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Majeed’s turn / One day, one transfer / Episode 26 /

Currently without a club after two and a half years at RC Strasbourg, Majeed Waris has had better times in his career. Like this month of August 2015 during which Stade Rennes and FC Lorient fought for his signature, until a cult scene at Roissy airport which saw the emissaries of Les Merlus toast their red and black counterparts in extreme. Back to an imbroglio during which the SRFC veiled its face.

In The Terminal, screened in cinemas in 2004, Viktor Navorski – played by Tom Hanks – finds himself stranded in the heart of John-F.-Kennedy airport in New York with no way out. Quite the opposite of Majeed Waris, who was spoiled for choice on August 5, 2015 at the Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport when he landed from Turkey. That Sunday, the striker – who is coming out of an average season in the Süper Lig, with Trabzonspor – returns to France to head west and set foot in Brittany.

Start of the week, The Team let it be known that the 23-year-old had decided to sign at Stade Rennes (which had made it their priority), then The Telegram outright announced the arrival of the Ghanaian in Ille-et-Vilaine following an agreement reached with the Trabzon team for 3.5 million euros for a signing which must be done on Thursday. Present in Paris to meet the ex-Valenciennes on leaving his plane, the Rennes emissaries will never lay hands on him.

Fax and turf

Because behind the scenes, FC Lorient – ​​also interested in this profile, to take over from Jordan Ayew – managed to snatch the extension by raising the bids (around four bricks) in order to win the jackpot at the buzzer. Waris comes to sign in Brittany, but not to put on the red and black outfit. Result: it is in the Lorient car that the black staras rumors said “Not very excited about the idea of ​​playing on a synthetic turf” . “Trabzonspor had given us its agreement by fax for the transfer, so that we could agree with the player and receive him for the medical examinationwill explain the next day Philippe Montanier, coach of the SRFC at the time, in West France. In the meantime, we had information which did not come from Trasbzonspor which told us that Lorient had outbid and obtained the agreement of the Turkish club. We just went to Paris to check it out. We were aware of things, but not by the Turkish club, that’s what is the hardest to admit. Lorient has played its game of wanting to outbid. We didn’t want to do it, neither on the amount of the transfer nor on the salary requested, which seemed unreasonable to us. Afterwards, everyone does what they want in their parish. »

“On arrival in Paris, when we had organized everything, paid for everything, we had the unpleasant surprise of realizing that there were colleagues from another small Breton club who were at Roissy. » Loïc Féry, on RMC

A story “totally wrong” according to FCL vice-president Alex Hayes, who gives his version of the facts in the columns of the same media: “At the club, we have principles. We cannot afford to take financial risks. It’s true that we made a record transfer on the player. On the other hand, in terms of salary, we have a grid and we stick to it. They probably did not accept that Majeed opts for the small Breton neighbor. For them, if a player has the choice between Rennes and Lorient, he will necessarily choose Rennes. Rennes was very strong in its communication. Because it would not have been well perceived to say to the supporters: “Sorry, we messed up.” The Rennes leaders realized that this affair was turning sour for them. But to insinuate that we are not correct and that we have not followed the rules is unacceptable, because it is the opposite of everything we are. » Very happy to have stolen a player from his neighbor after the episodes of Sadio Diallo (in 2012) and Gelson Fernandes (in 2014) which had turned the other way, the president of Merlus Loïc Féry will also clarify things on CMR: “There is a player who decided to join FC Lorient. The first direct contacts with the Trabzonspor club date back to just over ten days. A first offer from us had been accepted. When our last proposal was accepted, FC Lorient organized the player’s trip. And on arrival in Paris, when we had organized everything, paid for everything, we had the unpleasant surprise of realizing that there were colleagues from another small Breton club who were at Roissy. »

A closed chamber

While we had a time talked about a sequel to the courts (“our agreement by fax obviously has legal value” had dropped Montanier), the affair stopped there, and Majeed Waris will revive as planned on the side of Moustoir (eleven goals in only 21 appearances in Ligue 1, during the 2015-2016 financial year).

A master of digital trash-talking over the years, the FCL had also laid the first stone of its work in October of that same year before the reunion between Waris and the Stadium on the occasion of the derby: “Do like Majeed Waris, take the road to Moustoir! » , could we read, accompanied by an image of the center forward sticking his tongue out, on the visual published by the club encouraging supporters to come and gather in the stands. Waris will slam a decisive pass to Raphaël Guerreiro, before crashing in the next two games against the Bretilliens. Not sure Tom Hanks would have done as well.

By Jeremy Baron



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