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LIVE – Euro 2022: the Blue qualified for the quarters, exams Friday for Katoto

Diani savors her goal

Asked by TF1, Kadidiatou Diani savored her goal. The 19th in the France team but the first in a major competition: “It’s a lot of pride. I’m really very happy to have finally scored my first goal in major competition. I’m happy.”

Asked about Marie-Antoinette Katoto’s injury, Diani did not seem very alarmist: “I don’t know what exactly she has. I don’t think it’s too serious.”

Deacon: “We will try to have an exam tomorrow” for Katoto

“The only downside is Marie’s injury. I hope it’s not too serious”, reacts Corinne Deacon at the microphone of Canal +.

“It’s the knee, she confirms. We have to wait for the exams, we will try to have an exam for tomorrow, fairly quickly”.

More information here.

Karchaoui: “The goal was to qualify”

At the microphone of TF1, Sakina Karchaoui, decisive passer on the goal of Kadidiatou Diani, savored the victory of the Blue: “The objective today was to be qualified, to be safe. We have a third match to play (Monday, against Iceland) where we will have to correct what we did wrong today.”

Deacon: “We will be able to project ourselves a little further”

“It was important, we knew the result of the Italy-Iceland match (1-1). Winning tonight already qualifies us for first place. We will be able to project ourselves a little further”, savors Deacon at the microphone from TF1.

“The problem is that when we can’t achieve it, we start to doubt, we have less rhythm, continues the French coach. There is also a great Belgian team who defended well and played with all their weapons”.

About a turnover against Iceland: “We don’t know, we will already enjoy qualifying. We will have time by tomorrow or two days to think about the last match”.

End of the match: France 2-1 Belgium

Les Bleues validate their ticket for the quarter-finals after this success against the Belgians 2 goals to 1!

A short victory marked in particular by the unfortunate injury of Katoto just after the first quarter of an hour and Renard’s miss from the penalty spot. Next appointment: Iceland next Monday.

Yellow for Delacauw

Yellow for the Belgian player after this anti-game gesture.

5 more minutes!

There will be 5 more minutes before the end of this match.


Renard misses his penalty! The Belgian goalkeeper intervenes for the second time in the tournament. The ball returns to the feet of the captain of Les Bleues who then misses the target. What a miss!


Oh how harsh! Just entering the game, Tysiak receives a second yellow card following this hand! RED CARD !

Belgium will finish at ten while the referee points the penalty spot!

VAR in progress

Video arbitration in progress to check a potential penalty for the Blue! On Geyoro’s strike, the Belgian defense deflected the ball with their hands.

Fox wards off danger!

Attention ! Little problem of communication in the French penalty area! After a bad catch of the ball from the goalkeeper of the Blue ones on a cross however without danger of the Belgians, Renard somehow clears the ball.

Yellow for Tysiak

The first cracker of the game is for Tysiak after this foul on Sarr.

A quarter of an hour before the end of the match

Les Bleues are less impactful in this second act and quietly keep their lead fifteen minutes from the end of the match.

Opportunity for the Blues!

What an opportunity for the Blues!

After a great job by Cascarino, Diani finds herself alone in the penalty area but loses her duel with the Belgian goalkeeper. Superb parade by Evrard who comes to save the Belgians from a break.

Corner for nothing

This corner does nothing. Payraud-Magnin remains attentive and clears the ball.

Corner for Belgium

The Belgians get a corner after this good work from Cayman on the left flank.

Foul by Wullaert

Heavy pressure from the Belgians for a handful of minutes and this foul by Wullaert on Mbock in the French part of the field is proof of that.

Penalty for the Blues?

Cascarino falls in the penalty area after contact with one of the Belgian players. The referee does not flinch.

Nice outing from Evrard!

Good reading of the game of the Belgian goalkeeper who lies down at the right time to prevent Sarr from winning this duel!

Fox again (and again)!

Once again, Renard stands out and manages to deflect the ball from his head. Nothing very dangerous.

Deacon reassuring on Katoto: “It doesn’t look mean but it hurts”

Asked at the break by TF1 about the state of health of Marie-Antoinette Katoto, who was injured in the first period, Corinne Deacon delivered the first elements on the PSG striker: “I did not have time to do the point with the doctor. It doesn’t sound mean but she’s in pain”.

Corner for the Blues

The Belgian defense pushes back the center of Eve Perisset. Corner to follow.

Cascarino Strike

Cascarino strikes on the left side before going inside and trying his luck. His shot is off target and Belgium will be able to get away.

Here we go again !

It’s the start of the second half! Note that Katoto returned to the stands on crutches!

Half-time: France 2-1 Belgium

Les Bleues return to the locker room with an interesting first half and are, for the moment, qualified for the next round of this Euro 2022.

However, it will be necessary to take shelter definitively on the return from the locker room, and that, without Katoto, out on injury after the quarter of an hour of play.

Diani misses the target!

Diani is on the fallout from a fine center but can’t find the frame. Still 1-0.

5 more minutes

There will be five minutes of additional time in this first half. The result of Katoto’s injury and the use of VAR on the first two goals of the game.


The reaction was immediate! Griedge Mbock deflects a tight cross from Clara Matéo and allows the Blues to go back in front!

France 2, Belgium 1!

11 shots to 1…

More realistic, sharper and perhaps more involved in the game, the Belgians are back in the game despite the enormous French domination. The Deacon players have shot on goal eleven times, only one for the Red Flames.


The Belgians score on their first move! After a nice deep pass from Tessa Wullaert, Cayman equalized! 1-1!

Big defensive block of the Belgians

Les Bleues have been struggling to be dangerous since the opener. The reason: the Belgian defensive block well in place.

Mateo Strike!

After a nice percussion from Delphine Cascarino, Clara Matéo tries her luck from outside the area but her attempt does not find the target.

Fox again!

Once again, the captain of the Bleues takes over the Belgian defense on this corner but does not find the frame. Shame.

70% possession for Les Bleues

Eight shots to nothing including two on target, a post, 70% possession, five corners… so many figures that demonstrate the outrageous domination of the French on Thursday evening.

Corner for nothing

The corner does nothing and Belgium will be able to get away.

Corner for the Blues

The Belgian defense is attentive on this free kick and prevents Renard from being on the fallout of this set piece. Corner to follow.

Belgium in big trouble

The Belgians are struggling to be dangerous. Worse, they are struggling to find themselves in the French part of the field. The pressing operated by the players of Deacon is too important.

Katoto replaced

Injured, Katoto gives way to Ouleymata Sarr. Bad news.

The post saves Belgium!

Kadidiatou Diani is on the verge of finding the net for a second time!

Fortunately for the Belgians, Nicky Evrard deflects the ball on the post. Still 1-0.

Disturbing outing…

The Paris Saint-Germain striker will give up her place with a nice grimace. Bad news for the Blues.

Katoto stays on the ground

Marie-Antoinette Katoto seems affected in the right knee and sat down on the lawn. A change should soon occur.

First Belgian movement

Nothing too dangerous, but this center of Janice Cayman who found no one has the merit of being notified in view of the impressive domination of the French.

Goal validated

The goal is logically validated. 1-0 for France!

Belgium dominated

Totally cornered in their last thirty meters, the Belgians have completely suffered French domination since the start of the match. Still no opportunity to put to their credit.

VAR in progress

The goal is reviewed by the video assistance for a potential offside position of Diani on the center of Delphine Cascarino.

1-0 for the Blues!

Already a first goal in this game and it is well deserved! Kadidiatou Diani opens the scoring!

New opportunity!

Super cross from Sakina Karchaoui but Marie-Antoinette Katoto is too short to deflect the ball precisely. Goal kick for the Belgians.

Fox Head

Wendie Renard lands a good header but her attempt doesn’t find the target. First opportunity for France!

Good entry of the Blues

Three minutes of play and three minutes that the Blue exchanged short passes. Corner to follow after this beautiful phase of possession.

Roberto Martinez is at the rendezvous

As against Iceland, the coach of the Red Devils made the trip to see the Red Flames.

Let’s go !

Kick off of this France-Belgium, second match of our Blue in this Euro 2022!

Entrance of the players

The two teams enter the lawn of New York Stadium in Rotherham where 6 to 7,000 supporters have made the trip. The hymns will follow.

Objective: qualification

After the draw between Italy and Iceland (1-1), Les Bleues will qualify for the next round if successful on Thursday evening.

Historic game

No French football team had played a match on July 14, it’s a first today!

Beyond the symbolism of a French victory today, a success would rhyme with a qualification almost validated for the quarter-finals.

Info RMC Sport: Mbock and Matéo holders

According to information from RMC Sport, Griedge Mbock and Clara Matéo are starters in place of Aïssatou Tounkara and Sandie Toletti to face Belgium.

The probable composition of the Blue

Following the last training on Wednesday and satisfied with her team’s performance against Italy, Corinne Deacon should field the same starting XI as in the first game against Italy. She even mentioned “an eleven-type” at a press conference on the eve of the second pool against Belgium.

The probable composition:

Peyraud-Magnin – Perisset, Tounkara, Renard, Karchaoui – Bilbault, Geyoro, Toletti – Diani, Katoto, Cascarino


What is Belgium worth?

With an inexperienced but constantly improving team, the Red Flames hope to be able to annoy the Blues. Even if they don’t have too many illusions… All the info is there.

How can Les Bleues qualify

After their card against Italy (5-1), the Blues can take the opportunity to get their ticket to the quarter-finals. The article can be read here.

Goodnight all

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow live commentary, France-Belgium, the second match of Les Bleues at Euro 2022. In Rotherham where they crushed Italy (5-1) on Sunday evening, Les Bleues want to take a giant step towards the quarter-finals. Kick-off is at 9 p.m.


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