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Ligue 1: the result of Lyon

Ligue 1. The result of Lyon – AC Ajaccio moves the lines in this Ligue 1 season. Update on the last matches and the updated classification.

22:55 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Benoit Bastien whistles the end of the match in Lyon (2-1)

Olympique Lyonnais therefore won (2-1) and this success is deserved in view of the figures. With 67% possession of the ball, against 33% for AC Ajaccio, and 5 shots on target (4 for AC Ajaccio), Olympique Lyonnais showed off its superiority in several areas of the game during the match. . Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

22:24 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: No penalty says Benoit Bastien

After appealing to the VAR for a contentious gesture in the area, Benoit Bastien announces his final decision: nothing justifies a penalty for Olympique Lyonnais. Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

22:23 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Will Benoit Bastien whistle a penalty for Olympique Lyonnais?

The game is stopped in Lyon: Benoit Bastien hesitates to signal a penalty for Olympique Lyonnais after a contentious gesture in the box and calls on video assistance. Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

22:06 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Start of the 2nd half

The kick-off of the 2nd half has just been given by the referee of the match, at Groupama Stadium. The score is 2-1. Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

21:51 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Half-time at Groupama Stadium for Lyonnais and Ajacciens

All the lights are green for Olympique Lyonnais: at half-time, possession of the ball is unquestionably in favor of Olympique Lyonnais (72% against 28% for AC Ajaccio), who elsewhere created the most serious chances with 4 shots on target against 1 shot on target for AC Ajaccio and which therefore logically leads to the score (2-1). Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

21:48 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Red card for AC Ajaccio!

The referee takes a red card out of his pocket against Romain Hamouma, the AC Ajaccio player, warned for the second time in this match! Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

21:30 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Goal: AC Ajaccio reduces its delay (2-1)!

And that’s the goal! AC Ajaccio takes its point on this penalty from Thomas Mangani. The score goes to 2-1 at Groupama Stadium! Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

21:26 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Anthony Lopes (Olympique Lyonnais) is expelled!

Anthony Lopes, the Olympique Lyonnais player, inherits a red card in the 27th minute, in this 1st period. Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

21:26 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Penalty for AC Ajaccio!

AC Ajaccio gets a penalty following a foul committed by Anthony Lopes, as we play the 27th minute of play in this meeting at Groupama Stadium. The score could soon change on the side of Groupama Stadium. Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

21:21 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Penalty converted by Alexandre Lacazette (2-0)!

And that’s the goal! Olympique Lyonnais scores on this penalty from Alexandre Lacazette. We are 2-0 at Groupama Stadium! Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

21:19 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Penalty for Olympique Lyonnais!

Olympique Lyonnais wins a penalty following a foul committed by Cedric Avinel, in the 20th minute of play in this meeting at Groupama Stadium. The score could soon change on the side of Groupama Stadium. Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

21:11 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Tete opens the scoring for Olympique Lyonnais (1-0)!

Olympique Lyonnais opened the scoring in the 12th minute of this first half. And it was Tete who scored the first goal of the match! Here we are at 1 to 0 at Groupama Stadium. Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

21:00 – Lyon – AC Ajaccio: Kick off of the match between Olympique Lyonnais and AC Ajaccio!

The kick off for this match between Olympique Lyonnais and AC Ajaccio has just been given by Benoit Bastien, in Lyon. Lyon – AC Ajaccio in live

8:30 p.m. – The Ligue 1 match between OL and ACA will begin

The start of the new Ligue 1 season is imminent! The kick-off of the first match of the first day of Ligue 1 between Olympique Lyonnais and AC Ajaccio will be given at 9 p.m. by French referee M. Bastien on the lawn of Groupama Stadium.

20:00 – Ajaccio-Pantaloni: “We know that we have the 20th budget”

20th budget in Ligue 1 with 22 million euros for this L1 season, AC Ajaccio knows that it will have to outperform to avoid immediately descending into Ligue 2, especially with the four descents scheduled for the evening of the 38th day. But that does not prevent Olivier Pantaloni, the Corsican coach, from believing in it: “The pressure, we must not have it. We know that we have the 20th budget. We must compensate for that with mental strength outside of the common which allowed us last year, in a championship of which we were not the favorites, to play the leading roles and to access Ligue 1.

19:15 – OL have never lost at home against ACA

A historic Ligue 1 club, AC Ajaccio has returned to the top flight of French football this season after flirting with promotion in the last two years. The ACA starts its season in Lyon in a few tens of minutes, where it has never really liked to move. In 15 Ligue 1 home games against the Corsican club, Olympique Lyonnais has simply never lost, with 14 wins and only one draw.

18:30 – The probable composition of AC Ajaccio

AC Ajaccio does not open its Ligue 1 season in the easiest way by traveling to Lyon this Friday evening (9 p.m.). For this trip and this first game of the season, coach Olivier Pantaloni has called a group of 20 players in which the last four recruits are present: Romain Hamouma, Thomas Mangani, Michaël Alphonse and Kevin Spadanuda. The four should also be holders. AC Ajaccio’s likely starting XI: Leroy – Alphonse, O. Gonzalez, C. Vidal, Is. Diallo – Bayala, Mangani, Marchetti, Spadanuda – Courtet, Hamouma.

17:45 – The probable composition of OL

For this first match of the Ligue 1 season, 2022-2023 edition, Olympique Lyonnais hosts AC Ajaccio this Friday evening (9 p.m.) at Groupama Stadium. For this great first, Peter Bosz is deprived of Caqueret, Faivre, Moussa Dembélé and Reine-Adelaïde, all in the recovery phase. Henrique, the Brazilian left side, is suspended. The Lyon coach should organize his formation in 4-3-3, with Lacazette at the forefront, accompanied by Toko Ekambi and Tetê on the sides. In the middle, Tolisso should rather come into play than start. Lepenant should make his debut with OL, with Aouar and Paqueta in the middle, like Tagliafico on the left flank. OL’s likely starting XI: Lopes – Gusto, T. Mendes, Lukeba, Tagliafico – Paqueta, Lepenant, Aouar – Tetê, Lacazette, Toko Ekambi.

5:00 p.m. – OL-Lacazette: “I’m more collective”

Present at a press conference on Thursday, Alexandre Lacazette did not take long before talking about “his haste” to find Olympique Lyonnais and Ligue 1 on Friday evening during the first day against Ajaccio (9 p.m.). A match in which he will be captain: “I am very proud to wear the armband. I was at Arsenal but here it is different because I am a child of the club. It shows the confidence of the club, of my teammates and the coach. I take on this role more for pleasure than for obligation”. Five years after his departure from OL, the striker claims to be less obsessed with goals: “I’m more collective, I try to lead a little more, to help my teammates. I have never been selfish, I have never thought only of myself. And if I don’t score and we go to the Champions League, that’s fine with me.”

4:15 p.m. – Lacazette and Tolisso, the big comebacks

Returning with great fanfare to OL this summer, Alexandre Lacazette and Corentin Tolisso will rediscover Ligue 1 tonight on the first day against AC Ajaccio. Appointed captain by Peter Bosz, the striker trained at the club should start this evening against the Corsican club at Groupama Stadium (9 p.m.). However, this will not be the case for Corentin Tolisso who, even if he has recovered from his muscular fatigue, should rather come into play than start.

15:30 – OL want to start the Ligue 1 season well

Olympique Lyonnais opens the ball for the Ligue 1 season this Friday evening (9 p.m.) against one of the three promoted, AC Ajaccio. Without European competition to play in 2022-2023, OL have great ambitions in the league, for Peter Bosz’s second season on the Lyon bench, and are aiming for qualification for the Champions League next season. The arrival of the promoted Ajaccien at Groupama Stadium should allow the Lyonnais to start well, they who often lost points at home last year.

14:45 – The program for this 1st day of Ligue 1

After the first match between OL and AC Ajaccio this Friday evening (9 p.m.), the first day of Ligue 1 will continue on Saturday with two matches on the program: Strasbourg-Monaco (5 p.m.) and Clermont-PSG (9 p.m. ). Sunday, the promoted Toulouse will receive the OGC at lunchtime (1 p.m.), before the four matches scheduled for 3 p.m.: Angers-Nantes, Lille-Auxerre, Montpellier-Troyes and Lens-Brest. At 5:05 p.m., it’s time for the Breton derby between Rennes and Lorient before the last match between OM and Reims (8:45 p.m.).

14:00 – Welcome to this new Ligue 1 season!

Hello and welcome to all to follow this new season of Ligue 1, version 2022-2023 with us! For this first day of Ligue 1 which begins this weekend, Olympique Lyonnais and AC Ajaccio open the ball this Friday evening (9 p.m.) at Groupama Stadium. Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco will play on Saturday, while Nice, Lille, Lens, or even Rennes and OM will play their first match on Sunday.

For this 2021-2022 season, it is AmazonPrime which has obtained the rights for 80% of the TV rights for the French football championship in Ligue 1. The new broadcaster will cover 8 matches per day: the Friday evening match (9 p.m.), the Saturday afternoon match (17 hours), the Sunday multiplex (3 p.m.), the Sunday evening match (8:45 p.m.) and the Sunday lunch meeting (1 p.m.). Amazon has also created a special channel: Pass Ligue 1.

This is Canal + which will broadcast the other two matches each day at the start of the season: the Saturday evening match (9 p.m.) and the Sunday match at 5 p.m.


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