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LIVE – OM-Norwich: Marseille corrected for their second friendly match

The video summary of the meeting

Relive in pictures the best chances and goals of this match between OM and Norwich (0-3).

Ended ! OM bows heavily against Norwich!

3-0 defeat for OM in their second warm-up match against a very realistic Norwich team! Despite a few opportunities in the first period, the Marseillais were punished for their hesitations in defense. With a reshuffled team, the end of the match was much more sluggish. Next match Friday evening against Middlesbrough (8 p.m.).

One minute of additional time

The final whistle is approaching, with a heavy defeat looming for OM.


The double for Hugill! The English striker emerges from the penalty spot to deceive Van Neck with a diving header in a passive defense! It turns to the correction in favor of the last Premier League red lantern.

Pukki doesn’t take advantage

Despite an approximation of Peres offering him a goal ball, the Finnish striker does not fit his attempt, alone in front of the cage.

Good entry from Dieng

The Olympian center-forward obtains a corner after an interesting acceleration. It does nothing dangerous.

Dieng finds the frame

Author of a hat-trick against Marignane-Gignac this week (4-1), the Senegalese striker finds the opening in the area. He stumbles on the opposing goalkeeper.

Already finished for Nadir

In tears, the young Marseille therefore left his partners, replaced by Benyahia. In the goal, Lopez gives way to Van Neck.

Nadir on the ground

Having just entered the game, Nadir holds his right leg after injuring himself. The healers come to his aid.

Norwich on the offensive again

The English team are embedded again in the Olympian surface after having shown great realism from the kick-off.

The stadium gives voice

The enclosure of Fos-sur-Mer tries to ignite this end of the meeting, despite the score against OM and a match which is sorely lacking in rhythm and opportunities.

Gerson gives way

The Brazilian is replaced by Nadir while Norwich also continues its large workforce review, with in particular the entries of Pukki and Lees-Melou.

De la Fuente offside

Too bad for the American striker, who had been found by a superb opening from Targhalline.

Corner for OM

This does not give anything dangerous for the Marseillais, who do not succeed in this second period. The second goal seems to have done a lot of harm.

VIDEO – Norwich’s second goal

Jordan Hugill doubles the score for Norwich on a very quickly played touch.

New changes at OM

Gigot and Gueye are replaced by Targhalline and Elmaz.

Guendouzi does not catch the frame

Not attacked, the Marseille midfielder advances in the middle and tries a long shot, which finally flies into the stands of the Parsemain stadium.


And 2-0 for Norwich! After a touch quickly played on the right, the new center-forward is found in the area by a millimeter cross from Rashica and shoots Lopez, with a winning header at close range.

A still tense game

Contacts and whistles multiply in this preparation meeting. Which doesn’t help for the show.

The composition of OM for this second period

Lopez – Mmadi, Gigot, Luan Peres – Lirola, Guendouzi, Gueye, Kolasinac – De la Fuente, Dieng, Gerson

Rashica finds the small net

Taking advantage of a transmission error in the defense, the Kosovar recovers the ball on the left of the surface and strikes in force. He only finds Lopez’s small outside net.

Hugill called to order

Just entered the game, the Norwich striker is warned for a delayed intervention on Gigot. There is nervousness this afternoon, despite the lack of stakes.

Gueye’s strike!

The Senegalese midfielder fires a powerful strike 25 meters from goal, but the opposing goalkeeper, now Gunn, pulls out a new high-class save!

Six changes for OM

De la Fuente, Dieng, Peres, Mmadi, Lirola and Kolasinac entered the game for this second act.

Here we go again between Marseille and Norwich!

Norwich kick off the second half with a one-goal lead. Several changes are to be reported on the Marseille side.

Half-time in Fos-sur-Mer!

OM are led 1-0 by Norwich at the break! The English take the lead thanks to a very nice goal from Jacob Lungi Sorensen at the very start of the match. Despite a few situations, the Olympians are disappointing against a club relegated to the Championship and who are in their fourth preparation match.

Guendouzi claims the penalty

The Marseille midfielder signals to the referee that an opposing defender has touched the ball with his arm in front of his goal. But no penalty for OM, despite the anger of Guendouzi and his supporters.

Guendouzi’s anger for a penalty not whistled in a friendly against Norwich, July 16, 2022 © RMC Sport
The hand of the Norwich defender in a friendly against OM, July 16, 2022
The hand of the Norwich defender in a friendly against OM, July 16, 2022 © RMC Sport

First card for Norwich

After a gesture of anti-game on the part of one of his players, the referee released the first card of the match against the English club, to the applause of the Parsemain stadium.

Another free kick for Norwich

At the far post, Guendouzi extended a fleeing center for a corner.

Krul disgusts Bakambu

Amavi makes another interesting cross from the left, towards Bakambu who had dived at the far post. But the opposing goalkeeper lays down well to cut off this strong pass.

Gerson makes the wrong choice

Amavi delivers a good cross back for Gerson, who lets the ball pass between the legs in front of the box. No one can take back behind him.

Norwich well in their game

The English are still in the lead and have good control of an OM who are still looking for themselves.

Opportunity for OM!

Guendouzi overflows on the left of the surface and solicits Krul. In the process, Touré, in the center forward position, also finds the gloves of the Dutch goalkeeper.

Cantwell treats

If goalscoring opportunities are rare, the Norwich midfielder feasts the eyes by achieving a superb roulette between two opponents.

The game resumed

The Marseillais are moving forward and still dominating this meeting, without being particularly dangerous in the last 30 meters.

It’s time for a cool break

It is already half of this period: the referee orders a cool break to allow the actors to quench their thirst, while it is very hot this afternoon at the Parsemain stadium.

Lopez no problem

Norwich is struggling to be dangerous again. A free kick from the left ends up directly in the arms of the Spanish goalkeeper.

Gerson can’t find Bakambu

Very nice acceleration from the Brazilian who pierces the midfield before looking for his center forward in depth. Its transmission is not adjusted.

The stadium wakes up

The public of Fos-sur-Mer launches a particularly noisy “To arms”, after a rather sluggish start to the match from the Olympians.

VIDEO – The splendid goal of Norwich which makes OM doubt

A magnificent strike on an error by Gueye and it has a cold shower effect…

Lopez takes no chances

The Marseille goalkeeper punches in a corner from the left. OM go back on the attack.

Ünder claims fault

The Turkish international stops playing but the referee does not whistle. Guendouzi concedes a dangerous free kick in stride and gets annoyed, just like Payet.

Corner for OM

It’s played quickly and it does nothing. OM are trying to react after this goal which surprised the Parsemain stadium.

Under’s reaction

The Turkish piston progresses in the axis and places a strike in front of the surface. It is countered, Norwich can revive.


Sorensen lands an unstoppable strike! Gueye intercepts a pass from Rashica but returns the ball to the Danish midfielder, who finds Lopez’s right corner, Norwich lead 1-0!

Unclear playing conditions

Under a blazing sun and on a lawn far from being in perfect condition, the actors do not evolve in ideal conditions.

Stop Krul!

Ünder does a lot of work on the right and crosses in front of the goal towards Guendouzi, who resumes at close range. The Norwich goalkeeper makes a huge save, his defense then wards off the danger. What an opportunity!

First alert in the Marseille defense

Rashica manages his dribble on Caleta-Car on the left and crosses into the box. The ball is finally cleared.

Let’s go between OM and Norwich!

The kick-off for this second OM preparation match is given by the men of Tudor!

Entry of both teams

OM and Norwich appear on the lawn of the Parsemain stadium in Fos-sur-Mer, where the temperature is 33°C.

Four absent at OM

The Marseille club comes for this meeting without four main players: Mbemba, who arrived yesterday, Balerdi, Rongier and Milik.

The program of OM’s other friendly matches

Middlesbrough-OM: 22/07 at 8 p.m.

Betis Sevilla-OM: 07/27 at 8:30 p.m.

OM-AC Milan: 07/31 at 6 p.m.

OM will play their first league match at home on Sunday August 7 against Reims (8:45 p.m.).

The summary of the victory against Marignane (4-1)

This Wednesday, OM easily won their first preparation match against Marignane-Gignac (4-1) in their training center. Bamba Dieng notably offered himself a hat-trick.

Cardoze reassures on the OM transfer window and gives a figure

At the microphone of BFM Marseille, Jacques Cardoze, OM’s communication director, wanted to reassure Marseille supporters who are getting impatient about the club’s transfer window:

“Pablo Longoria said it, it’s a transfer window that can move at any time. We can expect that it can sometimes unblock from one day to the next. It’s an opportunity market As soon as we have the possibility of making a player who fits into the fixed patterns, in relation to the shortcomings, to what they want to do and to the wishes of Igor Tudor, they will do it and they will go quickly. You have to be patient. It’s always scary for the fans, but from inside the club, what matters is to stay calm and work properly. The watchword is to be calm and patient “There will be between 5 and 8 signings, there have already been 3. The numbers also depend on the opportunities. A lot can happen, both for arrivals and exits. There are still six weeks left.”

The composition of OM

Caleta-Car, Amavi, Ünder and Gueye enter the eleven.

On which channels to watch OM-Norwich?

The match will be broadcast live on RMC Sports 1, RMC Story, BFM Marseille and BFM Toulon.

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