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Ligue 1: Kevin Spadanuda’s new chance at AC Ajaccio

The story of Kevin Spadanuda is atypical. Arrived at AC Ajaccio from Switzerland, the midfielder has exploded in the last two years after having completely stopped playing football due to a recurring back pain. Started from scratch, here he is now in Ligue 1

Among the new players who arrived at the ACA in recent weeks, there is one whose background is attracting attention. It’s Kevin Spadanuda’s. Not only because the 25-year-old midfielder comes from the Swiss second division, which is unusual in France, but above all because only three seasons ago, he had never played a single game as a professional.

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Kevin Spadanuda, born in Switzerland to an Italian father and a Portuguese mother, started playing football very young, at the age of 5 in the Glattfeldenn club, in the canton of Zurich, where he grew up. He then changed clubs several times until arriving at FC Aarau. He progresses and grows there until reaching M21. An altogether classic course for a kid who is already gifted.

In 2016, everything stops

But everything stops in 2016. His story then turns out to be quite atypical. Not to say amazing.

“I had severe back pain. An evil that prevented me from playing” remembers the player who does not speak French yet but can use German of course, English, Portuguese or better (especially for us), Italian. To try to stop the back pain, he tried everything.

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“A lot of injections, with cortisone. Even acupuncture. I have seen so many specialists. I even went to Turkey to consult. No doctor could help me. They told me to stop because the pains weren’t going away. I had to stop playing ball. It was very, very difficult for me but also for my family. When you have a dream, that of becoming a professional footballer, this decision is very complicated to make. I had to look for a job, learn a trade. And I became an apprentice in logistics. But the first year, I did nothing. I was at the bottom of the hole…” he explains with great emotion. “I still have goosebumps.”

Fitness to stop the pain

He then goes on vacation with the family. To try to forget. And then, one of his friends calls him to come and have fun in the local fourth division in a family club. He accepts because to play at this level, his back does not hurt him. He’s having fun. And at the same time, he signs up for a gym because he needs activity and sports. “I went there alone, every day of the year. To forget all my pain. »

At the same time, he had fun in the fourth division and piled up the goals like pearls. Six months later, he found, after some hesitation, the level in which he evolved before his stop, in Schöftland, a 2nd Swiss interregional division. “I had my job, my little life redone but I took the risk of going back to an amateur club, without earning too much money. It was for six months. »

A dazzling comeback

Kevin Spadanuda continues his dazzling comeback. He scores goals and shows his speed and technique. In the spring of 2019, Aarau made him a new trial offer. ” Why not ? I immediately accepted. » He is obviously successful and he signs a three-year professional contract there. ” An exceptional day for me and my family after struggling and suffering to hold on. I still have no words to describe my joy at this moment. Life has given me a new chance. »

The left midfielder, also comfortable in the right lane but who can also evolve at the forefront of the attack will explode. In the correct meaning of the term. Named among the best players of the year 2021 in the Challenge League (the second Swiss division), he scored 18 league goals last year, not counting the cup. With the Swiss club, he barely misses the accession to the first division.

Inevitably, his performances caught the eye of several clubs. Super League clubs. But also Ajaccio. “I did not know the ACA, nor the city. I looked around a bit on social media. We spoke with Johan Cavalli, the coach and my manager. I quickly hooked. First for the club, Ligue 1. It was an extraordinary opportunity. I wanted to go somewhere else with my family (he is the father of a one and a half year old little girl, editor’s note). And naturally, the framework in Ajaccio in addition to the sporting challenge, made the difference. »

Kevin Spadanuda has signed for three seasons with the ACA. With his growing performance, the humble and already endearing player ticks all the conditions to become the Ajaccio club’s success.


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