese striker claims that “It was a very difficult process. During this process, I went to Senegal, to my family. I received strength from them and started rehabilitation. Later, I came here to continue working. It was not easy, it was very difficult. I didn’t have to move much, especially during the first 3 months. Since the resumption, I haven’t missed any training with the team. I want to continue my training this way and have a good season.”did he declare.

“You will see a new Mbaye Diagne this new season”

Recalling that he had made a good start to the season before his injury, Diagne said: “I had made a good start in the league and in the European league. However, our coach decided who played and who didn’t. When I looked from my own perspective, I tried to do my job well. Our other forwards did the same. The three of us always tried to perform well in training. In football, you still have to stay in the team. This period has passed, now a new page will open. You will see a new Mbaye Diagne with the new season. I am preparing physically and mentally for the new season. »

Noting that a new era has begun in Galatasaray, Mbaye Diagne said: “We have a new coach, we have a new president, we have a new sporting director, we have new players here. I don’t have a problem with anyone. I try to work as much as possible and continue my training. And I want to get back to my best shape. The Turkish League is of course a league that I have been playing for many years and I know it well. I am not yet in possession of my full abilities. I couldn’t show it either because of the injuries, but I’ll keep giving my best. And then, of course, our coach will decide who will or will not go on the pitch.”did he declare.

Stating that he had no problem with anyone, the 30-year-old striker said: “Even if there are 5 attackers here, I’m not afraid of them. Because I have already spent my whole life in competition. It’s a normal process and even a big club like Galatasaray, should have at least 4 strikers. There was Falcao before, Halil and Mohamed. But there may be 2 more forwards this year. I am here to play. I am still a Galatasaray contract player. I’m here for another year. I have a contract. Mentally, I am devoted to Galatasaray in every way”.

Recalling that he had a lot of game time when he played at Kasımpaşa, Diagne said: “I came here in the middle of the season and our goal at that time was the league and the cup. Obviously I did what I had to do and I scored my goals there, we won our trophies. Frankly, I want the Coach to trust me and I want him to give me time. Let no one have any doubts in his mind. When you look at the past, of course, I was the top scorer. Here in Turkey, I won everything there was to win. I won the league cup, I won the Turkish Cup. In addition, I won the title of top foreign scorer in the Süper Lig. And now a new season begins. I am preparing and I have the same desire to win again. I also want the championship. As long as there is support and trust, I think I will be fine. »

“I am the best striker in Turkey”

Less prominent before his stoppage of competition, Diagne claimed he could not achieve the desired goals before his injury. “Our line of attack changed every week. It changed not only in the league, but also in the Europa League. However, it is not necessary to return to it. Frankly, I think I gave my all and I always tried to stay positive when I was at the club. But like I said before, I need to play. I am a player who expresses himself better while playing. I think I’m the best striker in Turkey. Something I’m done proving. Everyone knows my goalscoring quality and I know what I can achieve if I want to. »

To the question of the DHA journalist, “How many goals do you expect to score this season? »Diagne replied: “I can’t answer that question right now. Because the number of goals depends entirely on the number of matches I will play. As a striker, I just need time on the pitch. But I’m not afraid of anything. I know how to score goals. I just need to keep trying. When you play for Galatasaray you always find chances to score goals. We also have quality wingers like Kerem and Yunus. In other words, why not 10, 12 goals in 20 games?he replied.

His relationship with Galatasaray fans?

Saying he has a good relationship with Galatasaray fans, the 30-year-old striker used the following expressions: “They love me and I love them very much. They also supported me a lot in difficult times. I think Galatasaray fans deserve the best. Because they give everything for Galatasaray, they give their life. We are very happy with their interest. I wish them happy holidays from here and want them to continue supporting us in the new season. »

Stressing that Olimpiu Morutan is like a brother to him, Mbaye Diagne said: “I think he’s a good person. I frankly like to be natural and behave as I am. I also like taking care of young people. Even though there is an age difference of 8 to 10 years, it doesn’t make much difference. We are like brothers and family here. Football will end one day and I want to have good relations, collect good memories after the end of my career.did he declare. “As for the rest, I always try to help them so that they can earn a living and start a new experience. I can’t help but do nothing about it. It is my duty to help others”did he declare.

“I think I scored 54 goals in 78 games, the results are clear”

Finally, Diagne said the defenders who challenged him the most in the Super League were Marcao and Luyindama: “I scored goals against all the teams in Turkey. I think I scored 54 goals in 78 games, the results are clear. So I can say we have the best defenders, Marcao and Luyindama. We have the best defenders and the best goalkeepers in Turkey”he concluded. with DHA


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