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Les Bleues prevail and win the French tournament

Note the “Aminata Diallo” celebration of Katoto and Diani on the second goal

The two PSG players celebrated the second goal (Katoto’s first) by forming an “A” with their fingers… for Aminata Diallo, who has not been called up to the France team since the Kheïra Hamraoui affair. Diallo also reacted on Instagram.

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The celebration of Marie-Antoinette Katoto © Icon Sport

It’s finish ! Les Bleues win the French tournament

France won 3 goals to 1 against the Netherlands and won the French tournament for the second time in as many editions after winning their three matches. Marie-Antoinette Katoto scored twice after Wendy Renard’s opener.

The serious French team until the end

Even with a two-goal lead and in added time, the blue defense holds the shock and remains serious.

Four more minutes

There will be four extra minutes in this final of the France tournament. Les Bleues lead 3 goals to 1 and are getting closer to a second title in this competition.

Pelova’s unscrewed strike

Again Victoria Pelova who takes her chance in front of the Blue penalty area. This time, the danger is less because the strike is unscrewed.

The bar is shaking!

What a volley from Pelova near the French penalty area. Peyraud-Magnin was totally beaten but was saved by her bar.

Périsset and Diani go out

Two changes on the French side. Eve Périsset and Kadidiatou Diani leave and are replaced by Marion Torrent and Delphine Cascarino.

Snoeijs warned

After a delayed tackle on Wendy Renard, Snoeijs receives the first yellow card of this meeting.

Beerenstein ashore

After a big contact with Selma Bacha, the Dutch striker, Beerenstein remains on the ground. The healers are next to the Bayern Munich player.

Katoto comes out just after his double

Marie-Antoinette Katoto gives way with a smile. The PSG striker comes out just after his double. She is replaced by Melvine Malard. Kheira Hamraoui also came into play in place of Toletti.

Katoto scores a double!

Oh the brilliant inspiration of Marie-Antoinette Katoto who performs a heel kick behind her supporting leg on a good cross from Geyoro. It’s 3-1 for France, which is getting closer to a new title in this French tournament.

Bacha center flees Katoto

Selma Bacha overflows and makes a good cross at the far post but Marie-Antoinette Katoto is too short and cannot score a double.

Bacha’s free kick directly into the niche

Not a lot of danger on this free kick from the incoming Bacha. The midfielder of the France team takes care of this eccentric set piece but it goes directly into van Veenendaal’s niche.

Nice overflow from Diani

Again and again Diani to bring danger to the Dutch cages. The PSG winger overflows and crosses but the goalkeeper is vigilant and extends the ball to the far post.

Baltimore and Mateo give way

The first changes come from the side of Corine Deacon. Baltimore and Mateo exit and are replaced by Bacha and Geyoro. On the side of the Netherlands, Olislagers returns in place of Dijkstra.

Karchaoui loses the ball

Karchaoui’s loss of ball in midfield could have hurt but Renard watches and concedes a corner.

The French team is pushing

Since the goal of the Dutch, the French do not hesitate to move forward and push their opponents to their limits. For the moment it holds and the Netherlands remain one length behind the Habs. 2 to 1 for France.

Katoto tries to emulate the Dutch goalscorer

Katoto attempted to emulate Lyneth Beerenstein by attempting a heel kick behind her lead leg but with less success. The Dutch defense keeps watch.

The Netherlands are recovering

The reduction of the score is signed Lineth Beerensteyn who achieves a superb madjer on a corner. It’s 2 goals to 1.

Two changes on the side of the Netherlands

The coach of the Netherlands tries to reverse the trend and brings in Kerstin Casparij
and Katja Snoeijs. Miedema, hit in the first half, came out as did Van Dongen.

Here we go again!

Start of the second period at the Océane stadium! The French team leads two to zero and is getting closer to the title.

End of the first period

This is the end of this first period. France leads logically 2 to 0 thanks to the achievements of Wendy Renard and Marie-Antoinette Katoto. Les Bleues are 45 minutes from the coronation in this French tournament.

one more minute

There will be one minute of additional time in this first period.

The French team continues to push

Despite a two-goal lead, France continue to push in an attempt to score a third goal that could completely kill the game.

Half time is approaching

For the moment, just over five minutes from the end of the first act, Les Bleues is quietly heading towards a coronation in this French tournament. The Habs lead two to zero thanks to goals from Renard and Katoto.

Diani volleys, it’s pushed back

On a superb cross from Baltimore, Diani takes a volley but the Dutch door is vigilant and deflects for a corner.

Miedema will try

The Dutch striker is back on the lawn at the Océane stadium. She will grit her teeth and try to take her place.

Miedema remains on the ground

It seems to be over for Miedema who remains on the ground. She lay down on the ground and called the trainers.

Diani is on fire!

Once again Diani drives her opposite crazy on the right side. Van Dongen struggles to manage the PSG winger who had again made the difference but his center is pushed back.

It’s 2 to 0!

Magnificent combination of the French team. Diani overflows perfectly and serves her teammate Katoto who scores the second goal for the Habs.

The beautiful defense of Mbock

Mbock is well placed and perfectly replaces his door which had missed his intervention. The defender concedes a corner.

Wendy Renard transforms

It is perfectly struck by the captain of the France team. Wendy Renard opens the scoring for Les Bleues against the Netherlands.

France gets a penalty

After a Diani festival, the French winger gets a penalty after a hand. Wendy Renard comes forward.

Mateo’s strike blocked by the defense

After a good cross from Perisset, decidedly untenable, Clara Mateo takes over and shoots but it is countered by the Dutch defense.

Good start for Perisset

The Bordeaux side, Eve Perisset, has been omnipresent since the start of the match, both defensively and offensively.

Breathtaking start to the game

It goes from one camp to another at the start of the match. The players of the two teams find themselves well, combine and put on the intensity.

What an opportunity for Martens

The first big chance of this match is for Martens. The FC Barcelona winger is alone in the penalty area and misses his recovery which leaks from the frame. France was hot.

Beautiful defense of Perisset

The Girondins de Bordeaux full-back intervenes perfectly in his own penalty area in front of Spitse who was trying to make his way to the French cages

Already a first center

It’s off to a good start for the Blues who are already infiltrating the opposing area with a center from Perisset pushed back by the defense of the Oranjes.


Let’s go to the Océane stadium for this final of the French tournament between the French and the Dutch. If France does not lose it will win the competition.

Kick-off is approaching

The two teams are in the tunnel that leads to the lawn of the Océane stadium in Le Havre. Kick-off is coming!

Draw between Brazil and Finland

In the other match of the day, Brazil and Finland separated with a goalless draw (0-0). The Scandinavians will therefore finish last in this tournament while the Brazilians grab a 3rd place.

The composition of the Netherlands

Here is the composition of the Netherlands: van Veenendaal – Dijkstra, Nouwen, van der Gragt, Van Dongen – Groenen, Pelova, Spitse – Miedema, Beerensteyn, Martens.

Netherlands undefeated

If France won its first two matches in this Tournoi de France, the Dutch won a match against Finland (3-0) before conceding a draw against Brazil (1-1).

The match takes place at the Océane stadium

The last meeting will take place at the Océane stadium in Le Havre. Les Bleues have started their warm-up. 6,000 people are expected to attend this final.

The composition of the Bleues, Hamraoui on the bench

Holder against Brazil, Kheira Hamraoui starts this time on the bench of substitutes. In total, Corinne Deacon makes six changes from the previous match.

The starting XI: Peyraud-Magnin – Périsset, Renard, Mbock, Karchaoui – Mateo, Bilbault, Toletti – Diani, Katoto, Baltimore.

Two wins in two games

France first won 5-0 against Finland on Wednesday before overthrowing Brazil 2-1. Facing the Seleção, Marie-Antoinette Katoto shone with a double.

Kick off at 9:10 p.m.

Good evening, welcome to this live RMC Sport to follow live the last match of the Tournoi de France between the French women’s team and the Netherlands, the vice-world champion team. Kick-off is scheduled for 9:10 p.m. at the Océane stadium in Le Havre.

It is enough for the Bleues not to concede defeat to win this competition. Corinne Deacon’s players, in the lead, have a two-point lead over their evening opponent.


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