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Mathis, the young motorcycle driver who died at the age of 8: the heavy decision of his parents

Mathis Bellon was a rising star in motorcycling. At only 8 years old, he already had the talent he needed to shine in this environment. Unfortunately, Fate has decided otherwise. His family and all those close to him particularly wanted to pay tribute to him.

A real drama

Participating in a race in the Italian championship, Mathis Bellon and his family would never have thought that things would end like this. As revealed by the Huffington Post, the young boy was the victim ofa serious fall. It happened at the Motorland Aragon circuit on July 23, 2022. In addition to falling, two of his competitors hit him.

Immediately after this terrible accident, the medical team rushed Mathis to the hospital. He was still in a coma when he was repatriated to Montpellier. Despite the efforts of doctors, the young pilot succumbed to his injuries. He died 6 days after his accidentonly 8 years old.

For information, Mathis Bellon was a very talented boy. He came from Reunion Island and lived with his family in the Var.

The little boy was notably entered in the Mini OGP 115 championship with the Race Experience School. Note that it is the former endurance and FSBK driver, Sebastien Gimbert, who manages this structure.

According to the Multisports and Leisure Association Fréjus, Mathis has arrived in Metropolitan France during the spring to further develop his passion.

“He might have become a legend,” said ASML.

They honor him

It was at the age of 3 that Matthis Bellon discovered his passion for motorcycling. At BFMTV, his trainer Thibaut Gourin had declared that he had never seen a driver so fast and so ” competent “ that the deceased boy, “at that age”. According to him, Mathis was able to do what other child pilots of his age could not do.

Following this tragic disappearance, many people wanted to pay tribute to the little boy. Race Experience School, where Mathis was enrolled, obviously honored his memory.

The school claims that the young pilot, who wore the number 38, will miss them. They also thanked Mathis for everything he brought and said they were lucky to have had the little boy as a student.

“You are an angel and you will join great pilots up there who will also teach you beautiful things”, wrote the school before concluding that they are proud of him.

Public figures have also paid tribute to Mathis, like Jean-François Carenco. The minister responsible for overseas assured that the death of the pilot is ” a tragedy “. He has in particular supported the family and all those close to Mathis.

For her part, Karine Lebon, MP for the constituency of La Réunion also reacted to the news. She also had sent condolences to loved ones by Mathis.

The heavy decision of his parents

With the Quotidien de La Réunion, the godfather of the little boy also reacted to his disappearance. Samuel Bellon said Mathis stayed strong until the end. He was also able to last until his little sister’s birthday, according to his godfather.

“He was a great champion until the end,” he said.

Samuel Bellon also clarified that Mathis’ death is no one’s fault. It was child’s choicehe said, to do this race.

As we mentioned earlier, Mathis was repatriated to France after his accident. At that time, he was brain dead. His parents also had to make a very heavy choice before his death.

They had two options: either disconnect the little boy and let him go, without donating, or send him to the operating room and donate his organs.

“And we say goodbye to him in the room still alive,” added his parents.

In the end, it was the second option that Mathis’ mother and father chose. Therefore, the little boy was able to save lives through his organs.

Even if this death will forever change the lives of Mathis’ parents, they still keep your head up.

“We had to accept,” said Aurélie, her mother.


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