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Lewandowski looks back on his departure from Bayern Munich and is already sending a message to Benzema and Real Madrid!

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This summer, Robert Lewandowski decided to leave the Bundesliga to join La Liga and FC Barcelona. A resounding transfer that raises a lot of expectations in Spain but also around the world. In an interview with ESPN and in comments relayed by the Barça Universal account, the Polish international returned to his turbulent summer and his ambitions with Barça.

If his departure from Bayern was linked to an interest in Haaland

“No. It had nothing to do with him. I never saw a problem with Bayern signing him, but some people didn’t tell me the truth. The truth is the most important thing .For me the most important thing is for people to be clear with me.I wanted them to tell me the truth, but some people [au Bayern] didn’t. And I saw that something wasn’t working and I felt it was time to change. In recent months, many things have been said about me that were not true. But Bayern fans have always supported me. I will always be very grateful to them, I will never forget it. It was a very difficult time for me. The club tried to find an argument to justify my sale because it was surely difficult to explain to the fans. And I had to accept that even though there was a lot of bullshit said about me.”

On his upcoming duel with Benzema

“Rivalry against Benzema? Karim is a fantastic player, he had a brilliant season in the Champions League. I wouldn’t like to compare myself to him… He’s been in La Liga for many years, but it would be a new challenge for me There are very good strikers in La Liga. Benzema showed last season how good he is, but more than comparing me to him, for me it’s more important how we are going to play in Barcelona, ​​what we will achieve and win every game.”

On the title race with Real Madrid

“We will try to do our best. But of course Real Madrid are the current champions, they will play well and try to defend their title.”

On his arrival at Barça

“I’m very happy to be at Barcelona. I know I’ve only been a Barcelona player for a few days, but I feel like I adapted quickly. Every day I try to do my part to adapt. at the club. I already want to come to the city of Barcelona, ​​it will be very good for me to be where I will live, where I will play.”

About Xavi

“How did Xavi help me? He helped me a lot. Our communication is good.”

On his reunion with Aubameyang

“We had a great time at BVB. It was around nine or ten years ago, but I remember very well the way we played, what we did off the pitch, because it is a great friend. I am very happy to be with Aubameyang at my new club.”

On his choice to join La Liga

“Why did I decide to join a La Liga team? I always dreamed of playing in La Liga. I know my time at Bayern was great, I know I won everything, but after 12 years in the Bundesliga , I knew it was time to try something new.”

On his adventure at Bayern

“I can’t say anything bad about my former teammates and Bayern, even though they had a ‘policy’ before I joined Barca, but everything I achieved at Bayern was fantastic. I know I I was in a comfort zone at Bayern, but I wanted something new, a change.”

On adapting to Barcelona

“I know it will be easy for me to adapt to Barcelona, ​​my experience will help me. I try to speak to my teammates in Spanish, because I want to learn the language more. I still need a few weeks to improve. I think my first two weeks in the city of Barcelona will be difficult for me, but that’s normal. I will prepare myself and be ready to show everyone my best performance.”

On the Barça transfer window

“I’m very impressed. We have a very strong team. We’re ready to think about titles. I’m the guy who always thinks about winning every game. I know with Xavi we can do it because I’ve seen how he prepares the training, and all the hard work that we do. All that tells me that we are on the right track.”

About Dembele

“He’s a fantastic player. He has top qualities. I hope he stays healthy all season. If Dembélé is focused on the game like he is now, he can score a lot of goals and provide many assists. I’m sure that with this form, and if he stays healthy, Dembélé can be one of the best players in the world. In training, I see that he is different, he is very good.”

On his personal La Liga ambitions

“Scoring a lot of goals in La Liga? I’ve played in the Champions League against Spanish teams, that’s nothing new for me. I’m ready for that. It doesn’t matter who I play against, or how bad an opponent will be difficult, I will always do my best. I am ready for anything. I have a good mentality. There are more games in a season in La Liga than in the Bundesliga, so I will have more chances to score more goals .”

On his status at Barca

“Of course, it’s a great opportunity for me to be the person who leads the team. On the pitch, I want to lead my team-mates with my body language, show them that no matter how many goals we’ve scored , we can always score more. Always think positive, always play forward. Always work hard. That’s what I want to do.”

On the adaptation of the team with the new recruits

“Barcelona signed five new players this summer. The first few weeks will be a little more difficult for the whole team because all the new players will have to adapt… But the season is very long, in a few weeks this team will be walking.”

On his upcoming presentation at Camp Nou

“I see they (the fans) are very supportive of me. I’m very grateful, I’ll be there on August 5. I know what that means for the fans.”


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