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LIVE – OM: Longoria confirms agreements for Clauss and Blanco

It’s over for this press conference

Pablo Longoria and recruits leave auditorium.

Longoria on his vision for the club

“There is always the short term: to have results. We are judged only for the results. At OM, the demands are high and we have to meet the expectations of the supporters. In the medium term, it’s ethics and respect for the owner. In the long term, it means having economic health and planning for 100 years. It’s a balance.”

Longoria on possible departures

“The objective is to have a group of 22-23 players. We will work on the individual situations of the players.”

Longoria on Luis Henrique

“We are in the final part of negotiations with Botafogo for a loan with an option to buy.”

Longoria on the transfer window

“We have to give the coach the opportunity to work with a large group. Everyone expects to hear news every day. We have to be patient, we have an obligation to be competitive.”

Longoria on Clauss and Blanco

“We have an agreement in principle for Clauss. Blanco is traveling, we have an agreement in principle with Celta Vigo.

We discussed different player profiles. Veretout is a Roma player. Nuno Tavares is still looking for his place at Arsenal. We will see in the coming weeks, we are looking for a player on the left. We are talking about high-level players with a lot of demands. It’s a market where you have to be patient.”


“Luis Suarez is a versatile player. We had to take a player with different characteristics: pressing, repetition of high-intensity efforts. It’s a profile that we didn’t have before.”

Longoria on the season and the World Cup

“We talked a lot with Javier. It changes a lot of things. From September to November, we will play a lot and it also changes in the transfer window. The winter transfer window will be different than usual.”

Longoria on Haller

“I would like to support Sébastien Haller who is going through difficult times. I know how we live in this kind of situation, I give my full support to Haller and Dortmund.”

Longoria on the transfer window in defense

“The objective is to make a squad with six centre-backs.”

Longoria on the cast

“In the construction of the workforce, complementarity is essential. On a group of 22-23 players it is important.”

Mbemba on his position and the choice of OM

“Each of us brings something extra. We will continue to work. I am a central defender. When the coach tells me something, I do it for my teammates.

I had a lot of offers but I had to talk about it with my family. I decided and OM is a great team. When I look at my career, at Porto and OM, I’m proud of myself”

Mbemba on his role and his age

“I’m shy but on the pitch I’m not shy. I take my time. There are a lot of people talking (about his real age). I’m doing my job, I don’t know who’s going to know my age. Me , my mother, my father, we know my age… People are talking, well done.”

Mbemba on his choice of OM

“I’m here in Marseille. In Porto, we won titles but I had to turn the page. Here, it’s like a second challenge. I watch OM on TV, I’m going to learn and I’m happy to be here.”

Mbemba on his physical and mental state

“I arrived on Friday, I take my time. I worked with the whole group, I know everyone. It’s my family, we will go up little by little.”

Let’s go for Mbemba

Longoria: “I like Chencel’s smile. It’s something I appreciate. For Chancel, it’s success despite the difficulties. With a lot of performance in a difficult Belgian league. Portuguese football is different than in England and Belgium. He’s an old-style central defender. We had the opportunity to make the transfer as a free player, we took the opportunity. It became an obligation to take the opportunity if we play three behind with the substitutes. He plays with personality, he has experience and that’s important for us. We’ve improved the number of defensive players. It’s important to complete opportunities like that. “

Longoria on the Touré project

“It’s part of the project to have a player who can have his value go up season by season. We’re far from talking about selling, he has to start learning. It’s important to have players with value.”


“Since the first conversation we had, it was the desire to play under pressure. In the negotiations, our teams worked well to complete this deal before June 30. It is an operation that I am very happy with. “

Touré on his faults and his style

“I don’t take that (the remarks on his heading game) as a criticism. On the heads, I have a problem of timing but it works over time. I’m an atypical player with my 2m but I’m at comfortable with the ball.”

Touré on his arrival at OM and his profile

“From the first sessions, it went quickly. I’m here to learn, especially with Samuel. The coach gives me a lot of freedom on the pitch, we’ll try to do that in the league. I’m here to learn and I I want to make my place in the eleven. We’re going step by step.”

Touré on Le Havre succession

“There were big names, Mandanda, Benjamin Mendy and Pape Gueye, I hope to follow in their footsteps. There were a lot of clubs, but it’s been a while since I made the decision. It’s hard to say no to OM.”

Place for Isaac Touré

Longoria: “Welcome Isaak, it’s a pleasure. You are a project player, who we want to build differently. It’s a transfer that allows us to see that we can work as a team. We did a great job. I watched the Ligue 2 matches, a difficult championship. He’s a technical and physical player. He has the ability in duels. The first time I saw him was a match with the Bleuets against the Netherlands. He is considered one of the most promising defenders in Europe.”

Longoria on Leg

“From the first conversation, he told me that he wanted to come to Marseille. It was the player’s desire to come to the project. It’s not just the sports project, it’s also the life project. .”

Longoria on the difference in defense strategies

“In all styles, it was necessary to anticipate. There is the need to go forward for Sampaoli whereas Tudor is a more individual game and it is necessary to win more individual players.

Longoria in the Free Player Market

“We can consider that there are different types of market, including that of opportunities, as is the case with Samuel and Chancel. It depends on the situation. We look for opportunities 18 months before. You always have to know how to choose the right one. moment.”

Leg on his journey

“I know that I have an atypical background, I did not go to a training center but it makes me want to surpass myself. I am someone who lives from day to day. I can make my childhood dream come true “I want to impose myself here. We all know the fervor of the Marseille people. There will be the C1, it will be up to us to respond on the ground to move forward as quickly as possible. We must try to impose ourselves.”

Leg on his character

“I find it hard to put myself forward. I’m someone who gives everything and wets the jersey to make the supporters proud. It’s natural.”

Gigot on his relationship with Tudor

“He is a coach who is based on the human aspect. He wants to put in place a new system, intense pressing. He knows what he wants but little by little it will take. We are pros, we know where we want to go.”

Leg on his preferred position in defense

“I prefer to play centrally in a three-man system. It’s the Marseille I know. We’re calm, we’re working. We’re going to move up in rank and we have three good weeks left to work on to prepare for the league match. .”

Leg on his love for OM

“I want to thank the president for coming. It’s an immense pride for me to play for the biggest club in France. I want to give back the confidence that the president and the coach have given me.”

Longoria on Leg

“Welcome Samuel, it’s a great pleasure to have you here. I remember the first conversation I had with Samuel, and with Javier Ribalta. He told me that there was a French defender in the Spartak Moscow. We started talking last summer. He’s a high-level professional, the Europa League campaign was high-level. He has the skills we were looking for. It’s a pleasure to have a defender like him.”

Let’s go for the press conference

Pablo Longoria arrives with Samuel Gigot. Isaak Touré and Chancel Mbemba will then follow.

Total agreement for the transfer of Jonathan Clauss to OM

Jonathan Clauss (29) will become a new player for Olympique de Marseille. OM and Lens reached a full agreement on Tuesday for the transfer of the right side, after several days of discussions. According to information from RMC Sport, the transfer amount will amount to 7.5 million euros, plus bonuses. The player, who only had a year of contract left in Hauts de France, will have his medical examination no later than Wednesday morning.

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What is Luis Suarez, the new OM striker worth?

To everyone’s surprise, Olympique de Marseille announced on Monday evening that they had reached an agreement with Granada for the transfer of Luis Suarez. The 24-year-old Colombian striker will undergo his medical examination with the Marseille club in the coming hours and sign his contract. A powerful and versatile striker, Suarez had already been tracked by OM two years ago.

But what about his talent? Last season, with Granada, Luis Suarez scored eight goals and provided four assists in 37 league games, making him the club’s second top scorer after Jorge Molina (10 goals). Honest statistics for the striker’s second season in La Liga, but far from being those of a great goalscorer.

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Welcome to this live commentary to follow the OM press conference from 1:30 p.m., which will present its three recruits Samuel Gigot, Isaak Touré and Chancel Mbemba. Pablo Longoria will also be present.


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